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I less than three you.

Loved it. What the mane six failed to understand is that Trixie was just putting on a show. It's nice to see Trixie making friends despite her flashy stage persona. Good on that Zebrican crowd.

Oh my god this is genius. I normally don't approve of short fics, but you put enough work into this to best some longer fics. I hope this makes featured, because it should.


Didn't think you could be this bad, not outside of fiction!"

Just had to add, I think you broke the thing in me that can laugh.

This is good. I bit short, if anything. :trixieshiftleft::trixieshiftright::twilightsmile:

Pretty good, I guess.

If you wanna read another good story about Trixie, just come on over to my page, and click on The Great and Powerful Journey of The Great And Powerful Trixie.

We both made a pretty good story.

>What the mane six failed to understand is that Trixie was just putting on a show.

>personal insults
>physical harm
>over-the-top arrogance and antagonism

She was very, very far from "just putting on a show". :rainbowhuh:

Take my thumbs. I don't need them much.

Ahh, that was cute. I do think it could have been better with more zebra lines for balance, though.

Nice, my friend! This was certainly clever!
Trying to rhyme, well I hardly ever
am able to talk in the Zebrican way.
But overall, you just made my day!

I liked it, especially that the Zebras appreciated the show and the way it ended... Tricksy, that's great. Trixie trounced the competition though, she had like six (better) lines to every one of the Zebra's lines.

1616696 Sure Trixie isn't blameless, but all of that happened after Applejack, Rainbow, and Rarity each decided to take it upon themselves to interrupt the show and upstage her. Kind of like what the Flim Flam brothers did to Applejack during cider season (only without the skeazy land deal).

Well, Trixie WAS the one claiming she was the "most magical Unicorn who ever lived" among other over-the-top boasting, and outright daring the audience to compete with her. At that point, most people would make some attempt to shut her big mouth. :raritywink:


Colon close-bracket.

Yeah, I kind of imagine that her performances are usually big on boasting and audience challenges, but in Ponyville she got a little carried away. It helps that the insults here were an expected part of the challenge.

Flash fiction is important to me. I try to make my short fics more a case of "this did all it really needed to succinctly" then "let's rush through the story so I can publish it already" (which I think is the problem with a lot of shorts).


I do think it could have been better with more zebra lines for balance, though.

Trixie trounced the competition though, she had like six (better) lines to every one of the Zebra's lines.

About this: the fic was, in part, a whole plot reference to that short in the Avatar: The Last Airbender "Tales of Ba-Sing Se" episode where Sokka brings the haikus only to be kicked out for six syllables in his final one. The funny thing is if Trixie hadn't been so brash and tried to rhyme her own name, she certainly would have won.

Though more zebra lines would certainly have been fun!

I glad you liked it, glad to make a friend's day!
Rhyming's hard, but with some help I've learnt the way.

1618013 The challenges did not happen until after Dash heckled her and Applejack and rarity made some rather rude comments within earshot. As for what she said prior, it's not only par for the course among performers, but all three of them do massive boasting themselves. Did it get out of hand, yes. But they literally started it. Also, Rarity ripped down one of Trixie's curtains to make her dress. She should've gone to jail.

And she couldn't just ignore them, why? Nope, had to go and personally insult them and, instead of actually meeting their challenges, simply insult them and make them look bad.

"Massive boasting" ? No, not really. None of them ever said they were the "most magical unicorn" (which is like saying you're the most athletic human ever), or falsely claim that they can do anything but better.

And hey, Trixie physically attacked all of them. She should have gone to jail as well. :trollestia:

1620035 When it's front and center, no. It's not good for a performer to ignore it, especially outright heckling like Dash's. No, she didn't meet their challenges, but it showed up three hecklers.

Dash claims to be the fastest and best flier in Equestria. The latter, maybe. The former, not likely. Applejack claims she's got the best apples in all of Equestria and Rarity put on a fashion show right in the middle of town square. And hell, bar Twilight Trixie's done more than just about everyone. Even then, yeah. It's standard hyperbole and actually a lot less grandiose than some I've seen. She has to hype herself up as the greatest thing to get an audience.

And they started it. They literally started it with her.

If by "showed up three hecklers", you mean "claims she can do what they do but better, and then ignores their challenges completely", yes, she did "show them up".

