• Published 29th Nov 2013
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Spike and the power of Spectrobes - Sand Storm

In this a story where Spike finds a spaceship and enters finding a suit and a strange device. Soon he is attacked by monster known as Krawl. With his new friends that are Spcetrobes, he will save his home and many others.

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Just a ‘normal’ day in ponyville part 1

The sun was shining and the birds with sing a song (a pet for me). The sun shin the sleepers, a fish open it's one eye hearing the singing, flew to the open window and yelled.

"Hey!!! Some Spectrobes are trying to sleep!!!" Nagu yelled at the birds. The birds flew away and Nagu went back to sleep right next to Shakin. Spike heard her yell and woke up.

"You could have closed the window." He clam told her while yawming. Nagu closed her eyes and said.


After that Spike walked down stairs to the kitchen. He began to make breakfeast for him and Twilight. An hour later Twilight awake to the smell of pancakes and eggs. Twilight grabbed the letter to Celestia and walked downstairs.

"Morning Spike." Twilight said to him. Twilight looked at the clock in the kitchen's wall. It said 11:30 AM. Twilight sat down and began to eat. Spike made some for himself. Twilight looked around a bit then back at Spike, who was staring at her confused.

"Where's Grilda?" She asked him. Spike said that he was stilling sleeping. Twilight hand Spike a letter. Spike read the letter to himself.

Dear Princess Celestia,

Yesterday was a very interesting day! Spike (your son) is a father to a three headed hydra! I don't know where he got it at first till he told me and the others that its egg was left by itself and for the least 9 mouths he been taking care of it. Then it started to hit its head on the ground (don't worry it fine and the ground was not harmed) and pulled out a gems I've never seen before. Spike also had a strange and maybe powerful gem that call "Dark Star". Don't worry it in good hands. I'm studying it as we speak. But the real nice thing was Two creature that help with some slime creatures that attacked Ponyville. You might of hear it. The slime creatures can't be harmed by anything we do but the other kind and helpful creature were able to harm them. Pinkie took pic of them and the battle. The bad thing about this slime things are that they can consumes anything that can be used as a weapon (such is everything). I'll keep in a report on these events that may come soon.

Your dearest student Twilight and your son Spike.

The letter had some of pictures of the creature that attacked yesterday but one of the pictures had an arrow pointing towards the cannon arms Krawl and it said "Still lives". Spike rolled it up and spend the letter out the wind headed to the castle. Twilight went to take a bath while Spike clean the dices. Minutes later the door knocked. Spike went to get it and when he opened it five pony was standing in front of him.

"Hey Spike! Can you and Twilight come with us?" Pinkie asked.

"To where?" He asked them. Rarity spoke next.

"Well with those thing running around from yesterday, I want to know if you can help me with gem hunting, don't want to run into those things." She told him.

Spike agreed to this and walked up stairs to ask Twilight if she want to go. She said no because she wants to continue studying the star gem but will go next time. Spike shrugged and walked into his room to get dressed. Grilda was the wake while the other two were still a sleep.

"Grilda, we're going to on a gem hunt and you're going to come with me. We might find some minerals and fossils." Spike said.

Grilda took no time and rush down stairs. Spike looked at the other two and walked out closing the door. He went the the front door and walked with his pony friends. Grilda was being held by Fluttershy, the three head was happy to be held while the other two look bored. Dash was looking around as they entered the Everfree.

"Should we tell Zecora? She might get hurt be those things." Dash said to them.

They began to talk about how to tell her and where she can sleep. They finial reach the gem hunting area. Fluttershy put Grilda down to the ground. Grilda started to move around looking for something. Rarity looked over to Spike.

"Spike, is he looking gem just like the ones in Twilight's house?" She asked him.

Spike shrugged. Rarity's horn began to glow and the gems in the ground glowed. She made an X on the spot where the gems lay. Grilda looked at the X then at Rarity with confused looks.

"It a spell that allows me to find gems in the ground." She told him. Dash looked at her.

"Rarity, I don't think he can understood what your saying." Dash told her. Grilda felt angry at Dash. Grilda moved toward Dash's legs and start peaking at it. Dash yelped as the little pain in her feet.

"I guess he can understood you." Applejack giggle at the sight. Dash looked at Grilda angrily.

"Do that again and you'll see how being peaked feels!" She yells at him. Grilda hissed at Dash then started to peak the ground.

"Why do they hit they're head on the ground with out making a single mark on it?" Pinkie asked. Spike shrugged. Grilda came back with its mouths having different color minerals. The first head had a red star in its mouth, the second head had a blue star, and the last head had green star. The stars looked the same as the dark star but didn't had a strange feeling to it. They handed it to Spike and went back to founding other mineral.

"Why can't my magic scents the gems Grilda finds?" Rarity said. "I don't know but maybe Grilda well gave you one of this gems."

Spike told her. Grilda came back with two of the heads holding a stone hat with a ? marks on it.

"What is that?" Spike said. He grabbed the stone hat but with the sudden contact it break into seven pieces. They all had a look of shock at what they saw.

"D-Did i-it just... broke... a parted?" Dash finial broke the slience.

The pieces began to change into minerals and strange item like weapons. Four of the pieces change three different weapon like parts, one looked like a grappling hook, the other looked like a two headlights, the last two looked like Oni masks. They each picked up the weapon like parts. Applejack picked up the Oni masks, she looked at them then saw a hole in the back of the mask. She places her hands in the holes.

"What are this?" She said wondering. Dash picked up the headlights, she had a strange look on her face.

