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In the time of Solaris, there were precious few who could be called heroes.

In the time of Lunaris.....there were the Six.

-Blood Jade, Equestrian historian. Known to be descended of one of the Shogun Six.

In an odd corner of the Multiverse lies a world unlike any other. A world which is the result of a combination of Earth and a world of ponies during an event known only as The Great Merger. In this world there came to be a land known as the Shogunate of Equestria. Ruled by the benevolent Lunaris, the Shogunate is a land where martial prowess and a mixture of ancient times and hyper futuristic technology stand side by side. A land where once beloved Shogun, Solaris, was corrupted and became the dreaded Anarchy Helios. In his madness, he nearly destroyed all. Banished into the sun by his younger brother using the mystical embodiment of the Warrior's Way, Helios began plotting his revenge, using agents on the superplanet forged from the fusion of Earth and Equuis. With the signs of his return imminent, the Shogun, Lunaris, sends out his ward and prized pupil Dusk Shine, to claim the only force capable of defeating the power mad alicorn: The Elements of Bushido! Together, Dusk Shine, Flash, Ash Jade, Lightning Blitz, Peanut, and Whisper will become the world's greatest defenders.

This is a group designed for anyone interested in the Shogun Six fics I've written, and for those interested in possibly putting up a few fics of their own set in their world, since God only knows even the best of us can use help in fleshing out a world. :rainbowwild: :pinkiecrazy: I plan to create several stories in this world, some canon to the main fic timeline, some not. I'm always interested in seeing discussion and takes on the concept too. So come and enjoy this unique world, even make your own mark on it, and hold on tight. Cause it's gonna be one hell of a ride!

Note: Anyone wishing to create a story set in this world is welcome to, however depending on the subject matter, may not be made part of the official canon. PM me if you want to add a story to the group and we'll go from there. :pinkiehappy:

Main timeline:

Season One (Ongoing):
The Shogun Six - The first story in the series. (Ongoing.)

Season Two (Ongoing):

The Conversion Bureau: The Warrior's Way - Recently canonized part of the series! Set several years after The Shogun Six. (Ongoing.)

The Shadow of Ages - direct sequel to The Warrior's Way. (Ongoing.)

Shogun Six Gaiden:

Side stories based on the Six and their friends, family and allies. Coming Soon.


Coming sooner or later. :rainbowderp:

Non-Canon works:

Coming....One of these days :twilightoops:

Series Bible

Very slow going. Coming...if I can get it to make internal sense with itself. :twilightoops: :rainbowlaugh:

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