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AU. Dusk Shine is the apprentice to the Shogun of Equestria. When an ancient evil threatens to return, Dusk must gather the only thing that can stop it: The Elements of Bushido. Now Dusk begins a quest that will bring him together with five other ponies.

Their journey will bond them together as brothers in arms for the rest of their lives.

Their adventures will make them the stuff of legends....

First in a Saga.

Currently rated Teen. May jump to M if the fic requires in later chapters. Crossposted on Fanfiction.net. While it isn't going to be grimdark, it is marked dark for certain scenes. Will contain a crossover VERY late in the story, so the crossover tag is in place. Human tag is for occasions in this story that feature the ponies in anthro form as well as actual humans who may show up.

Cover artwork....or just artwork in general for the fic, would be greatly appreciated, since I have ZERO skills when it comes to drawing. PM me if interested in providing artwork for the fic. You will get full credit for any artwork provided if used in some way on the fic.


Recently, I discovered that this fic has gained a listing on TVTropes.org! Not an actual page, but a listing. But could use a bit more love. Maybe someone will expand on it in the future and make it its own page. Keep your fingers crossed. :pinkiehappy:

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A pony fic combine with japaneese culture? This is DEFENITLY going to my "read later" list!

Btw I hope it doesn't require Mature status :(

I'm a little confused. The characters seem to be rule 63 by their names, but Dusk's description doesn't match Twilight's? Sure, they're different ponies, but shouldn't they at least look the same, minus differences in gender? Also, Lunaris? I've always seen it as Artemis. Regardless of these things, the story looks awesome.

Okay, I've got a couple of questions. First of all, any particular reason you're using "Flash" and not "Elusive"? Second of all, why do you give them the ability to turn into humans? If it isn't important to the plot, I would suggest you remove it, and if it is important to the plot, I suggest you drastically reduce its usage. It doesn't add anything to the fight scenes. They would read just as well if they all stayed in pony form, and them turning into humans at will does not help with suspension of disbelief.

Hello, what is this? The Stallion Six with Japanese culture version of the pilot? What will we think of next? I'm definitely saving this for later!

478757 I actually wasn't even sure I was going to use Dusk Shine's name. I saw the name in On a Cross and Arrow and in Giving Love a Helping Hoof. and it felt like it worked in this story so after looking into whether the name was up for use or not (and finding out through the latter of the second that the writer of the former apparently decided he didn't care if anyone used the names, though if they predate his fic, so much the better I suppose.) and finding that they were, I immediately grabbed Dusk's name for my Twilight Sparkle counterpart. The others however, do not fit the general tone of this story as this is a very different Equestria. Also, as I pointed out in the first chapter, and also in the 'How to get a story approved on fimfiction' these are not simply genderflipped versions of the girls. This version of the mane six are their own ponies. Different backstories and all. :twilightsmile: You are free to read it or not. But I do appreciate the honest criticism.

Now, the reason I used 'Flash' and not 'Elusive' is, as I said, because 'Elusive' does not fit the general theme of the story. However the term 'flash' can also be considered something that is so quick it is a 'rarity' to see. :twilightblush: And as a head's up, none of my boys will be using the names established in On a Cross and Arrow for much the same reason, with Dusk being the lone exception. His name actually fits the general theme of the story.

Finally, the anthromorphic transformation ability IS indeed important to the story. Actually to the saga as a whole. The ponies don't turn into humans though. They change into a halfway state between human and pony. The ability will come into play in more important ways as the story develops.

479008 That does make sense. Mostly, the confusion stemmed from the fact that Dusk's description did not match what I expected based on the name. The anthropomorphizing still bothers me a little, but if it is important to the plot I can accept it. One more thing; should I add this to the Rule 63 group or not?

479026 Sure, be my guest. I'm still new to the place, so I haven't seen all the groups or anything yet. I dunno what else this fic would best fit as far as groups go yet. :applejackconfused:

I like the story, my friend, expecially the "samurai warrior" theme you went with. This is the only fic I've seen of this sort so far, minus my own, which only has the OC as a student of the martial arts, not so much under any particular Emperor or ruler. I haven't been a part of this fandom very long. Also got a thumbs up because the chapters are long enough to be quick to read without being overwhelming.

