This story is a sequel to Unity

Singularity: A vast, indescribably advanced machine designed to save sapient species threatened with extinction by abducting whole cities and teleporting them to a safe world. For aeons, the facility performed it's job admirably. But now, grown old, it is beginning to malfunction. Ponyville, Equestria, and Fallow Meadows, Indiana, should never have been on the list. Taken anyway, the ponies and humans of the towns have had to learn to work together with each other and new allies to survive on Singularity's planet. Now, nearing the one year anniversary of restored contact with Eqqus and Earth, window facilities large enough for civilian use are online and friends and family left behind are able to make contact. But new contact also comes from an unexpected source, and new friends may bear tidings of new dangers as well...

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Well that doesn't sound good. Hopefully when we get back to Unity we can see how the MacBeth pairing has gone.

"Hello... My name is Twilight Sparkle, and I guess I'm here to answer any questions you might have for me..."



After the first story I had some ideas about the next story with Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Fallout based on universes in it, but I can't wait to read what you have in mind. This is going to be fun. :twilightsheepish:

Chapter five for Bethany :)


This is not the Unity sequel I originally envisioned three years ago. With everything that's happened in my life, I'm afraid that one is gone forever.

If it doesn't spoil anything you got planned now, any chance we could get an idea of your original vision?

So, there are 6 to the 6 to the 6 possible universes, accessible along the tau and teh temporal dimensions?

Basically, it would have went back and forth between slice of life stories set in the town itself, and adventure stories aboard the airship Harmony exploring the world to see what all was out there. The slice of life stories would have included a Crusaders tale that was basically identical to the Crusaders tale coming up in chapter four here. Similarly, Bethany's story followed basically the same path as it does here. The adventure story would have largely been a series of episodic crossovers.

I had no idea this was coming. Just saw it pop up on the popular stories and thought “ what are the chances that’s related to the old Unity story I liked so much?”

Read, upvoted, Faved. STOKED!

Clearly there are sign of improvements betwenn the two stories :)
More world building is always welcome, especially with a crossover oriented story.
However, I'm curious to see if you will put arbitrary limitations of your choices of universes, or if you will go total mayhem like Song of the sphere.

Poor Twilight, I hope she has found any creature to be stress release because she looks to be needing some.

Guys, when you're lost and the lifeform you want to ask for directions is hiding, you knock, not rip the doors off their hinges.

It makes a person suspect that asking for directions wasn't your original plan...

Norshep #13 · Jan 9th, 2019 · · 1 · Tour ·

so glad we got a sequel to unity!

Steam-punk Tolkien? Sure, why not? So long as you don't drive the narrative off a cliff, this setting allows for just about any sort of oddness that could be imagined.

That said, if Singularity is now poaching from alternate universes now, who knows who or what will show up. I am hugely excited to see what becomes of this now multi-dimensional community of castaways.

Might start poaching Planes Walkers. No want a Nichol Bolas or Shadowrun dragon in the mix. They are way to politicly smart

I was expecting tempest shadow at first

Well this should be fun. Now I really want to see if any survivors of Krypton show up. They would be nigh invincible but with what happened to them they should be on a similar location.

And now things get more intriguing

No,to over powered. Maybe some aliens from Star Trek, Star Wars or a book that would fit the permits of this story.

Just wait till the humans sit the new arrivals down to a 16-hour marathon viewing of dramatized historic documentaries!

Vulcans after their planet got destroyed could be interesting if this story goes down that route. Imagine the their thoughts on being shown both the original series and the Abrams movies.

Yes, they would be a interesting choice for the story, but I think the aliens would have to have had no contact with human to fit in the story perimeters. Sorry.

That was a nice short chapter. At least no was hurt captured or worse. and made some friends.

Doctor : " im sorry princess it seems your human has gotten adorabeties

Celestia: "NUUUUUUU!!!!"

I find you narrate this story way too fast. The lack of description make it hard to feel anything for your characters, I don't truly feel the emergency behind Nyma, I understand it, but the characters are like "We lost our potentially new Queen. -Okay, good". Same for Nyma, she came out of nowhere, so I had the impression she absolutly don't care and just decide to randomly escape her caretakers, then suddenly she is afraid of being discovered by his hivemates/ revealed to the CMC, why?
Little complain, I know, but I love your setting, so I can't help but share my opinion

I guess kids will be kids. I hope that she will be a new queen one day.

