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I am a big Spike fan, so most of my fanfics will have Spike and/or CMC as the main hero's. If you have come here for some logic than this is the wrong place...maybe

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A KH crossover of MLP. Spike has been call names and teated like dirt since the night of the party, the six don't talk to him or listen but force him to do work for them, the CMC and his other friends avoid him but only talk to him by making him feel bad be calling him names and such, and now he dreams of seeing other worlds. lastly he goes to strange worlds that are odd as his but they people there don't seen to care that a dragon is talking to them.

Any music and picture in this fic belong to their rightful owners.
Owners of any enemy belongs to Xelku9,
Owner of keyblade images belong to Marduk-Kurios, xNovafox,Weapondesignerdawe, Setoshiarenharikai,Zfshadowsoldier, Kiekesuke

Chapters (11)

Spike wonders the Everfree forest and finds a Spaceship and enters it, he wonders for abit than see some strange gear on a canter. Spike try them on but they don't work till he was attack by a monster known as the Krawl. Spike will have to keep this to himself or he'll in danger his friends. His and many other worlds will be needing he's help but have long will it take for him to face his Krawl self.
This will centain some sexual events but they don't happen alot just at times when i feel like its need.
Ps the Spcetrobes would be able to talk but only to Spcetrobes master.

This takes pace after the third game.
All pics use in this fanfic belong to their rightful owner.
Some episodes will go different in this like
The wedding would go different
The crystal empire
And many others.

Chapters (8)

This is my first story so please no rude comments. The story leads our fav dragon to find a book it the library. he reads it and found a dragon who purpose was the same. To be a slave. Little did he know that he'll meet this dragon when running into the forest.

Any pics use in this story are own by their owner

Some episode never happen in this fic like
Sister camp out
Dragon migration
Magic duel etc.

Chapters (9)
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