What does fate mean to me? Rejection!

by Sand Storm

shadow in town pt 2

Applejack and Rarity were trying to attack some flower type heartless. Though it was hard to as nothing they do seem to affect them. Applejack would use her lasso like a whip. Rarity wasn't good at using magic like Twilight but she knew some basic types. So she casts a fire spell on them, it worked but her fire wasn't strong enough to make them puff.

"These things are getting on my nerves." Applejack said growling at the flowers. The flowers kept themselves in place for a while but started to attack once Rarity showed she could use fire magic. The flowers started to attack by shooting seeds at them. Rarity was about to cast a shield spell but was hit in the right side of her waist by a seed bullet. The seed didn't hurt much but did felt like something was hurt far worse. Rarity turned to her the seed came from getting a good look at the heartless.

(Creeper plant)

The flower heartless looked at her before going into the ground and moved somewhere else. Dust appeared as the heartless moved around, the two mares started to wonder if they could get out of this.

"Rarity can you please put up some kind of firewall or something?" Applejack asked as she tossed of lasso towards a Creeper plant but it moved away before it could get caught.

"You know I'm not much of a magic caster as Twilight." Rarity said as she cast a fireball (which was the size of a golf ball) at the plant. The fireball flaw towards the Creeper plant and hit it's marked but wasn't very effective.

"Then maybe it would be best to start learning how if this is what we have to deal with." Applejack said to her with a stern tune. Rarity looked back at Applejack and gave a peck on the cheek.

"As long as you're there watching me." Rarity said as the two shared a moment. The two mares nuzzled their noses in affection.

(POV of the heartless)

Through the eyes of the eight heartless, they see the two hearts glow brightly as they fought the mare but after the moment the mare shared the Light within their hearts glows brightly like fire. This excited them as the light glowed brightly. Taking advantage of they're nuzzling, they quickly attacked.

(Pov of Rarity and Applejack)

They stopped nuzzling to be greeted by a Creeper headbutted them. The two fell backward to the ground, before being surrounded by the Creeper plants. The Creeper plants began to charge an attack.

Applejack and Rarity started to panic as the plants began to charge their attack. Rarity quickly cast a shield spell around them, but half of the heartless attacked creaking the shield. The shield started to beak with a hole coming through. Then the other half destroyed the shield as they threw they attack. The shield shattered to pieces like glass as seeds landed. Holding each other as the plant charged again, the two hope something would happen to save them. Then in a burst of light came and blinded the heartless causing them to be stun. As they were stunned, Applejack and Rarity blinked they eyes to see again and they were greeted by a green and purple light orbs.

"Take thous weapons and rise to fight." Said the green orbs.

"Or die to never see your families ever again." Told the purple orbs.

Applejack and Rarity grabbed the orbs after been told to. The orbs then shifted in their hands. Rarity's hands glowed as diamond-shaped items formed between her fingers. When they dim, they were multiple to three in between her fingers, they were her element of generosity. Applejack's orb glowed as a rod began to form, then the tip swelled up into one side of an ax with the other side as a hammer. When the light dims it looked brown with tiny red and green apples shaped gems lining upward the rod, with the tip of the hammer being the element of honesty.

They both stood up and quickly ready themselves. The heartless were still stunned so they attacked quickly. Rarity threw her diamond knifes/daggers at one of the plants, the daggers landed a hit and the Creeper exploded to smoke. Small green orbs rushed towards Rarity and adsorb into her body healing some of her wounds. Applejack smashed the hammer side of her weapon on one Creeper causing to burst to smoke and make a crater. Said crater caused the ground to erupt with spikes hitting two more. Applejack jumped back in surprise as the broken earth fixed its self. Shaking her head, she began to slash the others. She side slash one before down slash another. Green orbs rushed towards Applejack along with yellow/blue orbs and two chests. Rarity tossed her daggers at another Creeper plant. This time the plant dodged by going underground but the daggers did hit a shadow that was behind the Creeper. The Creeper popped out ready to attack but was smashed by Applejack's hammer ax.

"This make taking them out easier." Applejack said aloud. After she said, the started to shaking almost making the two mares fall over. Creaks began to appear in front of them as the ground shook. Suddenly in a burst, the ground erupted with a bigger plant heartless with a few smaller heartless.

(Poison plant)

This heartless didn't seem to please with the two. It then shot seeds at them. Rarity threw her daggers at the seeds while Applejack handled the small heartless that was trying to surround them. The daggers break through the seeds and hit the plant. The plant didn't seem all that fazed before shooting more seeds. This time the seeds were fast and hit Rarity when Applejack tried to block them. Rarity's eyes slowly faded white, she blinked a few times but everything still seems white.

