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Hiya · 2:31pm Mar 29th, 2012

I'm new here but i know the my little ponys from way back. i love the mlp:fim much better then the old ones. so i started to draws my own little pony. she a dragonpony. her story will be up soon as i'm free from college T_T. I'm in college for animation. it takes up alot of time that and i never try to write a mlp story. so please no hates if it is bad. if it is please tell me and i will work on making the story better. thanks you -bows-

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what can i say i love to read ^^ and thanks i'll keep an eye out for him

You seem to have favorited a LOT of stories...
Also, in case you read this before the message, 'Batman Vs Mare-Do-Well' was cancelled. If you so desire, you can take up the mantle,
but be warned; DC fan-boy critics lie in wait to stifle any sort of diverting from 'Batman's personality' or his 'nature'.

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