"Headlights? Why would these be here?" She asked. While they were looking at the parts Grilda was trying to pulling out a fossil from the ground. Spike was starting at the grappling hook. 'Why does this look like Spikan's tail? Maybe it a battle weapon.' He thought to himself. Applejack looked away from the boxer gloves-like oni masks, She notice Grilda pulling out something.

"Hey ya'll!" She yells getting the attaction of the group.

"What Applejack?" Spike asked. Applejack pointed to the hydra.

"Grilda found something big. We need to help him." She told them.

They turn to look at him and notices the rock thing his is pulling out. They also notices that he is struggling to pull it out. All three heads bit down on what looks like legs. They walked over to him and pulled out a rock like bug. Spike held it in his hands looking at it. It looked like a bug by it claw like arms. They all looked at it with strange glares.

"What is it? And how come Grilda was able to found this? If you don't mind me asking." Flutters asked looking at it. Applejack look at it then back at Shy.

"It looks like a bug. Big one at that." She answered. Rarity backed up a bit.

"Ah.. I hate bugs! Not counting Ladybugs, butterflys and any other cute bugs." She says. They rolled their eyes.

"Spike, how did Grilda found this? I thought he can only found gems?" Dash said to Spike. Spike looked at them with a fake shock expession.

"I don't know?" He told them. Grilda looked at him with a confused looks.

"Yes you do, we told you how it works." The third head said. Spike annoyed what the third head said.

"Anyways lets continues searching." He said to them changing the subject. They shrugged and went back to finding gems. Spike placed the fossil in the cart with the normal gems. The minerals Spike had was place in his pockets. Spike looked in his pockets to count how many minerals they found. Till his Prizmod open. Spike ran and hid behind a tree to see what was going on.

"What is it now." He said bagging that no Krawl would be around. It opens and mineralizes glasses out of thin air. Spike grabs the glasses, he scans it looking all over it. 'It looks like a future version of sunglasses.' He thought to himself. 'Wait. Are those the same ones I wear in the battle?' his thoughts said to him. Spike then place them on.

"I look very cool with this." He said to himself. Spike went back to the group but stop in his tracks at the digging site. He saw his friends moving around holding gems in their arms but that was not what he was shocked about, what he was shocked was that ground had colored lights pouring out from the soil. Spike counted of many light there were and how many colored. There were seven of them, 1 yellow, 4 blue, 1 pink, and 1 rainbow. Spike looked to where the rainbow light was. He wonder what it was.

'Maybe it a powerful mineral or fossil?' he wondered.

Spike walked over to it then he called Grilda over to him. Grilda made his way to Spike. Spike looked behind him to see if others notice what his doing. They were talking about something but he couldn't tell what. Spike went back to the rainbow light. Spike's left arm brought out the pen and he started to dig but stopped to see what was this colored light. It was a cube, crystal one at that. Spike began to break the soil surrounded the cube. When he was finished the cube fell to the ground with a 'thump'. Spike picked up the cube, it was a bit bigger than a book. Spike placed it in his Prizmod, then went to get the other minerals and fossil. It took a few minutes but Spike get done was searching. The new fossil looked like a small bike thing.

"What the heck are you?" Spike asked himself.

He walked over the a cart and placed the fossil with the other. The cart had two fossils and the strange looking weapons. They headed back to Ponyville but stopped at Rarity's to drop off the normal gems they had, Spike took some for the road. After a well of talking about the two strange fossils they were in of the tree home. When they reach the door they heard three voices. One was Twilight's well the other two sounded calm and friendly. Spike looked at the other who had confused faces as his. He slowly opened the door and was pulled into a death hug.

"We're so happy that my nephew has a son!!" a soft voice said happily.

'Nephew ?' Spike said to himself.

The bone crushing hug ended with Spike breathing heavily, he then looked at his friends who didn't help him. Spike stared at them for a minute, they had a look of shock for some reason. Spike turn to face whoever they were shocked at. Spike's eyes grow wide as the other two ponies in the room. One pony was blue with a moon night dress, her mane and tail showed a endless starry night moving in unexisting wind, and she had a horn and wings. The other was twice the size of the horn winged pony, she was the same but her horn and wings were alot bigger than the other, her fur was a bright white color like Rarity but white as milk, her eyes were pinkish than the nightly blue from the other, and her was a multi color (Pink, green, light blue, and purple) mane and tail moving in the same menor. Spike then felt very light-headed for some reason.

"One: Who are they?" They first head asked.

"Two: What are they?" The second head asked.

"Three: Why are they here?" The third head asked.

Then two voice spoke in Spike's head before his vison began to blur.

"Four: Why did the nightly blue pony called you 'nephew '?" Breeze asked.

"Five: How did they know you?" Razor asked.

Spike took a deep breath before saying. "Grilda ,Breeze and Razor. I want you to meet the Alicorn princesses of this land. Luna and Celestia. Also Breeze and RazorCelestia is my mom." Spike told them trying to sound happy.

Grilda's mouths dropped and the third head passed out while the other two had a look of shook and mind blown.

Breeze and Razor yelled out a "SAY WHAT!!!!"

Spike rubbed the back of his head. He began to feel light head for some reason.

"So my son can you tell us the whole story on where you found Grilda?" Celestia motherly voice asked.

"S-Sure." Spike shakily said before passing out. But before he passed out he saw the Dark mineral glowing and a shadow moving toward him.

Author's Note:

Ready to hear a fake story of Grilda?!! And want to know the heck is with the dark mineral that made Spike faint? Found out in part 2!!!

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