• Published 15th Jan 2015
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Unity - Kieva Lynn

Ponyville, Equestria. Fallow Meadows, Indiana. Two towns torn from thier worlds and deposited together on a third. Can Human and Pony work together? They'd better hope so, because they're not alone...

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Chapter Six

Author's Note:

Fair Warning: Headcannon Time in this chapter. Also just a single 'getting to know each other' talking scene.

Chapter Six

With the language barrier finally removed, human and pony both agreed that they should retire someplace comfortable to conduct the first round of actual communications. A royal guard pegasus was dispatched to retrieve both the Mayor and the remaining bearers. Once they arrived, Twilight used the translation spell on them, and then Sheriff Tucker led both groups to the school, and it's spacious and comfortable senior's lounge.

As she trotted through the door, Twilight asked "So you just say 'everyone,' not 'everyhuman?' But what about your planet's other sapient species?"

"As far as Earth and sapients go, you're looking at it." Bert said.

Roger said "Well, maybe. Atlantic Dolphins are highly intelligent, analysis of the sounds they make shows all the relevant properties of being an actual structured language rather than just animal sounds. But they don't build things and we've never cracked their language, if that's what it is, to talk to them. So we can't be sure."

"Interesting." Twilight said. "Eqqus is home to a number of intelligent species; Beyond ponies there are Zebras, Gryphons, Minotaurs, Dragons-"

"Dragons!?" The entire group of humans exclaimed at once."

"Um, yeah... You've heard of Dragons then?"

Florence suggested "This might be a good place to start John."

Tucker nodded. "Yeah... Look, Back on Earth, we have creatures that we call 'ponies' and 'zebras.' But they're just animals, not people, and not very bright even as animals go. There also aren't unicorn or pegasus versions of either."

"But we do have ancient myths and legends about unicorns and pegasai." Bethany added. "And also legends about dragons and gryphons and minotaurs, but the actual thing never really existed on Earth, smart or otherwise."

"Weird." Rainbow said.

"Double weird." Twilight said, "Most ponies don't know them, but the very oldest Equestrian records contain mention of humans as well. But, like you said with dragons and such, there's no evidence that humans ever really lived on our world."

“This is too detailed to be coincidence though.” Bert said. “Our ancestors and yours have to have met each other at some point.”

Listening in from the sidelines, Apple Bloom asked “Could they have met here? Like, maybe those storms happened before a long time ago and bought some folks here, then sent them home later on?”

“Now that's a thought.” Applejack agreed with her sister.

“Maybe...” Twilight agreed.

Roger said “Well here's the test on that... Do your myths talk about big creatures without eyes?”

“No.” Twilight replied. “It was a thought though Apple Bloom. Getting back on topic though...”

“Yeah. So, are dragons really huge? Do they really breathe fire?” Florence asked.

“Yes to the second question.” Rarity said, “Though they have control over when they do it.”

Twilight added “And while dragons can get really, really big they aren't all giants. Actually, my assistant is a small dragon named Spike. You'll get to meet him soon.”

“So there's more than just ponies in your town?”

“Oh, just Spike.” Fluttershy whispered.

“What about you guys?” Rainbow Dash asked. “All we've seen are Earth Humans. Don't you have Unicorn or Pegasus Humans?”

“Nope, no horns or wings for us.” Tucker said. “And... I assume an 'Earth' Pony would be one without horns or wings?”

“Yep. That's us.” Applejack said.

“Are there other types of ponies?” Bethany asked.

“Well there are Thestrals.” Twilight said. “Think Pegasai with good night vision and bat-like wings instead of feathery wings. There aren't very many of them though... And then there are the Alicorns...”

“Wait, 'Alicorns'? That's a term I don't remember from our myths.” Roger said.

"Not surprising darling, since there are only the three." Rarity said.

Nodding, Twilight said "That's right. The Princesses, Celestia, Luna, and Cadance, are the only Alicorns. They're bigger than other ponies, as tall as you actually, and have both a horn and wings, plus the strength of Earth Ponies. They are immortal as well, and control the movement of our sun and moon."

"Oh I get it." Roger said, "You're talking about your deities."

"What? No, not at all." Twilight said.

"Alicorns are powerful, but they're not gods." Applejack said.

