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I'm a 50ish :) newspaper copy editor who discovered anime in depth in 1997. I started writing "FiM" fan fiction with "Tales" in February 2011.


A famous unicorn artist, now in midlife, shocks her doctor by revealing that the father of her unborn youngster is a teenager. But that's only the beginning: Can there truly be such a thing as trans-species pregnancy?

Chapters (4)
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Comments ( 127 )

Great, Fairly short for 1-chapter story, which is nice, doesn't take 5000 years to read... And Sparity fics... YES. ALL OF IT.

Good one. You might want to think about extending this a few chapters.

That was a fun little read.
Pinkie Promises, Formal maternity wear and crazy special pregnancies.

I would highly recommend continuing this story. It has great potential. :twilightsmile:

This was really good. Not sure why you marked it as sex, or mature for that matter. But, 'twas good.

It would be amusing to see Spike`s reaction to the news.

Why is it marked as sex and mature?

Other than that, great story, continue :duck:

One will admit that one was off-put by the 'Sex' tag, but decided to read anyway, only because one figured there wouldn't be a clop scene if she was already pregnant! Remove that tag. Seriously. Right now. Also, continue this story! Magical Trevor commands it of you!
... Okay, fine. 'REQUESTS' it of you. Please. Noaw. Continue. Trevor is not the only one wanting a sequel/continuation, so that's a good indicator that you've done something right!

~ Magical Trevor, Minstrel of Equestria

p.s. The ending was AMAZING! XD Rarity's genius strikes again! :raritywink:

Plz continue. This will be EPIC.


lol 5000 years to read, not sure if you meant cause the updates take long, or cause it's a lot of words :unsuresweetie:

I'm serious here. More chapters. This is REALLY REALLY REALLY cool story. I would LOVE to see some more chapters. This simply can't be everything.

That was nice, it's a shame that no one ever brings up the subject of Kirins (horse/dragon hybrid from Japanese mythology) when they write ship fics between Spike and the character he's shipped with whether it's Rarity, Applejack or one of the CMC's. I'm curious about what happens next.

Peace Out.

Yeah, I agree with all the comments on why it's marked sex, doesn't make sense. You should probably mark it as teen and drop the sex tag seeing as it only hints and skirts around it. Besides that though I quite enjoyed this read and would love love love to see it written into a longer, possibly mutli-chapter, story.

I'm going to have to jump on the pony bandwagon on this one. You can make do without the 'sex' tag, and mark it as 'incomplete'. There's way too much potential for you to leave it at this point.

I mean, WAAAY too much potential.

I love Sparity. I'll definitely have to read this when I get a chance.

Oh please continue this.:pinkiehappy:

I really do hope you continue this. It has such enormous potential. How will the other Mane 6 react? How will spike react? What will Celestia and Luna think? How will the child be brought up? This could become a huge multi-part epic if you wanted it to. I do hope it does, it would be an awesome read. ;)


How old is rarity supussed to be in this story? I'm really curious :rainbowderp:

This is simply marvelous! I too want you to continue this story. :eeyup:

yes their can its called kirin. ok time to read a kickass story.

I hope the next Chapter comes soon:twilightsmile:

For the love of Celestia, PLEASE UPDATE! :raritystarry: :moustache:

Thanks, everyone, for reading the story! And thanks for the comments. :heart:

I tend to view Spike as about 12 to 13 in human years, and I see Rarity in her early 20s, at least. Of course, that's my own "feel." In fact, my two favorite artworks of human Sparity (by the same artist) show Spike at MAYBE 14, tops, and Rarity anywhere from 27 to 30. :duck:

Now, Daddy don't write no kiddie porn. Period. So I wanted Spike to be of legal age (thus late teens). :moustache: But they're both mythical creatures, and dragons are reputed to live a LONG, LONG time. His physical maturity would be slower than hers. Rarity, I thought, would become "older" faster than he would. :raritydespair: And then, as the story mentions, there's the issue of physical size/compatibility. So there'd be only a short time when Spike and she could, um, be together. After that, he'd have grown too large. (Quit snickering ... :facehoof: ) So under all this, Rarity would be early midlife, and Spike would be a late teen. NOT kiddie porn. And such pairings DO occur in real human life. You might not want to envision them, but they do. But again, that's just my analysis.

