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I love reading, playing video games, movies, I'm a total JT Music fan, and want to share and learn the magic of friendship as those before me.


Life Update · 8:18am April 29th

Hello there everyone, sorry for not posting anything lately like I promised to.:ajsleepy: My personal life this past month has been a complete rollercoaster of shit that's happened to me.:fluttershysad: Long story short I've found out I've been catfished by someone a month ago, and recently have been contacted by an unknown number a few days ago that they're BLACKMAILING ME!!!:pinkiesad2: Basically threatening to ruin my reputation by sending out nudes of me that they hacked from my girlfriend

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Thanks:twilightsmile: Just wanted to keep people updated on my life and why I haven't posted lately.

Yeah, I left you some words of encouragement over there.

Cool :twilightsmile:, check my blog because life hit me hard recently.:ajsleepy:

Glad to see you keeping up with my other stuff. The celebrity one is still being worked on. Now that it summer I'll have way more free time

like I said no rush:twilightsmile: but I am curious to see it when its released.:pinkiehappy:

  • Viewing 186 - 190 of 190
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