Spike's Digimon partner

by Sand Storm

Spike meets the black dragon

He ran as fast as his little dragon feet can take him, tears falling from his eyes. All the mem he remember ran in his mind, telling him he has no meaning to live. As he ran a few ponies saw him crying and wonder if he told Rarity he loved her but she rejected him. Some mares who knew Spike had a little rage that Rarity rejected him just for being a dragon.

He ran past SugerCube Corner while the rest of the gang ( AppleJack, Pinkie pie, Rarity and Rainbow Dash) was having a drink and heard him running. They saw him running to the Everfree forest, they ran and hope to stop him. Dash flew right in front of him, he fell backward when she stoped him. They rest reach them and circled Spike.

"Spike whats wrong? " Dash asked. He said nothing but stared at the ground, didn't even getting up.

"Spike tell us what's wrong. We can throw you a cheer me up party or have a sleep over so you don't feel lonely. Or maybe sing you a song on types of gems." Said Pinkie hoping that will cheer him up.

"Oh now you want to give my a song? Where was the one when I saved the Crystal Empire." Spike said in a dark tone, but they didn't hear him.

They began to think if he did something to make Twilight kick him out. "Sugarcube, we're to help if you need comforted." Applejack said give him a hoof to help him up but Spike get up on his own.

"Comforted? Where were you when I was drowning?" Spike spoke deep and dark like tone, but they still didn't hear him. They look at him with concern. Rarity notice the blood coated claw.

"Spikey, what happen to your claw?!!!" Rarity said worried. Spike looked at his claw and still said nothing, mins past by and Spike didn't talk,Dash was getting tried of this.

"Yo crybaby, tell us what happen or we have to find out on our own. "She said.

Spike wanted to hit her at the moment, his claw once again was ingulfed by a ghostly green (emerald) fire. They backed up seeing this.

"Since when did you learn that?!!! " Pinkie said shocking look on her face. Spike's claws were burning across his arms. Dash was a little scared looking at it but try to show no fear.

"Nice trick but you'll never impress a mare like that and a dragoness." Dash said. Spike took a deep breath before speaking.

"A crybaby? I'll show what a crybaby can do." Spike was now looking at Dash, his eye were no long emerald but burning ruby/crimson.

"Ghost Claw!!!! " was all he said.

They looked confused as to why he yell that but before any of them could talk, Spike moved his right claw behind him like his was about to pouch somepony, when he force it forward he aimed at Dash. A huge ghost like claw flew out of Spike's burning claw. The ghost claw was heading towards Rainbow Dash. She move fast out of the way, but when to went right past her, it turned around hit her tail, it passed through. She looked at her now half gone tail while the rest stared at Spike. Spike than ran into the forest. Dash walked to the other to find out just what happen.

"What was that about!!! " Dash said shaking abit. The rest shrugged, they didn't know what was wrong or what happen to his claw.

"Why did he yell out an attack? " said Pinkie.

"What saw it call again? Host crow?" said Dash.

"Ghost Claw is what he call it." AppleJack said.

They walked to Twilight's home. When they open the door they saw their dear friend crying as the three fillies trying to heal her wounds. They rushed over to her and looked at her wound, when they go near they heared her say only three words again and again.

I'm sorry Spike.

Spike ran through the forest not looking back. He soon stopped after while he looked around to see where and how far he is. He wanted to be alone, not wanting to see any pony. He had only thought of one pony that will be hurt... Fluttershy. She was the only one who never hurt him in anyway possible, she was be his side since the beginning when he came to ponyville. He walked for what felt like hours. He soon reached a hut.

He remember who lived here and hopes she doesn't mind if he stayed to clear his mind. When he reached the door, he heard her voice and another. They were talking about something to do with going to ponyville. Spike knocked on the door and the talking stopped, than hooves were heard. The door open and a black & grey zebra was standing in front of him.

"What are you doing here Spike? I hope you not going on a hike." Said the zebra.

"Zecora, I was wondering if I could stay with you for abit." said Spike. She had the look of worry and concern, she told him to come in and explain why runway.

