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gear crash


No one is going to read this · 10:52am Jan 13th, 2019

I just realised some shit..... a lot of us have been in this site for over 5 years...

Man, 5 years. Thats a lot (of damageĀ”)

i kind of feel nostalgic for some of the older fics, we used to have so much freedom, there was not a lot of canon outside of ponyville, now there are so many things to take into consideration.

Making a group with this kind of stores would be nice, like "Stories that only take canon until X season"

DonĀ“t you agree?

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1748335 good story = favourite sooo nothing to be thankful of :moustache: ;)

Thanks for favoring my story. Feel free to comment about it, I really appreciate input on how to improve.

1352503 well, it is getting better and better. :pinkiehappy:

Thanks for the favorite on The Lost Prince of the Sea! I hope you enjoy it and please comment! :raritywink:

990034 With great stories, comes great followers

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