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Spike and the power of Spectrobes - Sand Storm

In this a story where Spike finds a spaceship and enters finding a suit and a strange device. Soon he is attacked by monster known as Krawl. With his new friends that are Spcetrobes, he will save his home and many others.

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Just a ‘normal’ day in ponyville part 2

"W-what just happen?" Spike asked himself.

Spike rubbed his eyes so he could see where he was. It was misty and dark all around him, Spike got up from what he think is the ground. Spike looked around for what felt like a life time. He decided to see if anyone was here.

"Hello~!!! Anyone here???!!!" He yelled. He didn't get a any sound of a reply.

Spike walked endlessly as he gets tried of walking for what felt like hours or years. Spike was about to think he'll never get out of here till the sound of laughed was heard. Spike looked around but found no one there. The giggling sound like it was all around him.

"Who's there?" He yelled, the laughter conitued till a figure showed up.

She was all shades of purple, her mane moved liked the princesses but as if living. She had two long and sharp manes and her tails is very long that it has to curl around her. Spike wonder who she is and why he is here.

"Long time no see, Star Swirl." Said the purple pony. Spike looked at her confused.

"Uh...I'm not Star Swirl. The names Spike." Spike said to her with a 'matter to fact' look. The purple pony looked at him more closely and then a shock expassion show up on her.

"WHAT!!??? THAT OLD FART DIED ON ME!!!!!!" She loud to the endless darkness.

(Mane six and Princesses's POV)

Meanwhile as Spike was knocked out, he was gentle place on the couch. Celestia sat down on the couch with Spike's head on her lap. Luna began to say sorry over and over again for hugging him to hard. Celestia waved her hand to tell her not to worry about it.

"We are deeply sorry, dear sister." Luna said to her older sister.

"Don't worry Luna, he's not hurt in anyway. Just loosen up next time." The sun princess said to her sister.

Luna nodded before gentle taking off his strange but nice looking hoodie off. Now she did she placed it on the table in the middle of them room. Luna scan Spike's body, everything seen fine till she noticed a small shade of rock on his shoulder. When she pulled it out Spike groaned abit then began to calmly breath. Luna looked at it and noticed some of his blood on it, thinking it wouldn't do any harm, she placed it on the table with Spike's folded hoodie. As this goes on Twilight brought out some of her notes she made.

"Princess Celestia and Luna. I would like to tell you about what happen yesterday. If you wouldn't mind." Twi asked them. They nodded smiling.

"Well from what we gather, this slime thing can't be hurt by anything even magic weapons can't harm them." She said starting with the first thing they tried to do.

"But Twilight, I'm sure they can be harm by even the strongest of magic." Luna said trying to help with their worries but Twilight sadly shook her head.

"Sorry Luna but I tried already and the same results happen, it just pass right through them. I don't know how they can do it but they just can." She said sounding like she failed to protect her new home. Till something nizzed her leg, she down to her right and noticed the baby hydra trying to cheer her up. He looked up at her, all three head while two, the first had a happy grin while the other to smiled. Twi smiled back and petted their heads. She then took in a small deep breath before spoking again.

"Anyways from what Shy had told me, when she tried to tell one of those things to go away and leave her alone, it didn't seen to listen or care on whats she said, she then throw a plant at it." Twi said flipping through the next page of her large note book.

"It seen as though it didn't feel a thing till two rather large fly traps popped out of its shoulders and vines for arms. Shy said it was able to use a useless plant as a weapon." Twi said to them as they listen carefully.

"I didn't say useless just consumed it." Shy said quitly.

"Sorry, I must have missed heard you but still it was amazing on how it just use something that was suppost to hurt to its own purpose." Twilight said sound abit joyfully. Dash spoke next about her in counter.

"Well for me it wasn't a good to attack." Dash said with pride. Everypony turn to look at the flouting pony.

"So what was your in counter with this, Rainbow Dash?" Luna asked her, with a smirk.

"Well I was sleeping on a cloud like usual till the sound of wings flapping woke me up. When I opened my eyes, I was met with some slime bird thing. I asked it to go away and leave me be but it just stood there looking at me with its eyeless face." She said to them.

"So how did it attack you?" Twilight asked her.

"Well it headbutted me then span to let its tail smack me. And to tell you all the truth, IT HURT LIKE HELL!!!" Dash said remembering the pain. Then felt a hand slap her in the back of the head.