Spike did as she said and walked in. Spike walked in and notice a large dragon wearing armor, Spike felt like he seen this dragon. He tried to think where he saw this dragon. The dragon turn to face Spike.

"Who is this? Is he Digimon? " said the dragon in a deep voice. Spike tried to say something but nothing came out. Spike's mind rang when the dragon said "Digimon" is the what BWGmon kind called.

"I'm not a Digimon, I'm a dragon." said Spike.

"Don't lie, I can scenes your digidata." The black dragon said.

Spike thought to himself that this dragon can smell power and maybe other things too. Spike looked at dragon more and notice it armor was breaking apart, some cracks were seen on his chest armor while his arm and helmet had less damage.

After looking at him Spike than realize that this dragon looked the same as BWGmon in that book.

"My name is Spike, what's yours?" Spike asked even if he knew who it was he has to make sure.

"BlackWarGreymon." the dragon said.

Spike jaw dropped to the ground when he heard what he said, he is the dragon Spike read about. BWGmon looked at Spike as if he was he dead are something.

"So your the dark counterpart of WarGreymon." Spike asked. BWGmon looked at him like his was being watch.

"No, I am no ones counterpart, I am myself. " BWGmon said deeply.

Spike forget that this Digimon was made out of 100 control spires.
"Sorry I didn't mean to say that but I reading about you and-." Spike was interrupted by the dragon metal claw near his face.

"HOW DO YOU KNOW ME!!!!???" BWGmon yell wanting to know how this Digimon knew him.

"Let's clam down for a sec, BWGmon please don't kill Spike is my friend." Zecora finally speaks. He looked at her confused at what she said.

"What was that last part?" BWGmon asked.

"I said he's my friend." the zebra stated.

"Fine but next time I'll digitise him. " BWGmon said coldly. Zecora than turn her head to Spike.

"Now why are you here, Spike? Did Twilight kicked you out for something stupid again." Zecora said remember the last time this happen. Spike shook head than spoke.

"I was reading a book, that had BWGmon info. Than I started to think we might be the same." Spike said. BWGmon laughed.

"How are we the same? You were born and I was created." He said.

"Because I never knew my parents, I was rised to by mealy a slave to a pony who has to learn friendship but it now a princess and that I saved a empire but didn't get anything for it no thanks nor a party but Twilight got a song for passing a dumb test. I do many thing for her but all I get it to grab a book for her and slam my face to the ground when she use her magic to take it* and one time she let me drown in ice cold water and laughed at me with all her friends." Spike finished.

BWGmon now felt some strange feeling in his chest.

"What is this pain I'm feeling?" He asked.

"It's call pity, you feel bad for me because how my life is." And if he wasn't right than why did BWGmon wanted to find this ponies and kill them.

"So why do you think we are the same?" He asked.

"Because we both were created for a propose. You we're create to fight and I was created to work." Spike said.

BWGmon asked who this ponies were and how the act, Spike explain their traits and likes, dislikes and personality. BWGmon began to wonder. Spike than remember a word BWGmon said.

"Hey BlackWarGreymon, your a Mega, right? Is that some short of age for Digimon?" Asked Spike.

"Is a Rank for Digimon." BWGmon said.

Spike asked how many are there? BWGmon said there's only seven ranks.* The night was calling for Spike to sleep. Zecora place Spike in an extra bed she had for guest. BWGmon walked out to think. He wonder why would a baby dragon, is what Spike put it, would work at a young age? The better question is why he cared for this dragon or why he stayed with a zebra. He begins to remember the little flower he save from being stomp by the fake Mammothmon.

As he begins to wonder even more he than gets jumped by a pack timberwolves. They circle him waiting for him to make a move. "HA!!! Do you really think or if you can think, you can beat me?" BWGmon said to the wood brain wolves.

The timberwolves rush him from all direction. "Huh? Really? To easy." After saying that BWGmon jumped straight up in the air, they hit each other's heads and layed at the center. Then called out his most powerful attack.

"Terra Destroyer!!!"

Then a small red orb form in his hands/claws, he pulls it back than throws it to the wooden wolves. A huge explosion was hear all over Equestria.