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Ponyville, Equestria. Population 5000.

Fallow Meadows, Indiana. Population 8000.

Two towns, two species, two worlds.

But worlds will collide when both are hit by mysterious storms that transport them to a third world unknown to either. Trapped in a place hostile to them both, can human and pony learn to work together? Well, yeah, the story wouldn't be called Unity otherwise.

The real question is what happens when it turns out that they are not alone...

Chapters (37)
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Normally, I'd wait till something has two or three chapters under it's belt before I think of fav-ing a story. The prologue here made me interested, to say the least. I can't wait to see how things go.

A promising start. Reminds me of the first episode of Under The Dome. Only, you know, good. Got a enough character introduction for the human side to be interesting, but not so much they have nowhere to grow afterwards. The ponies seem a little one note, but that may just be because less time was spent on them since the audience is likely to know them already, otherwise why be on FimFiction?

Let’s see where this goes. Tracking.

Good chapter, another one~

I'd need at least one more chapter before I can really comment on the story beyond the technical. Thus far its well written and the characters from the human side seem interesting, while the ponies seem to be in character. Were we given a timeframe for when this occurs in the MLP universe? All I can see is that it is pre-alicorn Twilight. Can we assume Zecora is left behind?

There is expected to be issues, but who will be the trouble makers on the pony end? I wonder how the pony's will have trouble adjusting,, the humans have lost electricity and we are very dependent on it, so what are the issues that they will struggle with? Keep up the good work and looking forward to how the humans react when they get caught in the CMC actions in the later chapters!



I doubt that lol, but some brawling could happen~

Comment posted by 45north deleted Jan 30th, 2015

I see Pinkie Pie saving the day, I mean who can run away in terror from aliens when they have doughnuts.


The pony-side troublemaker will make his debut in the final scene of chapter three, though it'll be awhile before he kicks into gear. Meanwhile, the Crusaders will be in the thick of the action beginning in chapter four, though in the end their actions will actually be beneficial... Stay tuned :)

What is this a crossover of?


Nothing as yet. Fallow Meadows is my own creation. Stay tuned though, once we're through the initial arc of the story, other towns from other worlds will be getting dropped in.

This is an original as far i can tell, no other link but MLP, all else is new, and i like it XD

So Blueblood is the trouble maker. Great so we get an elitist snob in control, poor Twilight she has her work cut out for her.

You know I'm wondering why Twilight doesn't just draw some pictures of her and the humans with speech bubbles each in their own language, then a picture of her doing the mind thing to a human, then her and the humans with speech bubbles with the same language (in this case, theirs I imagine).


Hasn't occurred to her yet. It will, with a big face-hoof moment when it does.

forgive my ignorance but i dont get the regular statement, what does it mean?


Think about what bran does to you when you eat a lot of it...

Heh, I immediately though of the funguar from FFXI when you described it, except smaller. Glad to see we are on the same page there.

Each of your chapters leaves me wishing a lot more information was conveyed. I dunno if that's a good thing or it feels like teasing, but I certainly look forward to each new chapter released.

I hope Carl doesn't turn into the generic conflict man of the human setting. I mean he got a little sympathy for the misunderstanding and using him as the unwilling magic target, but he is pissing it away as far as I'm concerned.

I really like Bert, he is my favorite human character thus far. Still, I think there should be a bit more variety as far as humans go; eventually a one to one with each named pony to really be fair, else it'd just be the Bert and Tucker and them humans as far as characterization goes.

the purple unicorn pulled a book from her bags, paged through it, then presented them with a photograph. Pictured were a trio of obviously young ponies. Purple gestured towards the photo, then towards the outskirts of town.

So close Twilight -- to explaining your magic, and yet so far.

Carl's character annoys me because he is simultaneously too paranoid and not paranoid enough. What's easier, to destroy a town or relocate the same town to another planet intact? He thinks the ponies are insanely powerful, and then urges everyone to attack them? His behaviour seems driven by the plot's need to have a human hostile to the ponies, rather than how any person, even an insane one, would actually behave.


I understand where you're coming from in your interpretation of Carl. But I don't think his behavior is all that unrealistic: He's being irrational, and irrational people can indeed say and do things that don't make sense when put together. In the original War of the Worlds novel, for example, near the end the lead character meets a guardsman who goes on at length (sometimes even in the same breath) about how: A- The Martians can't possibly be beaten and B- How we can beat them. He sees no contradiction. Right now, Carl is running on adrenaline and a white-hot rage. But only fools and madmen can maintain that kind of rage forever and Carl, though unstable, is neither. The real danger comes when he calms down...

Another Great chapter. Can't wait for more.

"Wait, 'Spell?' You mean like magic?" Bethany asked.

"Oh, well that's kind of complicated for a full explanation, but it's what we call it."

While this is fine (almost every single story does it, with only a couple of exceptions), I was kinda hoping for a comment to the effect that there are no words in our language to describe what Twilight is doing, so she is using 'magic' and 'spell' as filler words in lieu of using loanwords from Equish.

The first contact story Arrow 18 Mission Logs: Lone Ranger has an interesting take on the pony puns too: Twilight learns English, and she liking puns and rhythms are an explanation given for her using pony puns.

T: "Are you sure it’s okay to break the sound barrier over Canterlot?”

R: “Yeah, it’s not like it’ll be an everyd- What did you call it?”

T: “Canterlot.”

R: “Canterlot?”