"Ow! Why did you do that, Jack?" Dash said rubbing her head. Applejack exhaled before speaking.

"Well for one: Gildra here and we both know he or they can understand what we're saying." Applejack said to Dash.

"Two: I also got hit by one of those thing and it felt like a brick wall falling on me." Jack said to the rest. Luna pulled out pictures of the slime creatures that pinkie took.

"Which one did thou fought?" She said to them. Dash, Applejack, and Shy grabbed the one they seen.

"So those are what look like?" Celestia asked the three, they nodded.

"Yes, from what they tell me. For Applejack: the spider thing followed her to her family barn and when it got in she throw a spear at it. It just passed through it like it was nothing." Twilight said to her teacher.

Luna was about to say something but stop when she felt something bite her starry tail. She looked down and noticed that the three headed hydra was looking at her tail with a confused and curious look. The three head kept biting her tail but when they do they just pass right through it, they do this for a few seconds before giving up and barking/screech at her tail. Luna giggled at their interest with her tail. While Twilight explain more on what happen and how those slime thing acted to Celestia. They soon heard the cute barking/screech noise from Gildra, they all give out a 'awww' sound which confused the hydra but they just annoyed it as a girl thing. Celestia watched as Gildra moved around the place, she thought to herself on how cute he-uh...they are when they start look at many things.

"This Twilight lady has alot of time to have all these books." The first head said to the other two.

"Well maybe she just like to collect book or she a librarian." Said the second head.

"Or she steal these and eased everybody's memories about stealing their books and give them one that she brought them." The third head said to the two. The first and second head looked at the third head as he looks at all the books on the selfs.

While Twilight finishing with her talking with her teacher. Dash was looking at Spike's hoodie for awhile. She wondered how he got it and why wasn't there a nousment about it. Dash was then brought out of her thoughts when the princesses spoke.

"While this is a very troubling issue. I'll have to warn the rest of the kingdoms about this." Tia said to the six. Twilight was about to say something till the sun princess spoke again.

"And I went you all to inform me on friendship and this issue. Is there anything else I need to know?" She asked them.

"Well not really...wait there are those kind creatures that helped us." Twi said remembering the two.

This caught the princesses attention.

"Oh? You mean the green beast and the yellow fox. I would like to meet them face to face but I hope there's more then just them." Luna said but she really wanted to meet the green monster.

Right before the two were about to teleport back, a musical note being played. They all looked around til the five remembered to two fossilized creatures. Dash flew over to the door and pick up the two rock monsters and brought them to the group.

"Oh yea...we forgot to tell you about this. The little guy dug up these two in the gem mines. I guess that musical note sound must of came from them." Dash said getting a few nods in responds. Twilight passed Spike's hoodie of the table, Dash picked it up and lightly glared at her. after picking it up something fell out and bumped into dash's feet.

"Huh?" She said looking down at the strange thing. Then the same musical note sound came back and it was coming from the fossil.

"W-what is it doing?" Shy said till it did it againg and Gildra began to sing along with it, copying the tune. Twilight noted the pitches on the notes.

"It seen to be trying to say same thing but I don't know what? And why with music notes." Twilight said to herself loudly. Luna pulled out a flout from her mane.

"Why did you have a flout in your mane, princess Luna?" Pinkie asked pulling out her trumbone. Everybody looked at her with an wired look.

"Why do you have a trumpbone?" Rarity asked her questionably.

"I wanted to play along." She said to them.

"Anyway... how does it go?" Luna asked the purple pony.

"Huh? High,low,high,high,low,high." When she finished, Luna and Pinkie began playing the same tune and it didn't sound right. Thinking the two started again but this time Luna did the low notes and Pinkie did the high notes.

Once that was done, the fossil began to glow brighter and brighter to the point were they have to cover their eyes. When the light dine, they uncovered their eyes. When they did a strange but cute buzzing-like cry was heard and it was coming from Twilight. They looked at her then down at her legs, on her right was a large green and pink bug with six eyes. It had eight claw-like arms four on each side, it also had tusks coming from the sides of its mouth and it had horns as well.

