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Two and a half years after the initial opening of the portal, Civil is still struggling to find his place in Equestrian society. Trying to follow in the family tradition of serving in the Equestrian guard, both royal and local, just isn't working out. Celestia has something special planned for Civil, and it could be the best thing to happen to him since even before Discord decided to mess things up for both Equestria and Earth. The question, is the city of Dallas ready for a different kind of cop?

This is a story set in the Five Score universe created by TwistedSpectrum and involving works from SparkyBrony and Kitsychan.

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Ooh. Didnt know they were allowing more Five Score stories. Good luck I look forward to reading a new one.

subbed liked and followed

I am so confused. Context is your friend

I shall put in a preamble, suffice to say I assumed if someone were following a Five Score tale, they would have read some of the more major ones.

<edit> Done. Hope that explains a bit more. If not....story time!!!

I read the rules, asked around. There was a 'cease and desist' in the past,

and on more careful searching, I found a forum post dated back in 2013, which addresses the issue that these stories were not being properly vetted in the MLP universe or were completed beyond the transformation. Mine is only using the setting of the universe, it is not detailing transformation. It involves a pegasus sent to the human world...and let's be honest how many stories have we had like that? In any case if there is an uproar because I happen to use Five Score as a historical footnote in my story, that's pretty nitpicky. We shall see.

ok you have my full attentions this story is looking to shape up to be good.
i can see this is going to refer to the five score to just get things off the ground but that it will be it's own story from there on out.
or so i talked with slicer in chat and found this bit out

exultant writing a huge tums up from me.

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