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A disgraced Chrysalis has traveled to request refuge from Queen Gytha of the Greneclyf Hives after her defeat dealt by the traitors back home. Gytha knows of her atrocious reputation, and though there might be some value in this strange Queen from abroad, she must keep her guard, lest she allows this foreign Changeling do upon to Gytha as others had done to her...

Written for the Equestria at War contest and won second place. Special thanks to FadFreaky and many others for editing and proofreading.

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You actually did it. You amazing madman...

Remember you have just over 24 hours for it to be completed to qualify for the contest :twilightsheepish:

One final chapter, coming right up!

How sweet those two seem.

What was Farbrook refusing? And is there any chance of a follow up to this?


It was a trade deal!

Comment posted by Comrade Marble deleted Apr 29th, 2018

Very interesting. Shame it's completed, I'd certainly like to see more.

Really funny that in game the trade deal could not be refused.

Ah Greneclyf. A "niceguy" non-reformed Changeling hive. You had so much potential when I learned you were in the game, only have those hopes dashed when I learned that the only real path for them is to become Chrysalis of the East.

Greneclyf is incomplete. That's all I'm gonna say.

Oh I know it’s incomplete but I can only comment on what’s done now not “when it’s done”. No sense talking about zebras or Kirin when they’re not in the game yet.

This... This story REALLY scratches my itch of wanting to see a ''corrupted'' Gytha :twilightblush:

The union of the two Queens will shake the very foundations of the world~ None shall escape the black tide... Except for maybe the Dread League, because they're just freaking creepy.

But yeah, really prefer something like this over Chrysalis ''taking over'' Greneclyf, since it gives room for both Queens to balance out each others extreme views.

Changling Ocean Switzerland best nation.

long time since i faved this but i forgot to ask the important question...sequel????

Possibly in the works.

Two of my most favorite factions I love both queens and I want to see more I wish more people would make more storys about this changling kingdom I want more tbis is going in the fave sence I first found it and you get a follow

I've never been partial towards Chrysalis. Always found her too conniving, and selfish. But Gytha, she was the odd one out amongst her kind. She dared to believe, and that was what made her great as a changeling queen. This is both unexpected, and highly amusing to read. Should there be a sequel to this, I would be most intrigued (and likely pleased).

I see that the civil war ended in record time.

“Presenting Queen Chrysalis of Vesalipolis and her entourage.”

I had to think of this scene from Star Wars:

And Hatcher below, their leader!

Hatcher? Cool idea!

She’s dangerous, she decided, noting Chrysalis’s surprising insight on the matters of state.

Well, it is Chrysalis you are talking about.

“Bu‒ but then...” Chrysalis craned her head to be at eye level with the smaller royal. “There is no legal obligation for either you or them to assist one another.”
The Queen gave her a funny look. “Honour and mutual respect for one another will uphold the Pacts,” she said, as if it were the most obvious thing in the world.

It is obvious. For her.
For Chrysalis though...

“Why?” she asked aloud at the tail end of her sobs. “Why, Cenhelm?”

*looks at Chrysalis*
Do you happen to have anything to do with that?

“I… I was going to call your Queenship into question, and I…” Her eyes finally met Gytha’s. “I was going to challenge you.”

I actually expected exactly that to happen at one point.

Good story!
I enjoyed reading it.

But now I'm curious:
Is Chrysalis somehow behind Gytha’s breakdown (either by causing or strengthen it), or did she manage to manpulate Gytha during her time alone?
Or is (for once) everything involving Chrsalis exactly as it seems?


Is Chrysalis somehow behind Gytha’s breakdown (either by causing or strengthen it), or did she manage to manpulate Gytha during her time alone?

In the original idea for Greneclyf, the presence of a Changeling Lands' submarine would automatically fail all of the trade offers unless it was removed forcefully by the player. It never was translated into the public build, but the story used that element to a point. Chrysalis didn't actively sabotage the efforts, but her presence evidently seeped out and got to the mainland, which put Gytha and the rest of her people in a bad light.

Thanks for the comment!

This is wonderful!
I’m an enormous fan of both Chrysalis and Greneclyf, and I adore stories where someone is being manipulated, but the manipulator is also drawn in despite themselves. Obviously Chrissy thinks she’s in charge here, but I suspect she feels more genuinely than she wants to acknowledge.
Plus, corruption and evil are always fun. I’d love to see more of these two <3

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