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Long ago, Celestia and Luna's mother Queen Faust left a prophecy of a dangerous enemy which ponies and humans would need to work together to survive. Today, the kidnapped towns of Ponyville and Fallow Meadows, merged into Unity, contains humans, ponies, and many others working in harmony, albeit without knowledge of Faust's warning. But when the town of Arcadia Oaks is also taken, the Citizens of Unity will find themselves confronted with the Trollhunter's war with Gunmar. And just what exactly is Gandalf the Gray doing here?

Sequel Tags: Unity, Unity: One Year Later.
Crossover Tags: Trollhunters, 3 Below, Tolkien

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Congrats! You get a like.

Good to see this starting up. Can't wait to see what you have planned.

Well if this is not very ominous then I don't know what is.

I don't think she is going to like messing with Twilight. Then again I doubt many magic users will want to mess with Twilight.

Okay, one, it’s goblins, not gremlins. Two, and forgive me for if you are offended by this one. But I think this story might be a bit rushed. It doesn’t even explain how the worlds even combined to begin with. I’m not saying it’s bad, just that it needs a little bit more context.


Check the description, it states that this is the third story in the series. Here is the link to the first story, Unity. Here is the second one. The reason they where renamed in Troolhunters was becuase the author wanted a way for the readers to tell between the two different goblin groups. Also why he renamed the other group of Changelings.

More Unity? I'm in.

I'm really excited this setting is finally getting explored more, though I have to admit I didn't expect the additions to the setting. I had expected a bit more from some of the worlds already crossed over, such as more additions from the FFXIV world (There are so many colourful characters/races to choose from, assuming you don't actually get the Warrior of Light), instead of just a single town from each world. After all, Equestria's world and Earth were targeted several times each. I just assume that the other towns they meet already had multiple abductions from their world, but most of the others didn't survive, and it's only the new ones really working together that is making all the new additions survive.

Welcome to Arcadia Bay mind the tornadoes.

Wrong Arcadia. Though having read up on it that could have been interesting too.

9617386 Meh, saw a chance to make a joke and I took it. You could have said Bay appear as next door neighbors as a way of irony.

Poor stupid Gremlins, they have no idea just how powerful those “horses” are. I hope Big Mac bucks a few of them into the next century.

oh no this is gonna end badly.....

I just want to see what happens when Gandalf gets around to meeting these steampunk elves.

Well sod. We need someone or something proficient in killing great swathes of cannon fodder.

I think Fluttershy and Apple Bloom are in the biggest danger. Then again I wonder if The Stare would harm them?

Yeesh, I can't imagine Unity would take this lying down should they survive it. They'll probably start to do counterattacks and proactive engagements like they did with the Mortox base.


That would be amusing, seeing the reactions of the humans to the guy just walking out of nowhere, verses the ponies and others who have obviously never heard of him.

When you have something like that, its best to just... 'remove' the threat in its entirety.

.... I can't help but wonder.... did she stare them into oblivion?

probably not but it would have been hilarous.

9645717 Would work if Fluttershy had Silver Eyes.


Scared 'em to death I'd say. Turns out even their own adrenaline can kill them.

Come to think of it, where's Gandalf in this mess? Glamdring would be very useful right about now.

So I wonder what plan Bert is going to come up with to stop them? I get the feeling that any these idiots who screw with Twilight, Trixie, and Lyra are going to be in for a rude awakening.

I have to get this first 'gremlin attack' story arc out of the way first. Gandalf will appear here when we catch up to when the second epilogue of One Year Later takes place, which will be in chapter seven.


Ah, I was rather confused on that score, I assumed that all of the events of One Year Later preceded this story.

Either that or Fluttershy's stare ability evolved into something like Ghost Rider's Penance Stare... :rainbowwild: :flutterrage:

9645921 Then wouldn't that affect Discord? I mean he was evil when he was first introduced.


Discord didn't hurt children around her, so it never had the opportunity to evolve.

Well that went well. Now I wonder if a snow plow would be more effective?

Now I wonder what Twilight has planed for phase 2 as we all know phase 3 will be profit. Good to see that Fluttershy and Silver Spoon made it out ok.