"Rarity, are you alright?" Applejack asked in concern.

"I can't see anything." Rarity said as her voice sound panicked. Applejack then looked at the heartless that attacked her. The poison plant was about to slam its head into the ground to cause a shockwave but was hit hard by Applejack's hammerhead before slashing at it with the ax. After a few hits, it burst to dust with a heart flying up before a dark fog succumbed it. Applejack watched the heart fly up and fade away.

"Didn't the others do that too?" she asked herself as she noticed that the other time she defected the heartless with harmony weapon. Applejack was about to think more of it till the ground started to shake. The two mares looked at each other before seeing what looked like a massive black/purple fire rise as an even massive form appeared near the castle of friendship. Applejack and Rarity quickly ran towards it.

"Hope ya'll ready to party!!" Pinkie yelled excitedly as she blasted a shadow with her party cannon. The shadow flew back towards three other shadows before exploding to dust. She continued to shoot pastries at the heartless whom were going ore annoyed of the mare. Every time one of them would attack, Pinkie pie's senses would warn her.

"You can't hit me, you can't hit me." Pinkie pie mocked while pouncing around dodging each heartless's advancement. Shadows, Soldiers, and one Neoshadow which watched from afar.

(Neoshadow's pov)
It didn't like the pink mare, they couldn't hit her after some parts of her body would react.

'This would be easier if these Emblems were smarted and worked together than taking turns attack.' The Neoshadow thought to itself.

'Time to matters into better hands' Neoshadow thought before raising its claws above itself. Six portals opened as six Neoshadows crawled out. The seven purebloods looked at each other before turning to the annoying mare. The summoner Neoshadow's antennas twitched before they all sucked into the ground looking like puddles before rushing towards the mare.

Pinkie was dodging and shooting at the Heartless before noticing that they started to disappear into a dark portal. Pinkie stood in place and tilted her head in confusion. These monsters stopped fighting and just left. Pinkie found that weird as she was having fun.

"Guess I'll go back to the others." Pinkie said to herself before walking towards the Castle of friendship. As she did, a big puddle appeared in front of her.

"Oh, a puddle but all the water dried up." Pinkie said to herself before a Neoshadow jumped out causing a shockwave. Pinkie jumped back but the shockwave range was wider than she excepted. Her body froze from shock before being headbutted by another Neoshadow. She was thrown back from the attack. Pinkie then slashed four times by four other Neoshadows. Pinkie's clothes weren't torn but something felt damaged inside her. She was sure why but something felt off like her heart was being pulled out. The Neoshadows quickly sunk back into puddles that circled her. Pinkie got up and pulled out her cannon from thin air. She readied herself as the puddles continued to circle her. One of the Neoshadows popped out but before Pinkie could aim it went back to a puddle then another one popped out from behind her. This became a game a peek-a-boo as the Neoshadows kept jumping out one by one. Pinkie fired her cannon only to miss by far seconds. This went on for a minute or so before one of the Neoshadow dashes forward and grabbed her cannon before going back into a puddled. Pinkie was about to pull out another cannon but a glowing blue orb with the Element of Laughter.

"Grab me." Said the gem. The Neoshadows show the orb of light before moving away think it was something that would harm them.

"Oh, is this the part where I-"

"Just grab the element. I have no time for your nonsense." The element interrupted her. When Pinkie garbed the element, the light orb split into two shurikens. The shurikens were a four-pointed star with the element of laughter in the middle. The Neoshadows sensed a powerful force coming from Pinkie. One of them twitched it's antennas then pointed at Pinkie. The others nodded before three sunk into the ground and rushed towards Pinkie before popping out to strike from three different sides of her. Pinkie readied herself by taking a stance (similar to Rinzler) waiting to strike. When three of them got close enough Pinkie tossed her right shuriken at the heartless in front of her before jumping up, dodging two other Heartless before throwing her left shuriken as the two headbutted each other. Both shurikens hit their marks but the Heartless then sunk into the ground and regrouped. Pinkie garbed her shurikens as they flew back to her. Pinkie faced the group of heartless with her shurikens spinning in her hands. Pinkie then dashed forward and slashed at two Neoshadows. They both puff to smoke while the other four jumped back in surprised but was short lived as two more were attacked by a rainbow blur.

The last two Neoshadows and Pinkie looked towards the rainbow blur as it landed near Pinkie. The rainbow blur landed softly to the ground on the left of Pinkie.

