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I am a big Spike fan, so most of my fanfics will have Spike and/or CMC as the main hero's. If you have come here for some logic than this is the wrong place...maybe


I'll be gone for a while · 12:38pm Sep 17th, 2018

Hey I like to mention that I'll be gone for a few months. I'm just doing some college stuff but I will be back to continue my fics.

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Hi, I just happened to wonder around and spotted your bio. Anyways, I just wanted to say hi and that I love your bio pic(and maybe be friends):heart:.

Okay that's understandable, I get what you're saying, plus now that you mention it, Vegeta was a bit of an ass in Dbz especially during the Android and Cell Saga, I mean that guy is so arrogant and egotistical that when he's always boasting about his title and how his race are the strongest warriors in the universe which makes me wonder that if he remembers that bastard Frieza blew up his home planet nearly sending his people to extinction. Vegeta also looks down on other races that are considered weaker than him but especially when calls humans or earthlings weaklings. Also whenever he realizes that his opponent is stronger than him he still keeps fighting (which I will respect him for his determination) but also when he was fighting and chasing 18 on the highway he destroyed some cars that had people in it which shows how reckless he is not noticing that he causing a bit of chaos and harming others while he's fighting. Oh and don't get me started on Cell, when he was toying with Cell in his (slightly) ascended Super Saiyan form and kicking his ass, Cell eventually talked him into letting him into achieving his perfect form so Vegeta can a true battle but little did he know that he bit off more than he can chew.

Well, I don'thate Discord as much as I did back then but there are some problems I have with him. One was in the beginning of season 3 he knew about those plant things he made but didn't say anything about it being him and just told Twilight to find out on her own. Then at the end when the six had to gave up the elements and he had this look on his face that he could go back to causing chaos but Fluttershy reminded him that even if they don't have the elements they will still stop him. And then we get to the final when he joins with Tirek, all I saw was Discord wanting to cause chaos like he use to and when he had enough of his fun he would then stop Tirek but that didn't go well when Tirek becomes more powerful. I do give Discord some doubt but I just felt like the creators were trying a Vegeta(from Dragonball Z) and with most of the two season finally episode feeling like watching DBZ, it just felt off to me. Though two of my fics, Discord is not a villain really just place in a bad position.

Sorry in this seen confusing but just know that I don't hate discord as much as I did back then just dislike him feeling as through he acting like Vegeta too much.

Dude, I'm curious about why do you despise Discord. I mean sure he was a bit a prick in season 3 and he pulled a dick move by turning his (somewhat) only friends to Tirek (plus he did look away in regret when Tirek stole their magic),but after Tirek betrayed him and he lost his powers he realized that he made a terrible mistake and it cost him his friendship and his magic, that was when he truly reformed. Not to mention that Twilight asked for the release of her friends and Discord despite his betrayal because she forgave him for he never wanted any of the destruction that Tirek caused. What I'm saying is that no one is perfect and I was taught to love and forgive those that wrong you. Give the guy a chance.

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