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Tessindra · 11:01pm January 23rd

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Christmas Movie Musings · 3:17am Dec 8th, 2019

You know, I love Christmas movies. Even when they're bad, I can still usually enjoy them. But, there's a question I have to ask. Can someone please explain to me how and why

*Woman falls in love with a man who turns out to secretly be Santa Claus*

Has turned into an entire freakin' subgenre of Christmas films? It's like the Christmas version of 'Twilight...'

"New Christmas Paranormal Romance"

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Worldbuilding · 10:43pm Oct 10th, 2019

I've been doing some worldbuilding for my own universe, and I'm starting to post some stuff in a special folder on my Deviant Art account. Feedback is always welcome, so if anyone is interested you can find it here: Worldbuilding: Sapient Species of Ydem. I've got general information on the folder page itself and a starter set of five species. Additional species will be added one a week on

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Coming Soon! Unity: A Tale Of Arcadia · 5:33am Apr 23rd, 2019

I just wanted to drop a note that progress on the next Unity story is actually ahead of schedule. I had said before in the comments on 'One Year Later' that I wanted to have at least twenty six chapters (six months worth) finished before I started publishing. I just finished chapter thirty. So, my current plan is to publish weekly, beginning Monday, May 6th. Thanks to everyone who has enjoyed the story so far!

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Diamond Tiara in Wall Market · 4:49am Jan 19th, 2019

How is she supposed to help them get into Don Coreno's mansion again?

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