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Long ago, Celestia and Luna's mother Queen Faust left a prophecy of a dangerous enemy which ponies and humans would need to work together to survive. Today, the kidnapped towns of Ponyville and Fallow Meadows, merged into Unity, contains humans, ponies, and many others working in harmony, albeit without knowledge of Faust's warning. But when the town of Arcadia Oaks is also taken, the Citizens of Unity will find themselves confronted with the Trollhunter's war with Gunmar. And just what exactly is Gandalf the Gray doing here?

Sequel Tags: Unity, Unity: One Year Later.
Crossover Tags: Trollhunters, 3 Below, Tolkien

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This story is a sequel to Unity

Singularity: A vast, indescribably advanced machine designed to save sapient species threatened with extinction by abducting whole cities and teleporting them to a safe world. For aeons, the facility performed it's job admirably. But now, grown old, it is beginning to malfunction. Ponyville, Equestria, and Fallow Meadows, Indiana, should never have been on the list. Taken anyway, the ponies and humans of the towns have had to learn to work together with each other and new allies to survive on Singularity's planet. Now, nearing the one year anniversary of restored contact with Eqqus and Earth, window facilities large enough for civilian use are online and friends and family left behind are able to make contact. But new contact also comes from an unexpected source, and new friends may bear tidings of new dangers as well...

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When Tirek gets a boost from an unexpected ally, how will the ponies respond?

(I'm sorry. Please forgive me.)

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In which Scootaloo, her human friends, and their mutant talking dog ride around in a van solving mysteries together.

An idea I can't get out of my head, so I figure why not use it to get back into the swing of writing?

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Six pony mares who've lost their home. Six human girls with a shared destiny. And one common foe beyond mortal comprehension. An MLP/W.I.T.C.H. crossover with some other elements added in.

After a terrible disaster the mane six awaken on earth, in and around the city of Heatherfield. Meanwhile, six teenage girls find mysterious books, each with one of the pony's cutie marks on the cover.

AU tag is for: MLP ignores Twilicorn, W.I.T.C.H. girls are themselves but have no powers of their own.

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Ponyville, Equestria. Population 5000.

Fallow Meadows, Indiana. Population 8000.

Two towns, two species, two worlds.

But worlds will collide when both are hit by mysterious storms that transport them to a third world unknown to either. Trapped in a place hostile to them both, can human and pony learn to work together? Well, yeah, the story wouldn't be called Unity otherwise.

The real question is what happens when it turns out that they are not alone...

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Discord decides to present some parody Christmas songs he's written. But when everypony else gets involved, things go south rather quickly.

(Gore is minimal, and mostly alluded to rather than described. I just thought it was better safe than sorry, considering one of the songs.)

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The great old one Colthulu comes to Equestria, bent on conquest, destruction, and spreading madness throughout the world. Nopony may look upon him without being driven insane, and even alicorns lack the power to combat him directly. But there's one thing he hadn't counted on: You can't drive somepony insane when they're already there...

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This is where I will be collecting a variety of short stories. Most will be unrelated to each other or my other stories. Some may later be expanded upon into full length tales. See below for a synopsis of each chapter:

1: Life with Scootaloo. Synopsis: Follows Dashie: Twenty Percent Cooler, but is not canon to where future stories in that timeline will go. An excerpt from Brian Dashell's diary.
2: Beaver and Buttmane. Synopsis: Beavis and Butthead as ponies. What the hell am I thinking writing this?
3: Suebusters. Synopsis: Twilight Sparkle has an OC problem. They have a solution.
4: The Adventures of Baron Marechausen. Synopsis: A strange stallion tells his tale to the foals of Ponyville. But something about his stories just doesn't add up...
5: Angry Bob Goes to Equestria. Synopsis: A 'Pearls Before Swine' crossover. Rat's character Angry Bob becomes a brony.
6: Why Pinkie Pie Isn't Allowed To Watch Star Wars Anymore. Synopsis: The title says it all. Takes place in the Twenty Percent Cooler timeline.

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Because with the release of the new Magic expansion, someone was going to make a Nyx story with this title. So it might as well be me.

Nyx and her friends have been playing the card game "Science: The Convergence." But when she finds that the new expansion set is apparently named after her, she's upset. Then furious when she discovers it's more than just the set with her name on it...

Magic the Gathering is owned by Hasbro. Nyx is owned by Pen Strokes, from 'Past Sins' and it's sequels. Seriously, go read it instead of this.

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