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One lazy afternoon, Rainbow Dash, too sleepy to practise or manage the weather, lies back and watches the clouds drift by.

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Beautiful, simply beautiful.

Nice fanfic, man. I enjoyed it.:ajsmug:

Like poetry sculpted into a beautiful masterpiece that is humbly displayed for us to see...
What else can I say? This was fun to read and absolutely bursting with colorful language and exciting imagery, despite its benign nature. Thank you for sharing this story!

Stunning beauty and lots of thoughts.

a masterpiece. enough said.

Pegasus pride.


Pegasus Pride indeed.:rainbowdetermined2:

This was cute! I really like how vivid your imagery is in it. Thanks for sharing!


Thanks for the nice comments, everyone! I really appreciate it.

I wrote this story the night I finished my longest fic, as a way to unwind a bit and take a break from writing so much dialogue, dialogue, dialogue all the time. My aim was to practice my imagery and stuff like that, and I guess if your words are any indication I did pretty decently.

Nice to see all the Dashie avatars here. Pegasus pride!

Great story... but I have one question. Did she imagine symbolically herself as a giant cloud and then imagine herself less symbolically killing herself? I'm not entirely sure what that is saying about the state of her psyche.

I can't remember how I ran across this ancient fic, but I'm glad I did. It had something of the feel of a cloud to it, actually: maybe not the most substantial story I've read, but fascinating imagery and a very nice atmosphere. One of those short-shorts you feel a little happier for having read.

great story and lovely description of both thoughts and actions

Author Interviewer

There's a lot more to this than I would have expected. :)

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