"Need help Pinkie?" Rainbow Dash said to her friend. Pinkie looked towards Rainbow dash before smiling.

"Nah, I got this." She said before throwing one shuriken and dashing forward. The shuriken hit its mark destroying the heartless while Pinkie tried to strike at the other one. It ducked before sinking into the ground and the puddle disappeared. Pinkie grabbed her shuriken that was stabbed to the ground before walking back to Dash. Rainbow Dash smiled before high-fiving each other.

"See you got a cool weapon else well." Dash said while showing her blades. Pinkie looked at it in awe before looking at her own.

"Well, at least I can be a Ninja." Pinkie giggled to herself. Dash laughed too for a few seconds before calming down.

"Hey Pinkie, did you get anything from there heartness things?" Dash asked.

"Heartless, and I don't know, why?" She replied confused. Dash placed her right blade on her back before digging in her pockets.

"Cause I've been getting these things and for some reason, these weird green orbs keep making me glow for a few seconds before stopping." Dash said as she brought out a yellow/blue orbs.

"Weird, maybe the Princess knows. Let me see what I got." Pinkie said with a curious gaze. Pinkie searched through her pockets before founding something that wasn't sweets that she kept. She pulled it out and show that it was a bottle like item.

"What the heck is that?" Dash asked in wonder as she stared at it. The bottle was blue with a yellow star flowing inside. Before any of the two could say more, the ground started to shake almost making the two fall. The once the ground stopped shaking the two looked around before seeing a huge black/red heartless rising.

"BOSS BATTLE!!!" Pinkie yelled before rushing towards it. Dash quickly got up and rushed after her pinkie friend.

"Pinkie!! Wait up!!" Dash yelled for her friend.

While the six were shattered around Ponyville, Celestia stayed by the castle. She easily took care of these heartless and those 'Emblem' heartless. Though she never seems these 'Emblems' ones before, she wonders how long it's been since their world was closed off. She begins to wonder and worry on how many worlds have fallen to these new breeds and hopes her old friends were okay but for now she needs to focus on what's going on now then later. Celestia looked around her and took out a few ground heartless with a quick few firaja spells which took out large numbers of them with ease. One blast of this spell would take out about 10 or so with one hit even but the spell did cost a lot of mana to use. After her fifth use of the spell, she stopped to see if there was any left around. The only thing left was fading dust of heartless, small chest landing of the ground before moving towards Celestia and going into her pockets. Before she could exhale, a fireball collides behind her. Turning around she looked turns to the heartless that attacked her.

Said heartless was a large, draconian creature with predominantly dark green skin, save for its belly, which is tan, and its wings, feet, and the tip of its tail, all of which are brown. Its body is rather thin, while its three-toed feet are quite large, each sporting yellow talons. Its wings seem rather short and bulky when compared to its feet and tail.


To the right of it was a muscular frame, and a heart-shaped hole in their torsos, but are smaller and more embellished. They have sharp purple and blue horns that form the outline of a curled heart, it also has small blue bat-like wings on their back, gold-tipped feathered wings on their forearms, and it has a long tail which appears scaly, and ends in a sharp, crescent-shaped blade.


To the left was a spherical body that is pitch black and streaked with dark blue. Its glowing, yellow eyes are rather small. The inside of its mouth is blue, and the mouth itself is a jagged, toothy opening. This Heartless has three thick, black and blue tentacles with frayed, pink tips sprouting out of its body; two are on its top, and one is on its underside.

The Darkball disappeared and reappeared behind her. Celestia dodged out of a bite from the Darkball. When she dodged, the Tailbunker fired three fireball which homed in on her. Celestia's fur twitched as the sense of fire from behind her. Celestia cast a shield behind her before shot back ice spikes from her shield back at the Tailbunker. The heartless dodged out of the way before dashing towards her. Celestia was about to move out of the way but was then slashed by the Invisible's sword which was floating around. The blade tried to hit her again but she dodged and cast Blizzard at the Tailbunker which was summoning fireballs. The Tailbunker fired it's fireballs at her while Celestia countered with Blizzard. The fire and ice collided causing a smoke cloud. Seconds later, the Tailbunker suddenly came through the smoke dashing at her trying to ram her but when it was about to ram her instead it fazed through her. It gave out a confused grunt before a rock wall shot up from the ground blocking the Tailbunker's path. It slammed into it with a hard thud, the Tailbunker fell backward on it's back before the wall fell forward crushing the heartless.