479155 Heh. Don't be surprised if the chapters end up getting longer along the way. :twilightsheepish:

Still liking this. Especially when modern tech meets old school asskiicking skills and weapons.

479199 :twilightsmile: Glad to hear it. As I said before, hang on for the ride. It's gonna be a weird one! :pinkiesmile:

This fic has officially earned a "favorites" spot because I so eagerly want to read more. The anthro doesn't bother me, it gives a bit of spice to the fic. Faved, rated up, and eagerly awaiting more.

479249 Well then you'll be just as happy to know chapter four is in the works already, and is...maybe a third of the way through, I think? :yay:

very happy indeed. If you need a background character for a cameo, let me know. heheh.

479283 I'll keep it in mind. What I'm hoping for in the future is some artwork to add to the fic. But as for background chars? I just might be interested. PM me sometime. Can't promise I'll use anything, but the option is always good to have. :pinkiehappy:

I noticed that a lot of people use DeviantArt for stuff like that. I'm sure you could find a decent image to use, or commision one. If you get lucky, someone may even make a commision for free if they like you, as long as proper credit is given. Put you on my watch list cuz ur cool XD

Ponies, feudal Japan and gender to bender? Interesting the history have potencial.

I only want to know two things:
Where is Spike?
And all the characters will be gender bended or will only some of them?

You know there should be genderflip character tags

480009 Not entirely feudal, but yes, it is something of the backbone. By the way, LOVE the Black Knights insignia.

As for Spike? I haven't decided if he'll even show up yet. As for anypony else? Well, the Princesses have male counterparts as we see here. :rainbowlaugh:

480065 Yes. Yes there should be.

Okay, there we go. For some reason the highlight rule or which uses the tag hr boxed in brackets, wasn't responding well to this. I think I have it fixed now. Also, first! On my own new chapter! w000t! :rainbowlaugh: :twilightsmile:

now that that's over with, i wanted to say that i liked this chapter. Applejack's counterpart, enter stage left. I kinda like him a bit more than dusk and flash because his personality reflects my own in some ways. Eagerly awaiting the next installment..

546759 *snerks* Actually, I beat you to the first comment for the chapter. :rainbowlaugh: But as it is, glad you liked. AJ was very interesting to write. I can't really get his accent down pat, so you'll have to make do with what I could get. ...The scary thing is another member of the Six has an accent that's gonna be even more of a hassle to write out.

Ah well. I'll have to experiment with it. :twilightsheepish:

Hey before I forget, what did you think of Twilight cropping up? :pinkiecrazy: betcha didn't see that one coming!

This feels so much like an anime.
The end threw me for one hell of a loop though

547246 Anime is a big influence in my writing style these days. So I hope that if it does feel like an anime, it feels like a good one. :raritywink: And yeah, Twilight at the end was something I was sure would throw people. :twilightsmile: Hope you liked, at least?

twilight did surprise me, but I'll be interested to see how much of a part she plays.

Awesome. :pinkiesmile: As a note, at the time Twilight appears when she wakes up from that dream, she has only just recently gotten her cutie mark, as mentioned in the fic, and is actually roughly the same age as Dusk is when his quest begins in that scene. So yeah, to point out my earlier author's note again from chapter one, the boys are actually younger than the Cutie Mark Crusaders when Dusk begins his quest, just as the canon mane six are largely depicted as being younger than the Crusaders in Cutie Mark Chronicles— with the lone exception to that possibly being Fluttershy, though she appears to only be a year older than Pinkie, who is stated to have been the same as as the rest of the cast in the flashbacks in that episode— when they got their cutie marks, which are obviously known as either Warrior Marks or Skill Marks, depending on who you ask in the Equestria Dusk, Flash, and Ash are from.

Anyway, any thoughts on Twi's appearance beyond just the surprise? I'm always looking for input from my readers. :twilightsmile:


Good things I like: Samurai Ponies are always cool, okay action scenes, not bad of a journey start, Elements of Bushido = nice,

Neutral on: Rule 63, Luna replacing Celestia as ruler,

Thing I think need work: Overall grammar and structure, choose either pony or anthro it gets confusing, I think the technology should have been just as it is in MLP, Where's Spike in the beginning?,

I'm giving it a 2.5/5 for now. You've got a lot of good elements, but there is a lot I feel can be improved.
But I'm interested enough to keep reading it.