"Okay, so I'm not getting the details right. Sorry. But I mean, Immortal? Controlling the sun and moon? That's gotta be something to do with your religion..." Roger insisted.

"No! No, okay, look... I think we're not seeing eye to eye here."

Roger started to push the point, but Tucker cut him off. "I hope Rog hasn't offended you. But, from our point of view what you are describing does sound religious..."

"Can you explain a different way?" Bert asked.

"Hmmm... I can try." Twilight said. "What part of this is most confusing to you?"

"Immortality." Roger said. "And controlling heavenly bodies. Stuff in the sky only seems to move because the planet rotates."

"Hey! Isn't that kind of what you were talking about earlier Twilight?" Rainbow asked.

Applejack said "Yeah, you said Eqqus was unique that way."

Twilight's eyes opened wide with understanding. "Okay! I think I can explain a couple of things at once here!" To her friends and the Crusaders she said "Moons orbit planets and planets orbit suns. Ordinarily, planets spin on a rotation axis; when the part of the planet you are standing on is facing the sun it's day, and facing away, night. Eqqus used to be the same way, and when it was day and night happened automatically without any need for control."

"Wow. What happened to change it?"

"Discord." Twilight said. "It was his final action as the Princesses were sealing him away. He robbed Eqqus of it's angular momentum, stopping it's natural rotation."

"Hang on, this is sounding mythological to me now too." Tucker said. " I mean, I don't want to question your beliefs, but..."

"Well it sure sounds like you are!" Rainbow exclaimed. "How can you tell us what we've seen with our own eyes isn't real?!"

"Yes, it's quite troubling." Rarity agreed.

"And I'm sorry, I don't mean it that way! but..."

The meeting started to degenerate into a shouting match. Luckily, Bert still had the air horn he had used at the town meeting days earlier handy. One long blast shut everyone up. "Let's be calm here." He said.

Roger nodded. "Yeah... Yeah you're right."

"Okay then. Sorry." Rainbow said.

Florence said "Let's start over, from the beginning, okay?"

Twilight nodded her agreement. "Okay. And, I think I have a better starting place. Bethany, you asked about magic... And it's been clear to us from day one that you guys don't really understand how unicorn magic works... Let me ask you a question: Do you know about the five fundamental forces of physics?"

"We... Know about four fundamental forces." Roger said. "Gravity, electromagnetism, and the two nuclear forces. You're saying there's a fifth?"

"Yes! The fifth force is called the Thaumic Field. If you really can't use what we call magic, then it's not surprising that you've missed it's existence. After all, unlike the other forces, the Thaumic Field only shows itself by temporarily modifying the other laws of physics. So if nothing on your world uses it, you'd never have a chance to notice anything!" Twilight clapped her forehooves together in the joy of figuring out a mystery.

"I'm still lost... Are you saying that this force is somehow connected to living beings?" Tucker asked.

"Kind of... The field exists regardless, but conscious mind is what can interact with it. Strange, really, that mind on your planet can't..." Twilight mused. "There must be an extra ingredient, something ubiqitous on Eqqus that we've never noticed because of it's ubiquity and absent on your planet." She pulled out a notebook and began writing down equations.

"Oh dear... We've lost Twilight for a while." Rarity said. "To continue what she was saying though, our distant ancestors called this power magic, because they didn't know the science behind it. And we've kept the term, even knowing better, because, well... ...Because why not, I suppose. It works."

"Sort of like how we still say 'sunrise' and 'sunset' even though we know better." Bethany said. "But, Twilight said your planet doesn't spin on it's own? How can that be?"

"Magic can do a lot of things." Applejack said. "You've already seen how unicorns can focus the magic in their horns and cast 'spells' with it. And we Earth Ponies get a boost to our natural strength out of it, along with the ability to make near anything green grow faster and healthier than it'd be otherwise."

"And us pegasai too!" Rainbow said. "I mean, take a look. Cool as these wings are, I'd never get off the ground with just them!"

"I had been meaning to ask about that..." Roger chuckled. "I just figured it was like the old bumblebee thing, but you tap into this power to fly?"

"Oh yeah, it kind of makes us lighter weight when we're in the air. And, we also use it for weather control." Rainbow grinned. "Wanna see?" She zoomed out of the room, flying, and returned moments later with a small wisp of cloud.

