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A writer who can't decide which he loves the most. Writing, Equestria, Kamen Rider or Apple Tea.


Every hero has a reason to be the hero. Every villain has a story and motivation. Every villain falls to defeat by the hero. But for Crashman, he welcomes his defeat. Crashman wished that he did not have to be the villain but to be the hero, yet here he was following his programing by Dr Willy. So he called Megaman to come and destroy him and take his power to defeat Dr Willy. And so Megaman came....

Metabee was the world's greatest Medabot and has saved the world many times along side Ikki more times that he could count however the years has not been kind to the two. With age and rusting parts Metabee still goes strong as the world's strongest Medabot without his trusted friend as Ikki has passed on, Metabee still is the hero that he was back in his golden age. Now while setting the path for a new generation of Medafighter heroes and Medabots, Metabee must sacrifice his life to make way for the next generation....

ShadowMan has fought many net navis yet none of them could top Megaman nor Photoman or their net navis. Roaming the net, ShadowMan finds a rather strange Net Navi. Alone to fight this strange Net Navi and a hoard of virus and for free no less, ShadowMan fight true and strong before he is confronted by a creature with a proposition. A new challenge and a new world to fight for.... with a few rewards one of which will be paid up front.... a body....

All while a certain blue Alicorn watch from her prison far far away.....

Story was inspired by The Megas: Programed to Fight

Chapters (16)
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Comments ( 48 )

quick thing, you mispelled Dr.Wily's name.

Comment posted by Darksoul deleted Apr 27th, 2013

plot twist indeed and one i will never be able to pull off

Comment posted by Darksoul deleted Apr 27th, 2013


If you don't mind a spoiler, PM me.

As for Heroes its just going to be MetaBee (Medabots), Crashman (Megaman) and ShadowMan (Megaman battle Network).

Also if you haven't noticed all of them technically don't have their own bodies which is the 'limitation' for Luna and Nightmare when it comes to recruiting from other worlds.

EDIT: Well if they want instant teleportation anyway...

Comment posted by Darksoul deleted Apr 27th, 2013


Rofl its ok mate. Anyway Its not more of idea rather its my writing capability I would like to do an all massive Megaman brawl on the dark forces (Think every single Megaman from each of the series except the one from Captain N) but for now its those three and I'll build them up from there. As for the enemies....

Small Spoiler: Maverick

Comment posted by Darksoul deleted Apr 27th, 2013

Oh and looks like the batter hit a foul ball.

I'm more on the line of using the maverick bosses actually the only real villain will be the nightmare... and a certain V....

XD smack me if i'm giving to much away XD

As for the Maverick Virus I don't think it will affect three more... primative robots. These guys aren't Reploids after all.

Comment posted by Darksoul deleted Apr 27th, 2013

2400277 Dude, SoonToBeWriterBrony wants you to lay off!

He's getting extremely annoyed by your ridiculous suggestions, and an annoyed author is an author who can't do good work!

As for your Mecha Godzilla suggestion, this is my reaction to that idea!


In other words, shut up before you make the author cancel this story!:flutterrage::twilightangry2:

im a great fan of MM, keep it up and good work (so far)


Doing a large bunch of Editing cause I feel the first round was pretty bad. Sorry if the editing is causing havok to your favourite notifications.

Crash Man is best Robot Master.

wow i thought this story was dead ... glad to be wrong

Interesting, this story has a plot which I haven't seen much of so is still fresh, that's good.
Main issue is probably all the grammatical and spelling errors, and missing words in general.
It has potential and could be interesting... I'll drop a like for now and save my fav for later.

Glad you like the plot mate! As I usually do I tend to fix a lot of things as I write the story but its also the reason I would like a proofreader and an editor too XP.

Yes, that is definitely something that this story needs so I hope you find a good one soon.
Good luck, I await the next chapter. :)


By the way mate, what do you mean that the plot is still fresh to you? Cause to me, this is mostly a very basic plot.

Well, for me at least, I haven't read very many stories where a villain goes to Equestria and becomes a hero. It's something that I haven't seen in quite a while so it's somewhat regained it's likability.

Your idea has perked the Madgods interest. You will do well to not disappoint.

So nice for you Prince Sheogorath to notice, And I will try.

4785173 I have reached ch 4. Liking the premise so far. Interesting way to get them awake. Etc, etc, etc. Madgod is liking so far. For now have a like and a fave. If you'll excuse me I must get busy doing the fishstick, a very difficult process you know.

Interesting chapter to say... some character development never hurts.
Also, if i were to pick a maverick... i would have Split Mushroom crash it. Spores and clones and stuff. :pinkiecrazy:

I wish I could help you pic a maverick but I have yet to play any mega man x or z shofar only star force mainly wish I could pic one but o well also great story I realy like this one!

4803070 when I finish writing it as I don't have a proofreader and editor for this story. I'm trying to keep a output of one chapter a month or better if I can manage. Sorry mate if it doesn't update fast as enough.

4785304 I would like to add split mushroom but I think earlier on vile mention he has trouble rebuilding the plant based reploids

I only think of pirates of the Caribbean with this chapter XD

So true Crashman will be surprised when he meets X. Will Zero appear later on?

Sorry no bad ass Zero for the next chapter. That's all I can say without ruining the surprise I have in store XD (After all Luna hasn't been on the moon for a while XD)

You get a thumbs up for Metabee's creative spendature of expensive hooch.