The very positive response for a continuation has made me seriously consider it. But I do like to have a solid story, not a wandering plot without a destination. Maybe check in later -- but not like every week. :fluttercry:

And thanks again. I'm flattered. :twilightsmile:


You should totally continue with this, or make an epilogue explaining what happened, it might work perfectly, the way is written and everyone knows Sparity is :heart:
Please continue with this dear sir! I really loved it. :pinkiehappy:

I mean cause of lots of words, lol :rainbowlaugh:

Well now... this is certainly an interesting story, with a lot of potential...
Oh I'll be following this, that's for sure.
It'll be interesting to see if Rarity and Spike will become a true couple out of this...

Fury of the Tempest fav's this story.

509082 I just wanna toss it out their you didn't write porn anywhys, and forsaking "have sex" copulate is more "lady like" as rarity would put it.

I can tell I will like this

that was really cool, and different but i like this :yay:

Oh, yes. THIS deserves a Watch. Six "Hulk offhandedly punching Thor"`s out of Five. :moustache::raritywink:

575083 I like that rating system. Very accurate. :rainbowlaugh:


Thanks for directing me to kirins. It helped me envision what a pony/dragon child would be like. Images for later chapters became much clearer after that.


In human terms, in her early 40s, more or less.


Now, let's see what is spike's reponse :pinkiehappy:

Spike's got this.

The side notes were most amusing.

I'm quite happy that his was updated. I held off on judgement for it based on only having one chapter but now that there is two I know this will be a good story.

Update? Wait, what... O.O SWEET SOLAR-FLARING ORGASMS OF LUNA! I thought this was a one-shot! YES! CONTINUE! PLEASE! You have my complete and undivided attention! O.O

This is encouraging.

Not sure about "Kirin" for a name, though... wouldn't that be like naming a more traditional offspring "Pony" or "Filly"? :rainbowhuh:

Awesome that you put up a new chapter :eeyup:
I hope you do continue it. I would love to see how Spike will take the news.

Great job with this chapter, one the letter that Rarity wrote to Spike.

Can not what to see the next chapter and how Spike reacts to this new news.

Great job and keep up the great work. As I can not what for the next chapter. :pinkiehappy:

852761 I SECOND HIS MOTION! My attention is yours good sir.:moustache:

852761>>855391 I third this motion and wholey agree with the sentiments.

854507>>855391>>856887 I FOURTH THE MOTION! I really want to see Spike's reaction!:moustache:

I am really glad to see this being updated. Its great to see such an interesting and original story to be updated like this.
Rarity though the letter was a good characterization. She has just the manners of writing I would expect.... well admittedly I would think that her writing would be a bit more fancy... the polite style of it really fits her.

Imagine my surprise when I expected this to be a one-shot, and I go through my tracked stories, and I find a 'Part II' here.

Do update soon.

A unicorn and a dragon getting together in real love is like finding a blue diamond. Maybe like finding three.

...Really? You went there?:facehoof::rainbowlaugh: Wasn't a bad thing, mind, but damn. I still can't believe you went there.

I really liked this chapter, as well as how you demonstrated that the cook knew a lot more than he was letting on.

My one hang-up about this was that your use of the term 'the teen' or 'the youngster' seemed repetitive. I know that you wanted to be vague, but a few more different descriptors would have been nice, like: "The younger dragon", "the customer", or "the purple dragon". You can be vague without being too repetitive.

Other than that, please continue.

I like this story.:pinkiehappy: And I knew it that he knew a unicorn and fell in love.:rainbowkiss:

Yay! The appearance of a Luck Dragon(think Falcor from The Never Ending Story), I always think it's a little funny that writers often use Western Wyvern dragons which are about greed, sin and wealth in their fics as opposed to Eastern Luck dragons which represent luck, virtue and peace.

As for the chapter, it was nice to not see some horrible Asian stereotype. I like the inclusion of the dragon's daughter who whom acted like her dad was going senile. Spike was like I have no idea what a hybrid will look like and the cook who was alluding to being in a similar situation to Spike was like "Miyuki, stop messing around in there and come out here, so I can make my point."

I look forward to more.

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