The ponies in the world of the Six can and do switch between the two forms, so I'm afraid you'll have to put up with it. :derpyderp1: The technology developed differently due to the events mentioned in the early part of chapter 4. As such they are distinctly ahead of the Equestria of the canon. By several centuries, if not millennia.

As for Spike....I haven't decided if he's going to even show up at all. :facehoof:

I appreciate the feedback though. And comments, criticism, and questions are always welcome. :moustache:

Liking what I'm seeing so far, thumb up and fav. :pinkiehappy:

Hah! Flat out telling Dusk the score before sending him on his way. I love it. :pinkiehappy:

Goodness, treating someone like an adult by telling them the truth and trusting / expecting him to do the right thing? What a concept.

777549 :pinkiehappy: I take it you like so far, hmm? Check out the rest of the fic so far and lemme know what you think. Chapter Five is in the works, actually. :pinkiegasp:

read the conversion story your making and loved it. Read this and loved it even more!!!!:rainbowdetermined2:


Glad you like it. :pinkiehappy: Chapter five of this is in the works, and I'm starting work on the first actual chapter of The Warrior's Way tonight, since I want to get it into gear and show how things get to where they are in the prologue. :scootangel:

This story is awesome!!!:rainbowkiss: MOAR!!!:flutterrage:



Okay already! I'm running out of breath here! :raritywink:

But no, seriously, Chapter five is about a third done, so give it some time. :twilightsmile:

GUNBLADES!!!!:pinkiegasp: wait ff8 or ff13 or even smaller because having two the size of Squall's is over kill and two Lightning's size would be like using two semiauto rifles.


Honestly, I only know of Gunblades through Mobile Suit Gundam 00 and Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children. The Gunblades are made to fit the hand of an adult pony in anthro form, so they might be a bit big for Ash, as he is still just a colt, as are Dusk and Flash, but due to his strength, he can handle the recoil without any real harm.

810306 I see then they are more like gun daggers. Wait who used gunblades in ff7?:rainbowhuh:


I'm talking about the movie, Final Fantasy VII: Advent children. And no, these aren't gun'dagger's. The Blades are designed for use by an adult pony in anthro form. So with AJ they'd be close to floor length from his perspective because he's still a pre-teen. Taken in perspective. AJ is maybe three to-4.5 feet tall in anthro form, which is standard for a pre-teen pony in anthro form. The blades of the gunblades themselves are around two feet to three feet long. Maybe a bit longer.

810343 That makes them gun short swords.:unsuresweetie:Two more questions who used gunblades in Advent children? And are the gun parts in the hilt, along the blade or, within the blade?

The blond dude. I forget his name off the top of my head and I'm too lazy to dig out the DVD. But yeah, he uses them, and they're nearly twice as big as he is.

And short swords are still swords. :raritywink: Anyway, AJ is using these for now and may get larger ones as he gets older.


That's because I'm not entirely sure. Like i said, I'm a bit too lazy to look up how he does it. ...Or are you asking about the way Ash's Gunblades are set up?

Ah. Then in that case, they are designed so that the barrels are part of the blade, much as is the case with the Gunblades I've seen in Gundam 00.

This has definitely got my interest. I can't wait to see more of it and where it's heading.:pinkiehappy:

Please, keep writhing for this fic!


No problem. Chapter Five is in the works, and I hope to have it up sooner rather than later. :twilightsmile:

A most interesting story, my good sir! Mayhaps I shall be able to sustain myself through the boredom, to partake of chapter the fifth of this epic ! Until then, good sir, you recieve four out of five moustaches! You recieve the fifth upon delivery of said chapter. :moustache: :moustache: :moustache: :moustache:

Till then, good marrow sir!

He. . heheh. . . gahahahaaa! Ohh, sorry, I had to much fun writing that. Couldn't take myself seriously with the flowery ye olde english :rainbowlaugh:

In any case, good show, good show! I eagerly await the next chapter.

A suggestion: if you could somehow describe exactly what it looks like for the ponies to antropomorphize, it would greatly help your reader understand exactly what's going on.

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