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Sargent Michael Black has found himself, and his trusty Zaku II Mobile suit in a land far removed from the Hellish war that has claimed half the human population. In this Land, that he would come to find that is called "Equestria", are sentient Ponies with abilities that fit quite nicely in a Fantasy Novel. Yet, in this peaceful land, the dark clouds of Malice are forming on the horizon. Can the presence of one Zaku, and a determined Pilot be enough to stave off the coming Fires of Hatred?

Rated Teen for: Strong Language, and violence.

I want to give very big Thank you to a friend from "E" who has been very kind in proofreading, and Editing this story. I couldn't make this story as good as it is without their help. X3

A Mobile Suit Gundam (UC Era), MLP Crossover
My LIttle Pony: Friendship is Magic is owned by Hasbro
Mobile Suit Gundam is owned by Bandai Visual

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Next chapter wrath of the heat hawk Zaku kicks as....

Witch model Zaku 2 is it? A J type or one of the other ones from latter in the war?

its is the MS-06J Type. It has a slightly more powerful Fusion reactor over the Space borne "F" type for the Full Gravity on Earth.

Didn't want to overload the intro with too many tech specs.


Very well done, a bit rushed for my opinion, but thats fine. I am very interested on what your going to go with this.


Also liked the picture's really helps the reader get a good idea on the area and character design.

Very well done, a bit rushed for my opinion, but thats fine. I am very interested on what your going to go with this.

You're not the only one. I'm kinda interested in seeing where this will go as well. :derpytongue2:

This is my First FanFiction, so I'm kinda learning on the fly.

As for the Pictures, I do try to find ones similar to what I've had in mind, but it can be difficult at times.

Good, this is getting good.

Decided to add some more to the first Chapter. Hopefully this'll help transition into the second Chapter to be smoother, and the Note at the bottom not to be so much of a Spoiler.

So much yes! Continue this series please! XD

:pinkiegasp:Zaku vs Dragon????? THIS IS GOING TO BE AWESOME!!!!!

At least until Fluttershy snaps and goes :flutterrage: and STARES them both into submission for fighting.

And am I the only one who fears for Equestria if the CMC get in that cockpit and start trying to be CUTIE MARK CRUSADERS MECHA PILOTS YAY!!!!:twilightoops:

A Gunadam/MLP fic featuring UC era mechs and grunts at that?...you have my attention cant wait for more :twilightsmile: My only critique is that Zakus had purple eyes, Goufs had red ones.

A Gunadam/MLP fic featuring UC era mechs and grunts at that?...you have my attention cant wait for more :twilightsmile: My only critique is that Zakus had purple eyes, Goufs had red ones.

I found that it is depending the series you're watching at the time.
Like MSG: 08th MS team, I believe the Zaku eyes are Red.

This has potential to be the best Gundam\ Mlp crossover I have read yet. I hope you continue it.

my only gripe is the it is a Zaku, and not a Dom, because Doms kicksome serious butt.

5127606 From what i remember just the one in the city, going after the Guntanks, oh well like i said it was my only critique so no big

5136634 Yeah but i mean, givin how much more rugged and reliable a Zaku is, itd make more sense for it to be on its own and the pilot be able to make basic field repairs with what little supplies he might have. Plus whats more iconic than a zaku?

5138161 Well to me? The Big Zam, as that was what originally got me into Gundam when I was just a kid.

He didnt seem very taken aback or confused by the presence of a Dragon, but overall i enjoyed it and look forward to the next update :twilightsmile:

Pretty awesome fight... aside from a dragon deciding to eat ponies within sight of Canterlot. I would expect Celestia is going to have a fit and go pay a 'visit' to the dragons and smack them around for the deaths. And if she brings Michael and his Zaku with her... :pinkiehappy:


If I Remember correctly the zeon forces are space born meaning they don't know very much about earth plant life, so I am not surpise he did not flinch, he most likely thought it was a native creature to earth.


Great battle, very well written, paced and great character development.

5142035 Yes the forces of Zeon are space borne or "spacenoids" as they are called in th series, but they still came from earth, ad this is an earth a few centuries in the future so they would still know about earths flora and fauna as much as anyone living today. And even assuming that they didnt know anything about earth this story still takes place pretty far into their war after the Zeons ground offensive took hug swathes of Federaton territory, so they would still have encountered dragons, had they existed. :twilightsmile:

" Rarity started to say, but was cut off as something massive passed over the group of ponies, and one dragon.

