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A writer who can't decide which he loves the most. Writing, Equestria, Kamen Rider or Apple Tea.


What happens when you die? All religion says you go to heaven or hell or some sort of afterlife, but when I died? I got sent to a land of magic and wonder but unfortunaertly I got sent there as a Rinshi, or if you prefer a Chinese Vampire. A variation of the Chinese Vampire that is based on some kids show called power Ranger or as my best friend would say Gekiranger.

How did I get here, I'm not to sure but needless to say I got to find a way up the ranks before these bastards make me do something I may regret. What you though I was going to find a way home? I died remember, and the last time I check you can't re-spawn from a bullet going into your heart in real life.

So here I go from a little old Rinshi who may survive long enough to learn a thing or two, in the land, strangely enough, called Equestria....

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