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"...The test ends when you open that door."

Princess Luna has begun searching for her own personal student, and her test has hit a small snag: Not a single unicorn, out of the dozens of applicants, has passed. In fact, every last candidate has failed the test in seconds.

But just what is the purpose of this test? And how can somepony pass it?

A young earth pony named Morning Glory is going to find out.

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Mostly great! -except the orphan "subplot" that feels really shoehorned in just to make a Royal Canterlot Voice joke.

6426423 Presumably the subplot will be involved in the hypothetical sequel. 'Tis a mite unecessary otherwise, admittedly.

Ever read The King Is Dead, Long Live The Emperor?

And it is awesome.

Glad to have you back, BN.

And you! How've you been, old bean?

And... you. Well, I'm not sure we've met before, but I just know we're going to be good friends from here on out. Because once you've read some Bucking Nonsense, there is no "out." From reading more of it, that is.


This is a great story, I would love to see more of it. I smiled the second Morning Glory came in and didn't stop for the whole story.

I'm not 100% back. I've still got the Shingles, and it still messes with me. I am able to write something, I just don't trust myself with my standard fare just yet.


Most of it, which I have since mostly forgotten. I'm guessing Morning Glory is in that story, and this is some origin story? If so, it might be good to mark this as a sequel to that story to clearly establish the connection.


... "and me"? I haven't been away, just... not productive.

Morning Glory, or at least one universe's version of her, appears in that story (Most notably in the chapter What's The Story, Morning Glory?). But, as TKIDLLTE points out early on, there's a whole lot more than just one timeline or universe. Rather than an alternate universe version of the little earth pony, this is the start of a 'prime' universe version of her story.

Alas. I can certainly understand the appeal of a one-shot in that case. Sometimes, it's best to write something that only has a shingle chapter.

Can't say I've seen you around the usual haunts, either. Which is not surprising, as I've realized I don't really know what the usual haunts are. Goodness, I've really been a lousy friend, haven't I?

That pun caused me more pain than the shingles has. Well played.

huh, that's really intriguing! Good work! :twilightsmile:

Well, I don't think I had much of a choice, seeing as how you left it right there!

You may as well have put a sign on it: "originel charcter, donut steal"

I rather liked this.

For a while there, I thought it was going to be a test of patience, a "she who rushes first is lost" sort of thing.
Or possibly a test of self-control versus curiousity.
This works as well.

I find this story rather intresting and creativ. :ajsmug:
I would love to read more about Morning Glory as Luna student and "daughter".
Expecialy the reaction of Celestia on the daughter part. :pinkiehappy:

its good. i would love a sequel




Please don't write a sequel, i don't think you can match what you just pulled off with this one shot.

6426438 I remember now! It's Morning Glory, the earth-pony Element of Magic! I, for one, wouldn't mind more (but only if you feel up to it).

Sequal, please :fluttercry:fluttercry::fluttercry::fluttershysad:

Nicely written!

6426846 Ah C&C, miss that...

Wait! A Bucking Nosense's fic with a single chapter? And not a single changeling in it?!


I love it! This sort of reminds me of how Estee writes Luna - a bit out of touch with time, but possessed of a keen mind and a careful way with words.

And if any of the readers didn't get the reference to the Archbishop of Canterlotbury immediately, I have to weep in despair at what they're teaching kids these days.

Here's hoping the shingles clear up soon - ideally well before FO4 comes out.

6426857 plot twist.The royal guard is a changeling

This sounds like the beginning of a fantastic series of stories, instead of a one off :D

Lovely writing and placing, not too flowery with plenty of show, don't tell.

Are you thinking of doing more with these two?

Ah, test ending isn't always good. =P

I liked it. Light, quick read, but still substance. Not too fluffy.

I knee from the synopsis that it wouldn't be as easy as opening the door but I wasn't sure what the actual solution would be. Nicely done.
Also saw the orphan thing coming right from the start, when the dirt in her fur was brought up, but again did not know how that would play out. Mother!Luna was a bit of a suprise but a welcome one.