"That's..." Roger swished a hand through the cloud. "Why isn't it dissipating?"

"Because Rainbow is making it stay coherent." Fluttershy said. "It'll disperse normally once there aren't any pegasai around to control it."

"Or I can get rid of it like this." Rainbow jumped atop the cloud, bouncing up and down until it suddenly released a brief burst of rain, soaking the floor.

"Dash!" Twilight exclaimed, looking up from her now sopping wet notebook.

"Oops. Sorry."

"This is all very impressive." Tucker said, "But let's move on shall we?"

"Lets." The Mayor agreed.

"But hold on, Twi still didn't finish explaining the angry mammoth thing!"

Twilight snorted in laughter. "That's angular momentum Dash. To finish off so we can go on though: Discord was a being with magic nearly equal to the princesses. Over a thousand years ago, he tried to conquer our whole planet. Celestia and Luna defeated him, and sealed him in stone. His last act, as he was being sealed, was to stop our planet from rotating on it's own."

"I can see how that would be a problem." Bert said. "Half the planet would be under endless day, baking to death. The other half would freeze out in eternal night..."

"And even the border between night and day wouldn't work as a place to live. There's be constant storms more severe than anything that happens normally." Rainbow said. Every other pony in the room stared at her in shock until she figured out why and said "I'm on the weather team. You have to know these things."

"Right..." Twilight said, "...Egghead."


"Anyway, the princesses figured out what Discord had did and tried to set the planet rotating on it's own again. But, it turned out that he didn't just stop the planet's spin; He had also stripped away it's ability to hold onto angular momentum. No matter what they did, no matter how much spin was put in, Eqqus would spin down again and stop every twelve hours."

"But what about Celestia controlling the Sun and Luna the Moon!?" Scootaloo insisted.

"Not entirely true Scoots. Eqqus' moon is stuck in a gravitational stability point. It's always located with the planet directly between it and the sun."

"A Lagrange point!" Roger said. "Yeah, we know about those, there are several of them for any two massive objects in space."

Twilight smiled. "Yes. And that's the story: Our planet is always directly between our sun and our moon. So, sun rises, moon sets. Sun sets, moon rises. Either Celestia or Luna can do it alone, but it's easier on them to split the difference. From Canterlot, Celestia's turn raised the sun and Luna's turn raised the moon, so early pre-science ponies thought that's actually what they were doing, and the idea has stuck to this day."

"Wow. I never knew..." Applejack said.

"Most ponies don't." Twilight said, "Though it's hardly a deeply hidden secret, just something that doesn't come up... Anyway, now that that's out of the way, what's next on our agenda?"

"Cooperation." Bert said. "We're making plans to build a defensive wall around town. It won't be much, we've not got the materials for anything elaborate, but with all the dangerous creatures out there it seems prudent. My question is, what about you? Can you do something similar?"

"Not really... We're kinda short on supplies." Applejack said.

Rainbow said "We could build cloud walls I suppose... But even with pegasus magic they wouldn't be as strong as stuff that's actually solid."

"What about...?" Florence started to make a suggestion, but fell silent.

"Go on Flo, if you got an idea let's hear it!"

"Well, I know that it would be difficult, for humans and ponies both, but, if we really need each other's support and it seems like we do... Why not move everyone together? Then we'd just have a single settlement to defend."

"Fears aside, that's not a bad idea." Rarity said.

"We could move easily enough!" Pinkie said. "Most pony buildings are built to be moveable after all."

"We'd have to leave the Town Hall behind." The Mayor said.

"And probably my library." Twilight agreed, "Though I could maybe find a way to transplant it with enough magic... I'll need to do some research..."

"But it still leaves the question of ponies and humans being scared of each other." Fluttershy whispered.

"Yeah, but we've got other far worse things to fear." Bert said.

The Crusaders quivered at the memory of the beasts in the forest. "You can say that again!" Apple Bloom said.

"Why don't we do this then?" Tucker said, "We'll each take the idea to our own, and if both sides agree we'll proceed. And we can still work together regardless."

"That's good." Roger said. "So, the next question is, what do we have to offer each other?"

