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I'm a 50ish :) newspaper copy editor who discovered anime in depth in 1997. I started writing "FiM" fan fiction with "Tales" in February 2011.

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My pleasure. Keep up the good work!

1102777 Thanks! Hope to be worthy of the excitement. :raritystarry:

Oh wow, didn't even know you had a FiMFiction account! I remember reading Tales way back when it first came out on Equestria Daily and even today it stands as one of my personal favorite stories in the fandom. Glad to see you're here so I can watch you, and I'm looking forward to anything else you publish!

1102711 No problem, I'll PM you when I got the starter sketches done. If you have your own ideas for the covers, let me know.:pinkiehappy:

1102657 Thanks! I hadn't noticed the favorite from the front page. The big time at last! :pinkiehappy: I'd be interested in your ideas for a cover for any of my stories. Thanks again! :duck:

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