Noticed this yesterday and had to read all of unity again. It was worth it, though I definitely failed that test in English

Well, this is a surprise


:pinkiehappy: Internal thought process.
:pinkiegasp: What this means.
:heart: Me the next few chapters as word gets out.

Now I wonder how everyone in town will take this revelation?

Does her father bust ghosts? ;)

It would have been neat to have Ghostbusters and Tremors in the same universe, but I would think it odd that any characters or family members of these movies would find themselves in the same town. :ajsleepy:

Lay on Mac Beth! Wait, that's not how it goes...

Well, this WILL become an important plot element in time, though the public reveal will have to wait until the second arc in the next story.


Well hopefully the next chapter will have Big Mac’s reaction. I get the feeling that he will immediately propose and get her a ring. I think Apple Bloom is going to be over the moons when she finds out.

Wait a second, you've been reading Eric Flint's 1632 series, haven't you? I thought this felt familiar...

Well... this is interesting... I'm going to have to catch up on Trollhunters. I've only seen about 2/3rds the way through season 1...

I instantly picked up on that as well, here I was thinking I was the only one...

Oh, 'tis a marvelous series, a shining example of "what if". And I must say, the concept is absolutely perfect for arranging a huge intertwined crossover.

Needs more world-building though, you can't introduce new characters and then just forget about them again. Even if they're not the focus, they're still around. I mean, that steampunk airship full of dwarves, and elves and hobbits(oh my!) didn't just vanish, so I hope to see more of them settling in, or whatever they end up doing.


The problem here is we have about what equates to at least one maybe two hours at the most of story in this chapter. I think the next few chapters as we deal with the arrival of both new groups they will be fleshed out. We are still dealing with setting up where the new story is going to be going.

I... Actually have not read 1632, though looking it up on Wikipedia I can see some of the parallels. What I was inspired by is a short-lived, darker, and much, much, much stranger than anything I'm doing here 1990's comic book series called Green Lantern Mosaic. As regards your other comments, please remember that, as I wrote in the author's note at the beginning, this story is just worldbuilding set-up for the main story to come. So it's acting like a series of one shots, the subjects of which will begin to interact in a meaningful way in that story.

Yes, there's really just one more chapter here, but things will start interlinking in the next story. (Which will start publishing in no more than six weeks from the conclusion of One Year Later, possibly as little as a month. I want a big buffer on completed chapters before I start publishing it, but I'm wrapping up chapter twelve as we speak.)


This provokes some real questions, and is going to some very strange places. I can hardly wait to see what happens next!

bad news for ponies. If there is a ring for the changelings, there one for ponies. Or three

Why does that sound like Chrysalis was supposed to have that but it was brought here instead. Also I wonder why Gandalf was sent here and why he is in his weaker form.

“I'd be happy to try... What was his name?”

“Well like myself he has many. Among your people, I believe he was known as Starswirl-”

“Starswirl the Bearded!?” Fluttershy exclaimed.

“'The Bearded'? No, no, he did indeed have an impressive beard but it wasn't a part of his name. No, I knew him as Starswirl the Violet.”

“I've never heard of him called that before.” Fluttershy said.

“Hmmm... Nevertheless it is true... I remember his name and color as well as I remember my own.”

“Your own?”

“Oh dear me. I've done you a discourtesy my dear, and forgotten to introduce myself.” He bowed. “I am Gandalf... Gandalf the Gray...”

I just got goosebumps reading that

Keep in mind that in the cosmology of LoR, Gandalf is essentially a weak Angel.

And he just called Starswirl by a name similar to his, and seemed to think he should still be around. (I mean, in the show he is, but that's because of sealing-time shenanigans).

Food for thought.

:trixieshiftright: You've read Planetary, haven't you.

Honestly, with all the crap that happens to those worlds, I wouldn't be surprised to see some settlements stolen from some of the planes of MtG.

16? Is that all? Could've sworn it was a full 24.

Ash nazg durbatuluk, ash nazg gimbatul, ash nazg thrakatuluk, agh burzum-ishi krimpatul.
Yes, I wrote that entirely from memory. No, I don't have a life, why do you ask?

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