Sequel Tags: Unity, Unity: One Year Later.

Friendly word of advice, link to those stories. Please respond to this comment.

With how often they've ended up in serious life or death combat since arriving here and how ineffective basic energy beams have been against any of the attacks, you would think Twilight, and likely Trixie and Lyra, would do some studying on war magic.

They keep getting overwhelmed and not having the right spells for the job, despite all three of them being potent spellcasters.

Now really Gandalf, can't this wait like, twenty minutes? We've a bit of a troll infestation here that needs handling.

I loved the moment the Elves realized, no it was Gandalf and he is here. They now know something serious is going on and at least Twilight has also recognized it and is changing her plans. Now I can't wait a week or more to find out just what is going to happen.

Seriously, the unicorns could do significantly more to help if they knew some AoE spells, better entrapment spells than just encasing the target in telekinesis, and offensive spells that didn't rely on punching past magic resistance.

Twilight and Tess certainly had the right reaction to Gandalf showing up, and he owes poor Fluttershy an apology for scaring her so. Mithrandir showing up usually isn't good tidings, either...

Gandalf is neither late nor early. He arrived precisely when he meant to.

9684813 So...he's essentially a ninja?

Well, he does fly and sometimes stab...

The old wizard smiled down at the stallion. "Hello Doctor."

Somehow I am not surprised Gandalf knows a Time Lord.

"I don't think we're getting any further on our own... Lets go talk to the man..."

What man? There are no men in this building.

The old wizard smiled down at the stallion. "Hello Doctor."

There's going to be questions over this, especially on the subject of why this distinguished personage hasn't spoken up earlier.

Well I think our good Doctor is going to have some serious explaining to do very shortly.

Ro does kind of have a point here. In LotR terminology, 'man' refers specifically to humans, which Gandalf is not. Twilight meant 'Let's go talk to the man' in a figure of speech like sense, though, and I think it's close enough in those terms.

I conclude that someone is manipulating Sanctuary's malfunctions to stack the deck in the favor of Unity, Earth and Equus. They're not being given a free ride, but someone's making sure the human (equine? Galiffreyan?) resources required are available if they think to cooperate and use them.
The odds of just happening to randomly snatch the one town on a given planet which just happens to be the home of an apparently retired Tardis and her Thief have to be rather minuscule.

Unity now looks like someone deliberately dropped representatives of both the human and Equestrian/Equusan civilizations together as a potential example to their governments that mutual cooperation is possible. Assuming that they actually had the sense to cooperate, of course. And given that Gandalf has been sent there, it seems to go further than that in setting them up to oppose this mysterious threat - but even with a stacked deck, I think it's still going to be up to the normal people of every species there to actually play their cards intelligently to save the day from whatever's coming.

He's retired, obviously. (It's the only place he could retire to. Nowhere else could be half as exciting without quickly ceasing to exist.)

Also, you shouldn't be worried. Half the fandom headcanons this anyway, unless you're talking about Gandalf being aware of him. In that case, the Maiar are nearly as OP as the Time Lords, so the people who matter don't mind and the people who mind don't matter.

I have several questions about those last couple of lines, but the feeling that they'd be answered by knowing more about the other parts of the crossover, including the one potentially introduced by the speaker. No such avenue exists for explaining how the Doctor could ever run out of adventures in him. I previously said that only he could ever retire to Ponyville because even in canon it's got enough excitement to keep him rooted there indefinitely. I get it now. You weren't afraid of simply using the character. You were afraid of mishandling him. I hope you remember Rule One: the Doctor lies.

Yeah it's pretty much as you say. I like the Doctor, but I've never had a chance to see all that much of the show and didn't want to risk something too wrong. That's why I put in the reference to his 'humanoid counterpart' (This isn't the Doctor from the show regenerated as a pony, but an alternate universe counterpart.) It's also why I went with him being retired, since it worked in another Pony crossover story (The Elements of Harmony and the Savior of Worlds.) I seriously considered leaving the Doctor out and trying to find a different alternative for the help they need from him. In the end, everything I could think of was even more contrived than this. I'm glad it worked out that way, though, because he does get a couple of fun scenes in later chapters.

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