Sir, You start make me love this story, Follow and fav.

Zaku is best Mobile suit

5142236 zaku is cool but Gouf flight type is best.

5142069 add in that there are many earth born that joined Zeon to fight for there own freedom from the evil federations corrupt control.

He didnt seem very taken aback or confused by the presence of a Dragon, but overall i enjoyed it and look forward to the next update :twilightsmile:

Yes, that is a fair critique. Perhaps i was a bit excited to get to the fight between the MS, and the Dragon. Though I'm glad you all enjoyed the over all effort.

Starting on third Chapter.

5142735 Considering that the soldier is from the OYW, the Gouf Flight Type isn't really around a whole lot.

I honestly wonder where he will get the proper materials to repair his suit though.

5145077 magic worlds have a vary useful spell called mend that can slowly heal damages done to objects.... thank you DnD


The Equestrians will not have the ability to create the Super Strong Steel Alloy that makes up the Zaku's Armor.

However, there are "Alternatives"

5148301 id imagine he should be a little distrustful of the Equestrians by letting them poke around in his machine, be like the US saying here Russia, take a look at my military equipment and tinker with it all you like.

How soon will Michael get the request to supervise "CUTIE MARK CRUSADERS MECHA PILOTS YAY!!!" ???

Michael's reaction to Fluttershy is utterly adorable. I do find it a bit odd that Celestia and Luna didn't show up in the morning, I think a dragon attack warrants a change in schedule.

Every chapter is going to be a Zaku pun, or somthing similar isn't it? Not that I am complaining mund you.

We'll see on that aspect Kenshin. We have to see how the story flows. Though, I do like the idea of CMC kinda like adorable nuisance to Michael.

No, not really Kirara. Ch. 4's title is "The Test"

As far as why the Princesses have yet to make an appearance. It is a lot of work running a country, and two large celestial bodies. :D

They will make their appearance in the next chapter (Ch. 4)

Interesting....I wonder how the guy will react and what he will do....cause if memory serves (A big IF since I never got to see all of the older ones), wasn't Zeon the bad guys in that one?

Yes, Zeon was the "Villains" Of the UC Gundam continuity. However, that doesn't mean everyone that served for them was "Evil". A good example was Lt. Ramba Ral, and Captain Norris Packard.

I'm personally not a fan of gundam because I haven't seen a single episode of this anime, but I still enjoy reading this. (Also if you can. Can you link me to a site where I can watch gundam to know more)

5174956 *reading the first sentence :pinkiegasp::pinkiesad2::fluttershbad::fluttershyouch:. And http://www.gogoanime.com/?s=gundam And are you looking into the UC era shows? or wanting to try one of the other series?

What i watch to get me pumped for every update to this story

Speaking of Gundam Build Fighters Try, Anyone else following it? What do you all think?

5210588 Love it, just the crazy visuals and over the top action and nostalgia factor

I'm liking it as well. Ral is awesome, and is one of my favorite characters. I'm glad he is getting more screen time, particularly with his Gouf.

If only his name was Micheal Coulson. Then luna could yell

"Micheal! Son of Cole! Step forth!"

5172204 yes Zeon was the bad guys in the original Gundam series.


How will the author portray them then?

uh Sisters, Equestria is a freaking utopia heck the planet at whole is more peaceful but it helps that you control the SUN and MOON. Luna if you looked closely at those memories you would have seen the era's of peace.

‘Fine then. I have no regrets.’

Dammit it getting good when someone say that.

I'm guessing Celestia put Michael in a hypothetical scenario to test him, but good show not wanting to kill the general in front of his granddaughter. I can't wait to to see more of Michael interacting with the ponies. But I think after so much death and fighting he'll be happy to settle down as a Knight in Mecha Armor for Ponyville.
5239876 that would have been epic...

5240940 I know! :pinkiehappy:

Personally I wonder if Micheal will like it in Equestria really after so much violence and war being part of him.

COME ON why does every one have to show humanity as barbaric i am getting sick of humans appearing in equestria saying that humans are bad and we are naturally mean or something show good and bad things not only bad all she is seeing is WAR you should have shown both the good and the bad for the zeons and EF

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