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I'm a 50ish :) newspaper copy editor who discovered anime in depth in 1997. I started writing "FiM" fan fiction with "Tales" in February 2011.

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A famous unicorn artist, now in midlife, shocks her doctor by revealing that the father of her unborn youngster is a teenager. But that's only the beginning: Can there truly be such a thing as trans-species pregnancy?

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Three generations after the Great Windigo Blizzard, a grandmare's letter to her daughter and son-in-law recalls the terrible "Old Times." She confesses her prejudices during that time, explains why she first opposed her daughter's mixed-pony-tribe engagement and reveals what changed her mind -- and her life. She ends with blessings on her granddaughters -- two fillies who will change the course of Equestria's history.

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In a universe outside "The Cutie Mark Chronicles," grandmare Twilight Sparkle recalls the "interesting times" of her life: Her marriage, parenthood, widowhood. Her friends' deaths, tragedies, triumphs. Mystery, suspense and intrigue. And the greatest secret of one baby dragon.

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