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Im a brony & spike is best

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3 day hiatus · 9:48pm Jul 24th, 2017

just to let you know around i'll be on a 3 day hiatus around September family camping trip

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There's this app for laptops and computers that helps people spell better. It called Grammarly, it's free and it can make works readable. Trust me, I been trying to read your stories. I had the same problem in the past. I just got better at spelling and wording, but Grammarly did help even if the app isn't 100% and corrects errors where there isn't one. But, it is still really helpful. Plus if you don't like it, you can always remove it.

*gasp* One of my greatest enemies: A writer of slice of life. *holds out cat spoon* Have at thee, vile beast!

You need an editor. Like bad...

Google plus its hard to find a alicorn pony Spike

Where did you get your avatar?

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