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Bucking Nonsense

A Little Nonsense Now And Then Is Relished By The Wisest Men.



Aphid is a changeling, stuck in a cage in a circus sideshow. Azure Blue is a colt from the Crystal Empire, the heir of a wealthy family... and looking to make a purchase.

There are some things money can't buy. A changeling's freedom should be one of them...

Cover Art Provided By Pen Mightier.

Chapters (2)
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> Marked as incomplete

Is there more...? :pinkiehappy:

Now for the actual comment: I'll stick around and see where this goes. It seems kinda bland right now so I want to see how you'll spice it up.

Interesting premise.

Glad that creep got busted ... and that Aphid is free now. I do sense some shipping in the future as well. Really want to see where this goes.

You sir, deserve all of my favorites and up votes!

You're just full of these aren't you?

...I love it.

I'm willing to see this continued. It's an interesting premise.

Like the premise. Would enjoy reading more of this.

Haven't read it yet, but I'm wondering if the remark of 'depending on reader response' is you wondering if we'll like it or not, or us wanting to see the others update more. :pinkiehappy: Because seriously, you're one of my favorite writers from all the way back to 'Your Fangs Are Showing." (which I'm hoping is going to be recreated in some form in the remake, though the fact that they've already met lowers the possibility a little, but I'm still hopeful! :twilightsheepish:)

ok, now that I've finished

Continue please!:yay:


She'd long ago quite wondering if she should ask for someone, anyone, to let her out.

might want to remove that 'e'

I could see a bigger story out of this. Good show!

Alright. You now have my complete attention.

I just saw the summary at the top of the new stories list and that alone told me I must read this.

The colt, smiling as bright as sunny day, said, "Jolly good. Ah, before I forget, I need just one other thing."
Ring, turning away from the cage, asked, "What?"
"A receipt," the colt said with a perfectly straight face.
A few minutes later, after a sheet of paper, a quill, and a bottle of ink had been retrieved, Ring Master filled out an official bill of sale for Aphid

Stupid doesn´t even begin to describe this guy :facehoof::twistnerd:

I am ok with his being continued

I like it. There is so much that could happen in this fic. Just hope she doesn't have stock-hold syndrome :pinkiecrazy:

I would be intrigued to see where his goes. Like and Fav Get!

Murphy strikes again! “estimating the number of bits in that (bad). “ [bag].
Could not let this slip by in one of your stories. please continue.

Interesting. Feels a bit rushed, and jumpy.

That said, I like it. Good short story. As a for making more of it... I'd keep it episodic, and make a Mod Squad series.

Interesting story and concept.

Interesting indeed. I could see this going somewhere, either as a sizeable story about freeing enslaved changelings or as as simple story of day to day life. Given the inspiration for this I would think it'd be the former. Faved and liked up.

I am torn. It's good as usual but I kinda want you to go back to the story with the single father in Manehatten and the changeling who sleeps under his daughter's bed.

Saw that the USA network was doing a marathon about ending human trafficking, and I had the idea for this story.

There really is nothing that we will not find a way to ponify, is there?

Ponify ALL the things! :pinkiecrazy:

Good start! Need more!:twilightsmile:

Go on...

Seriously, go on. Like, right now.

I like it..... Another!:raritystarry::rainbowwild::rainbowdetermined2::heart::pinkiesmile:


"As Ring was lead away..."

You realize that "lead" rhymes with "reed," yes? Only the mineral "lead" sounds like "dead."

What you want is "led."

stop sleepin,start typing :flutterrage:
just kiddin:scootangel: you need your sleep but this needs a sequel:fluttershysad:

Well...I for one would not object to more of this. That said...you may want to wrap up a few of your other projects first. I know firsthand how much of a trial writing can be if you spread yourself too thin. :twilightsmile:

4868945 Agreed, that part right there was check and the moment he admitted that was his signature, you knew it was checkmate. Just like chess.

I for one want to read more of this story. Who knows Azure, the Butler and Aphid could form a team to free other enslaved Changelings. If slave drivers are as stupid as circuscolt there, then it'll be a cinch to corner them and put them in checkmate.

One hundred and eight upvotes in less than 24 hours. I'd say that's an academy record, but that meme has been done to death :rainbowlaugh: .

Well, I admit, after a week of not writing, I was kind of using this as a test to get back in the swing of things:twilightsheepish:. I wanted to know if I was well enough to write. Turns out I was, mostly:pinkiehappy: .

Hmmm Intresting concept, I like it +Like +Follow!
One thing I did happen to catch though was this part here:

...then placed a hoof upon Ring's shoulder and said, "Then I am placing you under arrest for the crime of trafficking in sapient creatures."
His eyes widening, Ring Master asked, "What sapient creatures? I haven't..."

In this case sapient would work (meaning wise), it would be better served being sentient (able to perceive/feel feelings) as sapient is usually used to refer to Homo sapiens (modern humans)

This entertains me. I'd love to see more.

Sapient is correct. As is Sophont. Sapient is only applied to humans in real life because humans are the only sapient we know of.

Sure, there's been various scientific investigations into monkeys, apes, and various whales, but none of them, to the best of my knowledge, have revealed sapience, only a degree of thought. For example, a monkey female can be taught sign language, and will generally teach her young sign language, but has no greater awareness than that. And should you attempt to teach said monkey another sign language, they would have to learn over again from the beginning, whereas a human, or any other sapient (provided they were not brain-damaged), would be able to make connections between the two languages, and learn one as an adaption of the other, and even invent entirely new languages on purpose, and invent new uses for those languages.

tl;dr; humans are sapient; so is any being with human-level reasoning. Humans are just the only ones we know of.

>demand romance tag for... things...
>demand kissy-kiss pone scene where a kiss happens and...
>if demands are not met within 2 chapters, the dark lord Cthulhu will be summoned to devour the author and any editors/proofreaders/prereaders/etc.



An excellent tale!
...And I applaud your use of "sapient" rather than the nearly-meaningless term "sentient."

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