The heartless then burst out spreading its wings causing a shock-wave, it thrust itself upward and flew towards her but Celestia ram into it first. The Tailbunker gave out a surprised yelp as it was pushed back. The two crashed into the ground, Celestia pushed forward and pushed further digging the Tailbunker making a trail of dirt. She then jumped off of it landing on the ground before casting an Ice shard straight into its chest before snapping her fingers. The Darkball was about to bite her but blades appeared and stabbed it. As Darkball burst to dust, the Invisible watch before striking. It's claw then caught on fire before raising it above its head. Suddenly, purple fireballs rapidly appeared around it before moving towards Celestia.

"Tremor Guillotine*." Celestia Said before thrust her hand into the ground before pulling out a great-sword made of dirt and rock.

She then deflected the projectiles before sending magic slashes towards the heartless. The Invisible blocked the slashes before blocking Celestia's attack as she teleports to attack the front of it but when it blocked her, she smiled disappearing and reappearing behind it getting a good hit on it. The heartless was surprised before doing a 180% right turn attack. Celestia blocked it before casting Thundaja. Within seconds, sounds of thunder ran through the sky and stroked the Invisible. Then blots of lighting come down from the sky before coming down towards in a twirl of lighting. The blots hit their target as the heartless took massive damage. It buffs to smoke while a heart flows up to the sky.

'If only I had a keyblade again.' She thought as she watched the heart fade away. Right before Celestia could think, the ground begins to shake. Looking around, she noticed that a large portal near the castle. Then red tentacles come out before Celestia realized it was the hair(?) of a Darkside Omega.

(Darkside Ω)

'Been a long time since I seen that.' She thought as the Darkside raised out of the portal. When it finally did, it towered over her like a castle. It stared down at her with its unblinking glaze before pulling its claw, dark energy began to gather around it. The heartless then slammed its claw into the ground causing a bigger portal to be made. Celestia jumped out of the way as the portal grew larger. When Celestia jumped back, she stared at the portal, wondering what was coming out. Yellow eyes started to rapidly appear before a huge cloud of shadows shot out of it. Once a sizable amount of shadows get out before the portal closed.

"Princess Celestia!" Celestia heard her name being called turning to whom was calling, she was greeted by Twilight Sparkle.

"Princess, are you alright?" Twilight asked her. Celestia nodded before pushing Twilight out the way as the cloud of shadows came towards them. Twilight yelped in surprise as the heartless flew off. Twilight fell to the ground and stared at awe at the storm of shadows.

(Devil's Tide)

Soon the others came not sure what was happening. The cloud of heartless span around the Darkside as it raises its claws above its head before slamming them down to the ground. Cracks begin to spread out, the group were thrown back by the force. The Darkside then get up, readying to strike.

"Princess Celestia, what do we do?" Twilight asked her teacher. Before Celestia could answer, a piece of the Devil's Tide flew off and landed on the ground. The swarm of shadow span up and formed a tower.

(Devil's Tower)

"Twilight, you and the others will fight that Tower." Celestia told her before looking towards the Chrysalis.

"You and Trixie will handle that storm." She said pointing the Devil's Tide. The two nodded before tossing their blades in the air. Their keyblade span as the flew far away before being consumed by light. One stream of light flew towards Chrysalis's back; the light fused with her bug wings. Chrysalis's wings change from tattered to rose-colored dragonfly wings. The wings had an odd thorny vine spiral design like it was trying to make a picture. The second light came out as a large blue disk. The disk looked similar to Trixie's keyblade: there was a huge circular platform while there was a small ring below a middle ring and above the middle was a large ring. The lower and upper ring was spinning clockwise while the middle was spinning counter-clockwise.

Twilight and the others minus Celestia stared at the two in awe. Before any of them could speak; Trixie and Chrysalis took off. Celestia flapped her wings and rammed into the Darkside. Twilight and the others stared in question before remembering the Tower of shadows that were now rushing at them. They jumped out of the way. Dash quickly attacked by slashing at it; some of the shadows were thrown out by her attack before bursting to dust. All the shadows' eyes once yellow turned to bright red. The Tower went wild and started to attack like a whip. Dash was closer to it and was hit three times before she moved away. Twilight cast Fira at it which at her it's attention. The Tower then flew into the air, rushed towards her, and bombarded her with all the shadows it was made of. Twilight felt nearly all the shadows attacking her. Once it was over, Twilight fell to her knees as the pain went wild throughout her body. Quickly, she looked through the book to find a Cura spell. Casting it caused her body to glow green along with her friends.

