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Great to hear, and don't worry about it. Not all my stories are the greatest quality, and smitten hasn't had nearly the reaction as some of them. I look forward to seeing how you like them though.

Oh sorry that was a miss click haven't read it yet! From what I have read from you so far it it should end up in my favourites, the story that earned you a stalker was: When did this happen. I was just rereading that and decided to go see if I had missed any stories. I discovered I did. I am now fixing that issue.

Looks like you took it back, but thanks for checking out smitten anyway. Also, I didn't realize I was being "stalked", but I choose to take it in stride :raritywink:

And another thanks for another fav on prom protector, and for the watch, and because I love your shelf name

Thanks for the fav on when did this happen. I'm happy with the company it's keeping in your collection

  • Viewing 28 - 32 of 32
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