Yes, Dash does, but she doesn't go around shouting it to everyone and making a big deal of herself in public. And TBH, if she hypes herself up as essentially "best unicorn who ever lived", and then doesn't really show it, that's kinda...yeah. And before you even say "But why would she sell herself as mediocre?", there's a difference between "mediocre" and "best unicorn that ever lived".

And is "starting it" such a bad thing, in this situation? Someone comes along making all these big claims...and gets told to prove it (and then doesn't actually prove it) What's the problem?

I never really understood why people try to victimize Trixie so much. She wasn't written as a victim. At all.

1616696 Well, to be frank, had they not allowed their perturbation of Trixie's performance to make them interrupt her show, I rather doubt that anyone would've gotten hurt, assaulted, and any other such thing. However, I'll certainly concede that Trixie was indeed in the wrong to take her retaliation towards their (private, yet audible) heckling as far as she did, and to the degree that she did. Though let's consider the possibilities for why she took it there (and for why she basically maintained that attitude off-stage), as none of us come out of the womb acting like an ass. For one, it's possible that Trixie has had a history of heckling in the past, and it's certainly possible that in those instance, the heckling went far beyond simple scoffs at her performance; the image of rotten tomatoes flying up on teh stage comes to mind. If this happened often enough, it could very well have influenced, if not forced, her to develop a steel wall around an ever fragile ego, which would certainly explain her being braggart about her abilities, as well as swift and harsh to her "neigh-sayers." It's also possible that she had a hard time as a kid, either being constantly berated by her peers for some reason, or perhaps her parents, and she's, again, developed that tough hide. The point here is that there's such a thing as a character background; Trixie isn't a pony the only exists to antagonize, who was born to be a bitch. Something in her life happened, either immediately, or cumutively, to help make her the way she is. There are plenty of fics that try to explain this, and one particularly hilarious one with Dr Whooves going Christmas Carol on her flank, though with a rather intriguing couple of twists - I think you'd enjoy it; remind me, and I'll find the URL for it on here.

Anywhoo, back to my analysis/rant/what-have-you.

Also, since I know from previous arguments observed that this will come up, I believe that the reason Trixie exaggerated the extent of her abilities and lied about defeating an Ursa Major is because, as part of her stage presence, she needed to hype herself up as a legend to help maintain interest in her show. I mean, it makes sense doesn't it? What better thing to tack on to your stage name, such as The Great and Powerful Trixie than an epic tale of defeating a rediculously huge cosmic bear (sans details, of course)? Also, keep this in consideration. As far as we know, Twilight Sparkle is probably the only unicorn in her tier when it comes to the use of magic and her strength in using it; there probably is none who can rival her outside of the Princesses at the time of Boast Busters. We see other unicorns in Equestria who can use magic, but it's mostly used for simple tasks, such as telekinesis of small objects, such as Rarity's ribbons and spools of thread, and her fall-out couch (what are those called again, a futon? Love seat? whatever, I'm digressing...) Also, while the Mane 6 did in fact save Equestria from an eternity of darkness, I don't think the identity of Equestria's saviors was widely advertised by the kingdom's propoganda/media department or anything (take the lack of knowledge of who Rarity is by Bon-Bon and Colgate(?) in Green isn't Your Color, for example). Furthermore, we haven't a clue of where Trixie is from, and we know for a fact that she doesn't have a permanent home; it's very well possible that she had no clue about the events of the Summer Sun Celebration That Almost Wasn't, nor of Twilight and her friend's exploits, and as such, she truly could've thought that she was the most powerful pony in all of Equestria.

And, while I again am not excusing her actions, I have to confess that while her 'tricks' were rather low-tier compared to what Twilight can do, they were impressive in their own right. For instance, being able to use a simple rainbow spectrum of light and morph its properties into a very present gust of wind around Rainbow Dash is a feat that is overlooked faaaar too often by Trixie haters/criticizers. The rope trick with Apple Jack, of course, is nothing special, as she only controlled two ends of the same rope, and AJ would've seen what her ploy was had she not gotten distracted with it like a snake to music in an Arab territory. Manipulating Rarity's hair to look like a mess of grass and sewer sludge, though, was pretty cool. Granted, she's not necessarily "Great and Powerful," but her skills as an illusionist are pretty good. The only problem with her skills is that they are limited in their versatility; she obviously didn't know any combat-grade magic, nor did she have the telekinetic strength to lift up the Ursa and remove it from the town, as did Twilight. I suppose my point in acknowledging this much is to say that while she is a showmare, she does have some power with her ability of illusion and manipulation. And the wonderful thing about magic, just like most other skills and fields of study, she can learn how to advance in it and learn different types/grades of magic.