T: “Yeah! You like it? It’s a mix of your fictional city ‘Camelot’ and the word ‘canter’, meaning to travel at an easy gallop. It’s a pun, or play unto wor-“

R: “I get that… why?”

T: “Well I noticed the words fit together particularly well when I was trying to translate the city name into English. It’s just the type of rhythm it has compared to the garbled mess I was going to use before. So I just stuck with that instead.”

R: “Well what was the actual translation going to be?”

T: “Cantered Slopes Cliff side City of the Rising Sun.”

R: “…Canterlot it is then.”

T: “Yeah. In your language many of our names turn into mouthfuls."

The alternative is to suggest a 'coincidence' in language, which is odd considering the languages aren't the same. But hey, the dialogue for MLP is canonically English, so it's all up to interpretation.

I'd like to add that I'm actually enjoying this story a lot. I really like stories where humans and ponies work together as equal at the very least. There are too many where that isn't true, or they are outright hostile to each other. Way too many...

Plus, the setting is novel in that planet is alien to them both. I believe it was claimed other alien species to the planet would be dropped in later as well?


Thanks! I wanted to find a twist on the usual theme that hasn't been used as much, and putting both groups on neutral ground seemed like the way to go. In any case, yes, there will be other species arriving, but not until after the first story arc is complete, which I estimate will be somewhere around chapter ten.

Imagine if a city the size of New York City came here.... the ponies would certainly be in for one....

What, the towns were moved by tornado's?

Toto, I don't think anyone is in Kansas now.

Well on the logistics side of things, an apple farm will be priceless, given that the local food on planet where-ever is almost certainly toxic to humans and ponies. (Assuming of course that human and pony foods are identical, which logically is really unlikely, but what was shown in the show.)

Wait what? No! Pinkie asked a very serious and legitimate question. It must be answered for the sake of sanity!:pinkiecrazy:

But that out of the way, a good chapter showing smooth cooperation and bartering.

Applejack said. "They're not even from Eqqus after all..."


I wouldn't be surprised if they ended up cannibalizing most of the cars for scrap metal and parts. Certainly the sedans, though I can see them keeping around trucks (trucks are usually what run off diesel anyway).

Interesting idea of them actually merging their towns together. I gotta wonder about culture infusion over time. For example, cutie marks are a distinctly pony thing, I wonder if humans would end up adopting their own cutie mark images to have sown into their clothing for instance. In a society where marks are a definite form of identification, I can see it catching on like that. Especially since humans would look really similar to each other to the ponies (and several donkeys that lived in Ponyville)

Is it just me, or is Bert and Fluttershy equivalents to each other? In terms of living at the edge of the towns by themselves.

"Most pony buildings are built to be moveable after all."

What? When? HOW?


Well if Big Mac can pull one it is a possibility.

Now, what's happening with our Blue Blood, but more importantly, Trixie, we need more Trixie X3


More Trixie and Blueblood in the next chapter. As for moving buildings, well, even we can manage to move really big structures when we need to. I would imagine unicorn levitation magic (and the slightly smaller average size of pony buildings) would make it even easier.

5696979 Well, it depends. Are we talking metric chucks or Crystal Imperial chucks?

5702709 metric chucks, crystal imperial is too out dated and finicky.

Epic new chapter. Some dialogue needs punctuation editation, but otherwise well-handled.

Well, that's not good. The civilian population of a midwest American town is going to likely only be in possession of weapons that use 9x19mm, 5.56x45mm and 12-gauge buckshot or slugs (and maybe a smattering of .357 or .44 revolvers); unless their police department has a specialized SWAT detachment, they'll have the same. And if an "elephant gun" (which I'm assuming is somewhere in the .450 range) isn't enough to take one of those creatures down dependably... well, it's looking like this is one pony/human story where guns aren't going to be the great equalizer. :twilightoops:

Carl is being reasonable? Madness!

On a more serious note, if the aliens have distributed/well protected internal organs, then it's going to be a pain to kill them. Guns and swords aren't working, and those are the best (portable) killing tools humans and ponies have ever come up with. It's just plain hard to destroy an entire body quickly or easily.

If they're going to survive, they need to figure out a weak point on these things, and fast.

Oh there's a lot of 7.62x39mm floating around. Oh and .308 and 30-06 I'm sure.
Maybe even some 45-70 gov. which would be a hoot to use :pinkiehappy:

So each town thinks the other might be able to help them with their problem? That might not work out so well.

So Blueblood is going all Starscream here. Seriously he has a crown, septer, and other regalia he was just waiting for the Princesses to fall. Cannot wait to see him made into the fool he is acting like. On a side note Blueblood's voice in my head is now Starscream's from G1.

"How many chucks would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could Chuck Norris?"

All of them!


It's even worse than that. I don't know much about firearms, but the information I've found the biggest elephant guns (from the nineteenth century, but this is Bert, survivalists tend to collect stuff like that) went up to .700. By land-animal on Earth standards, massive overkill for anything other than an elephant, still maybe not enough on an elephant if you had to penetrate the skull.


Good comparison. The thing is, much like United States laws, I imagine that Equestrian law considers a citizen a citizen, and thus bound by their rules, even when not on their soil. Which makes what Blueblood is doing here high treason against the Diarchy, so he's not gonna get too many followers...

...Oh, and if you think the crown and scepter are overboard, wait 'til you see the titles he tries to take for himself...


Anyway, why not have vinyl scratch rig up a bass cannon, or play dub step on some really large speakers?:pinkiehappy:

Yes, we need Vinyl, and Octavia XD

Waiting for the moment that they have a military grade LMG

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