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Author of that writing guide and some stories too.


Here are some things I never finished, presented without (much) further comment.

The Humanification Bureau: Spirit of Magic – sequel to The Humanification Bureau.
Sour Note – Vinyl Scratch and Octavia as housemates. Also featuring Sparkler.
Not a Comic Artist – The story of how White Noise (a character from Long Distance) got his cutie mark.
Unchangeling – A changeling story.
First Impressions – A remarkably uneven unfunny OC parody.
Interlude: Bonus Stories – Abandon all hope ye who enter here.
Editor for Hire – A meta story about reviewing self-insert alicorn fics.
Rule the Third – Spike finds more rules for his Dragon Code.
Only Immortal – Princess-centric world-building. Written as a summary that was to be expanded.
Nyx and Friends! – Nyx stars in her very own sitcom!
My Little Brony – Rainbow Dash finds something in a cardboard box.

Permission is granted to anyone who wants to continue, remix or otherwise take inspiration from these stories to do so to their hearts' content.

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How far along is Spirit of Magic? Unfinished, I suppose? :B

Ezn is such an underrated author. He did, after all, create the greatest writing guide in all of pony fanfiction. And his work is great, too.

Huh! There were going to be sidestories to Long Distance? Neat.


5080037 The second chapter is unfinished. There were to be five.

5080757 Thanks, you guys. :)

5081296 I had some vague ideas for a sequel as well.

Seconded, I'd kinda like to see more.:pinkiehappy:

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