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I am a novice author. Big fan of fan fiction and My little pony.

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New Story! · 7:23pm Jun 20th, 2020

Hey guys, it's me The_11th_Doctor

As the title shows, I am infact writing a new story. I dont want to give out too much information, but it will be an adventure romance story. Now whats going on with my other stories. Dont worry, I'm still working on those. The New Stallions Adventure In Canterlot is being rewritten. I read over what i wrote and I thought that it needs to be better. So look out for a new chapter, and the first chapter being re-uploaded. Till then, See yall later.

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I see I did not realize that. I do look forward to the next chapter, and if you would like any ideas for chapters that the book don't include, don't hesitate to ask

well actually I'm basing my fiction on the Chinese Novel called King`s avatar, and the only villain who was at the game was the former employer of the main character who leads a powerful team. But the story itself is about all the teams fighting against each other trying to defeat the champions. I didn't make villains, but many potential villains like Sombra, Garble and maybe Gilda. They seem to be great rivals from the team like Spike and Aria, and there was a chapter where it was 2 teams vs 2 teams. So that gave me an idea.

Here’s a recommendation, why not start making a new team between the two groups, where spike and Aria are the leaders, and they have to combine their talents to take on the championship, due to a unforeseen villain coming in. And as for the characters why not use them all, not all of them have to have romantic feelings for spike. Like twilight for example. With Sunset I see her as a sister, and Fluttershy might make a great addition to the duo due to her shy behavior

Thanks for enjoying Queen's avatar, and thank you for the advice, I've been letting this fiction in hiatus because I don't know which character I will add in all of the human 7, unless Fluttershy and Sunset Shimmer.

I enjoy your work, ya deserve it

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