It looked up at Twilight with its six yellow eyes, it then jump on her leg and squeezed her leg. Twilight screamed and started to shake her leg to get it off. When it finally come off, it went flying in the air about to hit the wall tell it landed it feet on said wall and jumped off. They eight of them looked at it as it jumped back towards Twilight but she moved back away from it.

"W-why is it following me?" She asked shaking by the now living being. It jumped towards her while her friends and the princesses tried to think on whats going on.

"What just happen?" Dash asked stunned.

"I think we just revived bug... thing?" Luna said abit confused. Fluttershy looked at it as it followed Twilight around.

"Aww, What cute creature you are." She said kneeling down. The large insect stop following Twilight and looked at Shy and for a second, then jumped to her. When he got close she picked him up and hugged the little guy or gal. Twilight on her part was happy that it stopped.

"Cute??! That thing cased me and tried to attack me!" Twilight yelled staring daggers at the bug.

"Well maybe it just wanted a hug." Shy said to Twi. Twilight just puffed in respond.

"Twilight don't be so hursh. It just seen to be happy about something." Rarity said looking at the green bug keeping a good distance from it.

"It looks so wired for a bug?" Pinkie said. They began to question it till Gildra began to look up at the bug, Shy put the little thing down and the two...uh four of them began to speak to each other.

"Hi young one, Welcome back to the living." Said the middle head, the first head turn to the second with an angry glaze.

"You ASS! I wanted to say thing." He said.

"Too slow I guess." Was all the middle head said.

"Welcome new friend! Our name is Gildra whats yours?" The last head asked.

The bug just looked at them and tilted its head as if it was confused.

"Your name? You know what you are."The first said to it but the bug just looked at them more confused.

"Maybe he doesn't know what he is." Said the third head.

The bug soon had a sad look and turn to the purple pony, it then slowly jumped towards her. What he was going to do will shock the hydra.

"Momma? Whats my name?" He asked her. The hydra's jaws dropped at what they just heard.

"Crap, this isn't good." They said in unison.

The eight of the looked a them as the four talked to each other but the hydra seen to be getting nothing from the insect. Soon the bug began to hop towards Twilight. Twilight was about to back up but the look on it face stopped her.

"Why are you sad?" She asked it. It just conitued to hop towards her. When it got close enough, it started to shake its claw-arms begging to be pick up. Twilight hesated at first before doing what it wanted, she pick it up and wrapped its tears.

Celestia was watching the whole thing and was trying to think on how it come to life and why to seen to like her student till a thought come to mind.

"Twilight, I believe it think you're it mother." She said shocking a few of them, Twilight mostly.

"B-but I can;t be it mother! I;m not a bug thing." She said still holding it in her arms.

"I'm not here to say you are but It seen to think you are." She said, soon the other began to say thing same thing that Twilight is the mother of this thing, Twilight didn't like being in this mother statement but she can't fight nature.

"Fine, I guess I can take care of it for now but you gals have to help as well." She said and getting nods from them.

"I guess know we have to name it." Applejack said.

"We think it would be best for Twilight to name it." Luna said.

"So Twi was it name going to be?" Pinkie said.

Twilight thought for a moment as she looked at the bug, it jumped happily around her, two names come to mind and choosing one of them was hard so she gave it both.

"I'll name it, Jumper Atombite." She said getting a few strange stares.

"Atombite?" Rarity said confused.

"Jumper?" Applejack said.

"Well it seen to like to jump so Jumper makes sense and Atombite is a name I wanted to call Spike." She said blushing a bit.

"Well I'm not going to judge it name, it seen to fit well." The sun princess said.

Dash finds this wired but stays quite, she then turns so her back was facing them. She looked at the strange Item that fall out of Spike's hoodie. She looked at the dark purple gem in the middle, as she did the gem began to show purple fire inside it. Dash just looked deepper inside wondering what was in there but when she closed her eyes and reopened them, she was standing in a purple fire ingulfed place. She looked around till a large but calm voice spoke.

"And what may you be doing here?" Its female voice asked her from behind. Dash quickly turn and what she was face to face with was a 99ft or more tall dragon with blades on the side of it her head. Dash looked at the dragon before speaking.

"This is so not a normal day." Dash said out loud.

Author's Note:

Sorry this took so long, anyways Twilight is now a mother of a bug-like Spectrobe who seen not to happy about it and will Spike wake up?

And why is Raindow Dash talking to a big dragon?

Find out next time!

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