TL;DR - Both parties are at fault, Trixie's a living pony with feelings and character, not a robot, and her skills are not as lame as people think, nor are they fixed like she's some Hawken mech.

I'm not arguing that she's NOT talented or has no feelings, I'm arguing that she's NOT a "poor, misunderstood victim" like a lot of people make her out to be.

I think I liked the ending more than the rhymes - the notion of Trixie rapping is kinda aversive to me, heh, even if she is merely speaking in rhyme. But yes, for a flash fiction, it was short, it did not outlive its welcome, and it brought something fresh to the plate that I could not come up with myself. All things tallied, this was a good read. =)

1620165 I fully admit she didn't live up to the anything you can do thing. Well, except she did a damned good job with Applejack...

Yes, Dash does do that. A lot, too. As for selling herself 'best unicorn who ever lived', if you're gonne get angry with her over that, then get angry with Barnum and Bailey's Circus and... a lot of RL acts. She sells herself like that to get an audience.

And yes, it is a bad thing. it's rude, serves no purpose but to interrupt someone's show that, before, was not insulting anyone, and was just plain hypocritical. Why couldn't they have just walked away from the show?

Was Trixie innocent, no. She was a jerk, but those three were assholes and instigators.

1620775 Ahh, well in this case, I am in agreement. The pathway a person chooses in regards to their character and morality is not clinical or fixed, to be determined by a person's circumstance. What a person makes of the cards dealt them is entirely of their own doing. So in this case, with Trixie having become arrogant and such, and how it has ultimately been brought to bear to cause havoc upon her life is indeed her own doing. Our hopes, of course, should be that this brings about a change in Trixie's character for the better, even if the change is just as small as her not being as mean to other ponies as she is, or looking down upon them.

The upcoming Trixie-centric episode for Season 3 appears to be taking an entirely different route, but I find the grim prospect that Trixie is going to be transformed by the writers into a villain-for-villain's-sake sort of...well, villain, to be a bit of a stretch. The writers for this season appear to have largely gotten their act together with characterization and other such elements of the show, if the premiere is of any indication, ignoring the menacing and dread-inspiring, yet rather drull confrontation that was King Sombre, so I have faith that they won't go down such a simplistic, and frankly nonsensical, road.

My personal theory on Trixie's overpowering of Twilight and siege of Ponyville: I blame King Sombre. I think that with his ability to regenerate wherever his horn is located, so long as it remains intact, he'll likely influence/possess Trixie as a means of casting his vengenc upon the Mane 6 (primarily Twilight) for overthrowing him from 'his' kingdom. It certainly would give a nice twist to the played-out-two-years-ago prospect of Trixie being so petty as to want to kill Twilight for destroying her livelihood.

Especially rediculous when the real blame falls on, if not her, those two retard colts, Snips & Snails. Stupid little things, they are. :rainbowwild:

Couldn't help but think of this :twilightblush:


I'm glad someone posted that!


Wow, two comments in and the comment section already derailed. Nice story, though.

I don't get it. What's the problem with "tricksy" ?


"Trixie" and "Tricksy" are pronounced the same, so it's basically like rhyming a word with itself (which is kinda lame).

Damn Trixie is good at putting on a show, first time I really enjoyed something like this.


Woah........that's pretty much a damn essay there buddy. I agree with it though, solid points all around.

I would never suspect Trixie of being such a skilled rapper. :rainbowlaugh:

Imena giggled, and the two of them headed off into the night.


I get it now! She got effectively disqualified because Tricksy 'doesn't rhyme' with Trixie it's the same word.

I was confused there for a little bit. I can see the similarity to the end of the Avatar short now. (Avatards unite!)

As always I have difficulty finding the cadence when it's just words. Perhaps if I heard this played out it would sound better.

That last line could be

“My tricks will put ya in a mixie”

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