• Published 29th Nov 2013
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Spike and the power of Spectrobes - Sand Storm

In this a story where Spike finds a spaceship and enters finding a suit and a strange device. Soon he is attacked by monster known as Krawl. With his new friends that are Spcetrobes, he will save his home and many others.

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Plan for next parts

I am planning on giving the mane six each a Spcetrobe. They are not going to be Spcetrobe master but they are pair up with one... Still have no idea what mean. What mean is they become friends with a special Spcetrobe that's relate to them. For an example:

Twilight » Gejio
Both into magic

AppleJack » Masetto
Both are hard workers on what they do.

Rainbow Dash » Aoi
Both loves to fly fast.

Pinkie pie » Azapi
Both loves to play.

Rarity » Kasumi
Love to be near people or ponies.

Fluttershy » Zen
Both too shy.

Sweetie bell » Kubaku
Both like to meet new friends.

AppleBloom »Ryza
Poker face. I really have don't know what Spcetrobe she should be paired up with.

Scootaloo » Hiko
Can't be stop when angered.

Author's Note:

This are just examples. If you know a Spectrobe better for them than tell me in the comments. Click on the names to see the info on why a chose them.

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