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A writer who can't decide which he loves the most. Writing, Equestria, Kamen Rider or Apple Tea.


A short Anouncent and to hiatus.... · 3:26am Feb 18th, 2015

Hey all Soon To Be Writer Brony here, and I got to say, degree course is kicking my ass. To lighten my work load, I will be only (trying my best) to keep my one chapter a month for Equestrian Heroes: The Meda Hero, The Crash Knight and The Net Ronin & Equestria & The Heroes of Ether: A Pathfinder Adventure.

With that said I'm putting Equestria & the Heroes of Ether: Titan Landing on hiatus for the time being.

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Thanks for adding Care to Take a Lady Out on a Date? to your folders!

Firstly, it was kinda my first writing project and it was one of those bit off more than I could chew deals.

Secondly it was an idea I though up to try and rival/out do some of the ongoing series out there like all the displaced stories and the chess game of the gods series. But that kinda died flat since I was the only one writing for it/ my push to try and finished my stories first before anyone else could write it. Thinking back, that was a really bad idea.

As for the rider stuff, there are stuff that I am a big fan off and stuff I'm not. If I am going to do anything with the recent riders, I probably go with zero one rather than z-io (sorry but while I like the stopwatch gimmick I don't like how the rider armor look like).

Of course before i start with any new projects, I need to finish my current ones...

if you don't mine me asking why did you cancel my little Toku universe, I mean I get you must have your reasons but it was a good series and it was sad to see it go, and let's not forget you had a lot of potential especially with all the New Riders, I mean I can see you doing kamen rider zi-o a different way than then the normal ones got their powers like instead swearing loyalty to Celestia and Luna he would get them by unlocking his time powers and then Geiz would get his power by swearing loyalty to Celestia and Luna

Did I ? Whoops my mistake then

How curious. You added Clueless in Equestria to unfinished, but it's been finished for quite a long time. We're about 4 sequels in now.

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