Spike's Digimon partner

by Sand Storm

plan for next part. Which should I do?

I have no idea on what I should do next. I thought of three ideas for the next part but don't know what to do first.

One: Spike wakes up hearing a voice coming from the digibook and when he opens it a screen shows him a kids talking to each (Season 2). Spike spokes up to get their attention and when he does they're surprised that a talking dragon conneted with them. Spike asks a few question and answers some of theirs. Soon they want to meet each other but don't know how. A kid name Izzy tells Spike to meet them in the digital world and tells how to get by pointing his digivice and say 'Digigate open' and he'll by in the digital world. Spike nods and before he could do it, the gang shows up and asks whats he doing. He explains what he's doing and they worry about whats lays on the other side. So Spike opens the gate and gets sucked in with BAmon, Fluttershy, and two of the gang. When they get into the new world they had some charges like becoming anthro or staying as ponies(Lame). So who would go with Spike, BAmon, Fluttershy to the Digital world and would BAmon digivolve? What version of the digital world should they be in(From S2-5)? And how would the Digidestined react to seeing a dragon and talking ponies?

Two: Same with the First but instead of going to the digital world Spike, BAmon and three others would go into the human world and meet three well known Digimon tamers. They get into a fight with the tamers and BAmon beats them easily. Spike explains to them what happen and introdects themselves. Later they fight a powerful digimon that defeats the tamers only BAmon can beat it by digivolving to champion rank. (Season 3)

Which one should I do?