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I'm sure you've heard all about it by now. Rainbows and sunshine. Unhappy humans turning into happy ponies. Dancing and singing together in harmony, now and forever.

All of those stories you've heard, exaggerated. All those statistics and graphs, faked. Propaganda. Delusions.

They didn't tell the real story, what it was actually like. So, I've decided to write this book to record some of the truths that have been... glossed over.

My name is Matthew Roberts, and I'm the Mayor of New Hope. While my covering may have changed, I am still human.
This is the untold story of the Conversion. The one they never wanted to acknowledge.

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Already very interesting. Watching and waiting for updates.

This is just me being a cynic, but I'm always surprised by TCB fics that actually have good writing quality. Amazing that something so, as one poster put it, "shit on a pillow bad," could have spawned things that are actually good.

tracking-ing-ing :raritystarry:

wait... what does that mean that Twilight lived for about a hundred years?

It's good to see a TCB fic that doesn't make humans a menace that needed to be purged. So far I'm liking the story and I haven't noticed any grammatical errors. Keep it up, I'll be tracking to see where it goes.


Wait... what? You've lost me completely.

This isn't going to end bad for them is it?


"Truth be told, Miss Twilight was one of the most powerful ponies in Equestria, both magically and politically, to have lived for hundreds of years."

Yeah, I got confused there aswell...

Dangit, might flip that a little.

EDIT: Ok, I've changed that, hopefully no more confusion.

So this is going to end bad for the 'humans' then.

This isn't the end is it?

Shit, chapter 5 already? I was worried that I was going to have to wait about a week for the next one, but you keep cranking them out like clock work!


I only ever intended it to be a short little thing. More of a test doing a 1st person POV, as opposed to 3rd.
And rather than a big adventure, more about world building than character building.

This isn't the end is it?501536
But what about Celestia? Could you at least show hers and the Ponified humans reaction to all this?


I was thinking about putting that in, but I never really found a good point.

Either way, she's feeling just like when she left his office. Angry, but resigned to losing control of humans.

An interesting take, and much less misanthropic than a lot of extant stuff.

Though I think it would have been funny for a Pegasus/Earth/Unicorn transform to "Base Human/Dwarf/Elf" equivalency to account for the magic remaining. :twilightblush:


The lack of any more unbearable misanthropy that inspires so many of the Conversion Bureau fics, if not all of them, is the main reason why I think this is the absolute best in the series. I've also felt that with how many of them focus on the before, during, and the shortly after of a the conversion I've been waiting for another something like this.

I really liked that you acknowledged that Celestia had a PR machine and was politically savvy. That's rare in TCB stories. However, it sort of opens up a plot hole since a smart Celestia would be able to make accurate predictions about how humanity would react to various PR ploys. Public relations is all about saying the thing that will make the recipient act in the way you want them to.

I have been waiting for this exact fic for some time. The conversion bureau series as it stands now is as good as dead. The misanthropy makes me feel my own disgust for a small and more specific portion of humanity. I've felt there is so much wasted potential in the whole series and everyone is too busy either bemoaning the evils of man or polishing their mary-sue shoes to create anything truly worthwhile.

Not only have you gone where few have gone before, but you do it with flair and a slap to the face of the so very depressing fics which cast ponies as the saviors of mankind by being its executioner.

I love the concept of the human world in some way meeting the pony one and scour this site and others for any titles with that label. I have wadded through some truly bad self-inserts and "X in equestria" fics to find the few gems but as a whole I'm sorry to say that when speaking of this series the only well crafted titles end up being the most depressing for their hatred of humanity. I hope that should you continue with similar stories that you would be able to turn this series around for the better. I really did enjoy this fic.

If she were smart like a supreme being maybe, but as a ruler no different in mind than any human equivalent, it works perfect that her vision of a perfect world would utterly fail to turn out as planned. When you make a character perfect your story can lose any substance and interest rather quickly, but when you make the character merely think they're perfect you can create something great.


I hope that should you continue with similar stories that you would be able to turn this series around for the better. I really did enjoy this fic.

Very unlikely, as I'm very much not a fan of TCB, or the entire universe. I was just sick of the fic's being 'Pony's good, Humanity mislead, HLF baddies'. Heck, HLF are fighting for the survival of the human race. I'd have probably joined them in a heartbeat.

Glad you enjoyed my attempt at wading in!

Wow! This fic truly shows the triumph and persistance of the Human spirit.

And personally, I think TCB-verse ponies and Celestia are complete assholes.

I pray for your mankinds re ascendancy but they must never forget the lesson of Mankind 1.0

You will never go any further than your leadership will allow.
IF they can avoid electing and appointing the same kind of leaders we do, they will have a new Golden Age.
If not, they may just as well be damned to repeat the same mistakes of so many cultures past.

