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Human in Equestria stories? That's cool and all, but people seem to have forgotten... There's stories about ponies on earth, too, such as a very famous fanfic (I'm sure you all heard of it) My Little Dashie. I've created this group for those kinds of stories. There's a lot of fanfics about ponies on Earth, too, and finally, there's a group for all of them!

-This group is only for Pony on Earth stories.
-Be respectful. Friendship is Magic, people!
-Advertise, talk, in the threads. Post threads about pretty much anything, if you want.
-Ponies, hippogriffs, griffons, whatever.


Sad: Sad stories of ponies on Earth.
Grimdark: Scary/disturbing Pony on Earth stories.
Clopfic: Sensual/sexy stories about ponies (and probably humans too) on Earth? Post them here.
Everyone: Family-Friendly Pony on Earth stories. Only stories rated Everyone or Teen should get posted here!
Trollfics: Pony on Earth trollfics go in this folder.
Crossover: Crossover stories of Pony on Earth get posted here.
Other: Don't think a Pony on Earth story fits in any of the other categories? No worries, just post it in this folder!
Hoof-Picked: Only the very best Pony on Earth stories out there get put in this folder. I'm the only one allowed to post stories in here, so if you think you found one that qualifies for this folder, let me know!

Please don't spam the forum or drop random memes.

Content restrictions: (added 2022 July 2):
Stories must contain ponies on Earth/some other non-Equestria human world.

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i just posted a story that yes it is a five score but this will happen on earth so it is a pony on earth story.
please give this story a look over and leave feed back.

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