Well what you going to do if you want to drink but got no physical mouth? XP

I see that someone is a fan of the Megas...

Love the story so far! While I personally think that you should have shown more of how Crashman and ShadowMan reacted to how similar X is to Megaman, or even have a scene where X discovers that Crashman was built before him, but that's just me. Besides that, I think that this story is an excellent story, especially with Crashman becoming a hero, and I, for one, can't wait to see the next update!

On another note, I have to ask: Is it alright if I suggest a few Mavericks, or those allied with Double and Vile, for the Maverick Hunters to fight (With one 'choice' being a poor one for Nightmare Moon)?

Thanks for the comment! About the things like X finding out about Crashman and such, I'm not going to since that would be expanding the cast once more , and in this continuity X has his own planet to worry about. How Shadowman looks at X is kinda different from how Crashman would since The Network Megaman is the combo team of Megaman and Lan his operator. If I need to put a filler chapter I'll probably touch on that for the team.

As of Mavericks sure! But only non plant based ones. I have made the refeneces that Vile can not recontruct those mavericks. As of old Nightmare... *whistles innocently*

I wouldn't mind seeing a version of Sernade in this fic...the guy was never fully explored as much as he should be...

So you had Massimo hook up with Cinnamon...oddly enough, it makes sense.

Yeah I did. For some reason while I was writing that part, putting Massimo and Cinnamon together made sense even if I couldn't explore it to the fullest. I also have the image that Massimo would be the dotting dad and Cinnamon having to rain him in :pinkiehappy:

Medaforce like that would most likely damaged his Rare Medal

ejected his medal which was very damage

It seems as though you switched "damage" and "damaged" when you published.

He has defeated many net navi but none could come up to the challenge when it came to Megaman or Protoman.

First problem I see with this is the tense change, from "has" to "could". It should be paired "has" with "have" or "had" with "could".
Second problem is that we're talking about Shadow Man defeating net navi in the same sentence as no net navi being up to the challenge of Megaman or Protoman. That should be better connected. I think that what you're trying to imply is that "but not even Shadow Man could rise to the challenge of Megaman or Protoman," even though I have no idea what the challenge is or how net navi(s? It seems as though the singular and plural case work like "deer".) are defeated.

I took another look at the first paragraph and shiiiiiiiit.
There should be a comma after "Well" in the second sentence.

Furthermore these net navi's had superior operators and have travel to the real world.

So the net navi own "had"? Interesting. I would suggest dropping the possesive tense on "navi" and change "had" to "have".
What are superior operators?
It's awkward to say "have travel". It's better to say "can travel". You "have" a flight, but you "can" fly. "have" implies ownership, and "can" implies ability.

ShadowMan knew of his operator skill with is non-existent.

First of all, this sentence makes no grammatical sense. Please forgive me if I interpret it in a way that was not intended.
I should hope that he knew of his own operator skill. Still no idea what that is. It seems to me that "of" should be replaced with "that".
...with what? There should be a noun between "with" and "is". I assume you're talking about a physical form?

All he had was his on skill and abilities yet he could defeat all that stood in his way except those two.

I think "on" should be "own". "yet" is a conjunction of two complete sentences, there should be a comma directly before it. I would also recommend a dash between "way" and "except". One of these "-".
If a net navi is what I think it is (an AI that exists primarily on the internet), then how can it have more than it's own skills and abilities?

OMFFP (Oh My Freaking Fantabulous Pancakes), that was just the first paragraph. I'm not sure that I can make it through this, TBH. And it says this chapter is edited. Joy.

Now ShadowMan was looking for the next challenge, one which could test himself once again.

Oh, so the challenge is going to himself? I didn't know that challenges were male. ("himself" should just be "him")

His operator was not with him at the moment as he truly felt that his operator was not using him to his full potential.

...So an operator is an entity, presumably human. But this changes things. I thought from the previous paragragh that "operator" was a type of "skill". This new information implies that in the previous paragraph, "skill" is a thing possessed by an "operator". In which case the form of "operator" should be possessive. (add an " 's " to the end of "operator") This new information also implies that the noun between "with" and "is" is Shadow Man. I don't know how to insert "Shadow Man" there without making it feel awkward. Maybe instead of "Shadow Man" we expand the things his operator is not skilled with to include all net navi? That would solve the problem.

So it's a puzzle. Fun. However, it's late, I'm getting up in the morning, and I didn't come here to solve a puzzle, so I'll leave you with this. I hope this criticism is constructive for you. Maybe I'll even continue this later. Ta-ta!

P.S. 2399062
There's this cool button that can do spoilers or you can write it (put stuff here)

P.P.S. Just realized I'm like three years too late. Oh well.

P.P.P.S. I call into question the existence of a grasp on written English by whomever edited this story. Capitalization is something that is taught in third grade.

...over a thousand viruses of various strengths. bass turned to the other 'Net Navi'.

There are literally two completely separate reasons why that should be capitalized.

Hey thanks for the criticism, it'll help all lot. Most of this is self edited and thus I tend to overlook a lot of my own mistakes. English is my preferred language but I'm in a country where English (British style) is mangled a lot by American English, Chinese ( mandarin, hokean and Cantonese ) malay and Hindi. So yeah not my best work. I'll work on it as best as I can though. Been thinking of doing another major round of edits for all of my stories.

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