Also those scenes with Pinke. I'm sure she could have talked nice and calmly to Luna had the promise been broken. But it didn't come to that so we'll never know.

Oh, no, see, you have it really wrong. There are a lot of changelings in this story, but they are so well disguised you can't tell the about from the ponies. Like a good ninja you never even know they are there.
Until it's too late.

This needs a sequel cause I want to see the antics Luna and morning glory get up to XD

This is the fifth one shot story that put me in a blue ball state of wanting more. :raritydespair:

Why can't the authors learn that one-shot plots are supposed to end on the first chapter, not feel like the first chapter.
I mean, the "could it?" part feels like there's going to be more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :twilightangry2:

Wow, a story based on Thomas Becket. I remember my brother did one of those ancestry trails and apparently my family is related to one of the knights. Might be why I keep misunderstanding people's conversations...

I wonder what Twilight's reaction to a test like this would be?

What you have here sir, is an enticing prologue to a series!
Lunas apprentice, can she learn magic? If so what form would it take? Zebra magic? Shamanism? Rune inscription?
What other lessons will she learn regardless? Statecraft and governance? Duties of the guards?
This could really go places as a saga :) Well done, I fear my own writing falls far short.

Very good start of a story. But it just leaves me craving more whats gonna happen next.

What you have done here is set the pieces on the board and lined them up perfectly to make the most beautiful chessboard ever setup. Now most of us are wanting to know how the game will play out from it.

The old king's vassals were mainly changelings. You know how good they are at following orders.

Do I see a sequel in the future?

6426905 I never learned about the archbishop in school. Was he that important (german here)?

I like how this story ends on a note that leaves it open for a sequel. Of course I want more but it is contained in a way that lets it stand alone.

"may my wings fly off without me, and never return."

That mental image is kind of hilarious. :rainbowlaugh:

when I said that the test ends when they opened the door, I was speaking of how they might fail the test, rather than pass it

Even better, both failing and passing the test ends with opening the door. Ingenious!

'I wanted a student who didn't reflexively obey my every word because, if I ever become Nightmare Moon again, I don't want to drag my student down with me because she was slavishly following my every utterance without considering whether what I was doing was right or wrong...'

Oof, that escalated quickly.

An earth pony filly... from Cloudsdale? Curiouser and curiouser. The number of earth ponies in the flying city couldn't be higher than a dozen, since most earth ponies preferred to keep their hooves on solid ground...

Also, don't non-Pegasi need a special spell to even stand on clouds?

... wow, this one-shot sounds like an incredible premise for a story. I'd really like to read more about this filly's apprenticeship to best princess. SEQUEL PLZ :pinkiesmile:

This needs MOAR.

Yeah, "the test ENDS" rang bells for me the moment I read it.

Still, Luna shouldn't have any trouble teaching an earth pony some magic. After all, Earth Pony Magicâ„¢ includes biomancy, petromancy, geomancy, myomancy (muscle magic, or unusual physical strength), and capillomancy (hair/fur/mane/tail magic). So if Morning Glory becomes a mage, she'd have the abilities of Applejack, Big Macintosh, Maud Pie, and Pinkie Pie combined, multiplied by several hundred times.:pinkiehappy:

Very nice.
Loved the test, that was a bit of a corker

This feels like a lovely lead-in to a larger story.

Let's eat, grandma. NO, LET'S EAT GRANDMA!
Also, kudos for that historical reference. It and the simple test made me very happy reading this.


What would have happened if one of the foals asked what the test was? All Luna did was tell them how the test ended--you'd think at least one of them would be waiting to be told what the test was, or to be told that the test began, or to be given a question/order (which you'd normally sort of need to carry out a test). Those are all rather different from asking how to pass the test.

Sequel please!

This really does need to be a fic. Luna has tempted the gods by saying "Being a parent to her as well couldn't be that much harder... could it?" Their wrath needs to be manifest in a story.

Oh wow! Love this story, I think a sequel would be nice just to see how an earth pony could do magic (or at least try). Maybe trying like kid Tarzan did in the movie Tarzan 2,,,

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