"Twilight are ya alright?" Applejack yelled looking at the Tower waiting to make a move. As they looked away, their bodies would glow green every few seconds healing their wounds. The shadows gather under Pinkie and reformed as Devil's Tower. Pinkie took heavy damage from the reformation. Twilight cast Cure on Pinkie while she used Potion on herself. The Tower then attacked Applejack and Rarity. The two were quick to move while Rarity throws some of her daggers at it. Four to five shadows fell out, then ten fell out as Applejack got a good slash at it. Pinkie throws her shurikens at the Tower; making a turn(?) to her. Its eyes turn red as it tried to ram itself into her but Twilight casts Stopga; freezing the heartless in place.

"Now's our chance." Dash said as she attacked the Tower with one fiery blade strike while Applejack slashed her hammer/axe into the heartless causing some wind to whirl around her, Rarity and Pinkie threw their weapons at it as their weapons were slightly coated in ice and thunder, and Twilight aimed her open hand at the heartless as she shot a large purple magic orb. Then Heartless unfroze and moved in a wild manner before bursting to dust. The six sigh before watching the others fight.

Celestia was doing some unknown looking spell that the five have never seen before. Celestia's body began to be coated in a light as she spread her wings out; as seven blades made of light appeared around her. The fives' mouth dropped as they watch Celestia launched the blades at Darkside. The blades embedded themselves into the Heartless before exploding, then Celestia cloaked herself in light and jabbed repeatedly while rushing at with lightning speed. She attacked the head as it was the weak-point if she remembers correctly. Anyways, she then raised her blade as a white ring appeared around in the middle of the Darkside. Then seven pillars of light appeared and span around it before a huge pillar of light exploded in the middle of the ring. Celestia the in a blink of an eye sliced the Darkside straight in the head. Then the Darkside slowly fades away leaving a crystal behind. The crystal then flew towards Celestia's pocket. Celestia watched it fade away before looking towards the Devil Tide that the Two keymasters were fighting.

"Princess Celestia!" Twilight yelled to her former mentor. Celestia teleported to them as the others watched Chrysalis and Trixie fight. Trixie decided to use Ragnarok. Trixie started to charge energy then fired the magical projectiles at the Devil Tide. The fusillades homed in on the Tide, many shadows flew out. The Devil Tide seemed to how countered her attack with its own kind. The shadows burst to smoke as they blocked the projectiles while also trying to attack Trixie. Trixie quickly spans her Glider to attack the shadow that wasn't hit, Chrysalis fired four Blizzaga at the Tide. The Tide once again counter the same way with Trixie's attack. Both Keywielders looked at each other.

"Thinking what I'm thinking?" Chrysalis said smiling to Trixie.

"Let's blow their minds." Trixie replied smirking.

Chrysalis and Trixie threw their Gliders into the air and charged back into their normal form. Trixie landed on top of a building with Chrysalis next to her. Chrysalis and Trixie then charged their keys again but this time they charged different weapons. Trixie charged her keyblade into a cannon, the cannon like future, the weapon had three reinforce rings which were spinning directions. The first and third were spinning in clock-wise while the second was spinning counterclockwise. Trixie's cannon was insanely huge and somehow Trixie was able to hold it like it was nothing. Trixie began to charge the cannon while Chrysalis teleported front of the Tide as it circled in place like vultures. Chrysalis raised her weapon in the air creating dozen magic orbs. Then she pointed her blade at the Heartless. The orbs began to move slowly before going moving quickly towards the heartless. The attacked cause many of the shadows faded away as the magical attack them, then the eyes of the shadows charged from yellow to red/orange. The Tide then tried to attack Chrysalis but she moved away and flew to Trixie. Trixie readied her cannon as Chrysalis came close.

The six mouth dropped as they see the Trixie's Keyblade charge to another weapon.

"T-that can't be possible. Weapons can't charge from one thing to other." Twilight said in disbelief.

"Trust me, Twilight. It's best to just go with it than question it. It's magic and magic makes no sense outside of our world." Celestia simple said to her as she watched. Twilight just mumbled to herself on how that doesn't make sense.

Chrysalis then moved out of Trixie's aim as she fired her cannon. Chrysalis then used Stopaja to slow the Devil Tide. Trixie fired her cannon at the Heartless. The cannon shot a laser at it what seems to be the main body. The Heartless took massive damage before rushing towards the ground. The ground and sky darkened as a core filled shadows. They all looked at this and one thing came it made.

"Oh crap."