Not bad, not bad indeed.

to tell the truth woudn't the humans bomb the crap out of equestria the moment after they finished rebuilding human civilization. I'm pretty sure humanity as a whole would be pretty pissed of with all those people looseing their lives to magic poisoning the celestia brought with her into the human world

I think it's hard to truly get this fic without knowing enough about the CB series. Many of them include mention of various powers throwing bombs against an impenetrable magical barrier of some kind before Celestia's intentions are made known, often painting humanity in all things inhuman such that it would make sense, somehow, to bomb a peaceful civilization that suddenly appears out of nowhere. I like the way this fic covers that by mentioning how ponies had always been around and while not unknown to humans it's rare to see them outside of their homeland.

Isn't the nature of this fic to point out the flaws that exist in the ponies of the CB series more than the humans?

yeah i don't think that a civilization that is responsiable for the death of over 6 billion humans can qualify as being peaceful

Viva la Resistánce!

501568 So why DID she want control of Humans?
We arent as productive without our bodies, hell we are the species with more natural resistance on Earth right now
And our ideas would challenge her, her position, and her government
Sorry, just need a bit of clearing up in that direction

Heh, I don't know.:pinkiegasp:
It wasn't something that the main character would have been privy too, so I never went and thought one up. POV and all that.
Anything from 'She thought they'd be happier', 'Land', to 'More subjects'. Who knows?

Ah yes, so ends one of the three fanfics in this genre that didn't piss me off. Not as much closure as i hoped, but this was satisfying.

504699 What other stories didn't piss you off? I might want to read them.

This story was amazing, really only the second (or third depending how I count it) CB tale I've read that did not make me feel like either murdering someone or punching a hole in my wall, and a well written one that kept me at the edge of my seat through the entirety. I wish there were more CB stories like this, but sadly most of that crowd only cares for preaching misanthropy and fulfilling their self-insert fantasies. The only complaint I have is that it was too short, and it would be good to see what position Celestia took regarding un-conversion, or indeed what her plan was from the start.

uhm, i wrote a couple. i, uhm, don't want to be rude so if telling about them is a faux pas, please tell me and i'll remove this comment. i'm sorry ...

Why? follows the TCB trope a bit closely and it has a bit of the misanthropy that i thought was an unfortunate necessity for the universe but it follows someone that doesn't want to be changed. in the end, it's on the fence as far as humanity goes. it paints the ponies in a fairly good light and shows (i hope) that humanity isn't something to hate or fear but at the same time over-emphasizes the negative aspects of humanity and doesn't show enough of the good aspects.

What Would Really Happen? (i like questions, i'm sorry) is formatted as a slightly-biased news story 6 months after the portals opened in a near-future Earth. it's a short one but it shows what i think would really, actually happen.

again, i'm sorry if it's seen as bad form to talk about my stories here but i thought they were fairly good and even-tempered. i mean, i hope they are. uhm, sorry.


Angry is a bit of an understatement. I thought she was going to fry the poor guy.

There's a great premise and some good ideas here, but the actual execution feels very rushed. I think that it's ok if you just wanted to get the idea and stuff out, but... The entire story is about the rapid development of an entire city from empty fields, by Newfoals no less! Yet only two characters are explored, and almost every sub-plot is resolved in the same chapter that it is introduced. This story could have easily been ten or even twenty times longer than it is.

I never meant for it to be a long epic piece of writing, but rather a quick and dirty 'World Building' thing, getting more experience writing, and a 1st person POV test . I didn't bother exploring side characters or even the two main characters properly, because they're really just the eyes to look through.

I know I could have done a HELL of a lot more, but this was what I set out from the beginning to do. (It was also, much like my previous story Vengeance, an idea that was rattling around in the vast emptiness I call a skull for several months, and it bloody well wanted out and wasn't going to take no for an answer)

The humans won! :pinkiegasp:

.................:pinkiehappy: Favorited.

Eh, I thought so. It's all cool.

You are magnificent.

She was the most powerful Unicorn in hundreds of years, I thought that was pretty clear...


This was a thoroughly enjoyable read. I would have liked an epilogue that at least summarised the events following the advent of the anti-conversion serum. It would also have been very interesting to read what average equestrian's reactions to the news would be. Oh well, it was good in any case.

Have you read 'not alone'? It's kind of like the salvation war. Only with ponies instead.

As our flame died, our spark dimmed, our perserverence and inginuity made our flame burn all the brighter!

Rejoice! For now we begin a new era in human history! The greatest era! The golden age of golden ages! Hail to Humanity! The species that thwarted extinction, that returned from the icy beyond! The species that EARNED it's right to exist in this universe! Go forth and build our future!

.....So what? I mean humans are in Equestria now and this is the TCB universe. I'm surprised Celestia hasn't tried to murder them yet. So what do they go into hiding or do they ever reopen dialogue with the world, what?!

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