"Well, we can both grow foodstuffs." Applejack said. "In fact, I imagine Earth Pony magic could help your crops grow faster too, so we can be sure of having enough to go around."

"That Pegasus weather control'd be useful as well." Bert said.

"And on our side, well... We seem to have a bit more advanced technology." Bethany suggested.

"A lot more, from what I've seen." Twilight said.

"I've wondered about that." said Fluttershy. "It sounds like we have about the same knowledge base, but humans have done some more with it than we have."

"Necessity." Roger answered. "We have a saying that it's the mother of invention. You haven't needed as much technology, since you have magic to do things with. We don't."

"Makes sense." Applejack said. "In any case, some of your machines could come in real handy for all of us."

"Except for one tiny little problem." Bert said. "Nearly everything we build runs off of electricity. We'll be running out of fuel for the generators in a couple of weeks."

Tucker and Roger swore. Bethany asked "What about what Twilight did with the defibrillator?"

"Not a long term solution." Twilight answered. "Converting magic to electricity... Easier said than done."

"Still, there are possibilites aren't there?" Rarity asked.

"Oh sure. If we could build wind turbines for example, pegasus weather control could keep the air flowing through them all the time."

"Assuming we're stuck here for a long time," Roger said, "We could convert some automobile engines to run off of ethanol or biodiesel as well. We wouldn't be able to run all that many of course, but we wouldn't need more than a handful of them anyway."

"Mostly, we need to keep public places powered." Tucker said. "Homes, well, I'd like to keep the lights on at least..."

"We could trade you magic-powered lanterns." Applejack said.

"Good, good, I'm sure some people will take you up on that." Bert replied.

"But what about all the other things we need power for?" Bethany asked. "I mean, okay, we can live without a lot of it. Television, computers, iPods, they're out the door. Fair enough. But, what about power for cooking food? For radios, if nothing else we should keep a news channel going."

"Girl's got a point John." Bert said to the Sheriff. "And beyond that, and I say this to all of us because I get the feeling Ponyville used to be in a climate not that different from what Fallow Meadows knew... We're in the mountains now. The winters are likely to be brutal compared to what we're used to. How are we gonna stay warm?"

Rainbow rubbed the back of a forehoof through her mane. "Technically my weather team should be able to keep warm air around. But it's not a permanent fix, you mess up the seasons you pay a price sooner or later."

"Even in Indiana the winters get cold, our buildings are well insulated." Florence said. "They're just not usually built for indoor fires."

"We might have to start making some modifications." Bert agreed. "At least the sporting goods stores are stocked full of winter clothing."

"Then hopefully you should be covered." Rarity said. "As for us, I guess my priority at the boutique needs to be pushing out lots of thermal scarves and hoof-warmers."

"Boutique?" Bethany asked, "You make clothes?"

"Oh yes dear, it's my special talent."

"But... None of you are wearing anything."

"Naked!?" Roger exclaimed, spitting out a mouthful of coffee as he realized what had been in front of him the whole time.

"For ponies, clothing is mostly decorative." Twilight said. "For special occasions, and also, as Rarity was saying, for staying warmer in cold weather."

"Which raises the question, why do y'all wear them all the time?" Applejack asked.

The humans all exchanged looks, unsure of how to respond. It was Bert who finally said "Two reasons. First, you've seen that we don't have fur coats over our whole bodies. We get cold way easier than most things do."

"Makes sense. And the other reason?"

Bert eyes the three fillies in the room, wondering how to broach the subject. Finally he said "Do Ponies know what modesty means?"

"Oh of course!" The Mayor replied. "Any stallion or mare that went around exposing... that... would be arrested."

Twilight added "But of course they'd have to be intentionally trying, after all everything's hidden by our coats and our tails... and our, um... Our... ...OH!"

"Yep. You've got it." Bert chuckled.

"Got what?" Sweetie Belle innocently asked.

"I'll tell you when you're forty." Rarity answered.

Pinkie Pie suddenly jumped into the middle of the group. "I get the next question! I get the next question! Me Me Me!!!"

"Go ahead Pinks." Twilight said.

"How many chucks would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck norris?"




"I think this is a good stopping point then." Tucker said, eying the pink pony warily.

"Right." Twilight agreed. "Come on everypony..."

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