Spike and the power of Spectrobes

by Sand Storm

Awaking and the battle in Ponyville

Black was all the dragon can see. Moving wasn't an option, he was tied up feeling the ropes around his body. Then sounds started to enter his ears, they sounded like hooves. Three at best, they soon stopped and now he's hearing voices.

“Is he awake yet?” One sweet voice said.

“I don't know, go and see if his moving.” Said a tomboyish voice.

“Ah don't think this is a good. We could just ask him about what we saw.” Said a southern voice. ‘What we saw? What do they mean be that?’ He thought to himself. The ponies who kidnapped him started to move again but not to him, but to something else.

Let go of us!” an angry voice yelled.

This is very rube to grab and knock someone out.” a calm voice spoke.

This really makes our day. I didn't even get their names.” said a insane voice.

Spike felt hands move across his face. The cloth that was covering his face was removed. Now he can tell who they are. One white unicorn just like Rarity but with pink and purple mane/tail, a orange Pegasus with purple mane/tail and the last pony was a yellow earth pony with red mane/tail with a pink bow. Spike now recognize them, they are the Cutie Mark Crusaders.

“What's the meaning of this? I didn't do anything to you three.” The dragon told them. They looked at each other than back at him.

“We just want to know how you got this hydra and the two other monsters last night when you were in that spaceship.” Scoots said. ‘Wait they followed me!!!!!’ He yelled in his head.

“You three followed me!!???” He yelled at them. Sweetie belle spoke next.

“We didn't follow you, we just spied on you.” She told him.

“They're the same thing, but why?” He asked. Applebloom spoke next.

“We saw ya walking with my sister and Fluttershy. After they left ya and ya continue to walk in the Everfree. Therefore, we wanted to make sure you be okay. When you entered the ship we waited for hours till you came out with those two monsters.” She said. Spike narrowed his eyes.

“Okay but why did you tie me up and what did you do with Grilda?” He asked again remembering hearing their voices. Sweetie walked over to the corner and came back with the hydra in her arms. What Spike didn't know what they did but Grilda was dress as a princess.

“You do know that's a boy...right?" He told them.

“I told ya, he is a boy.” Applebloom pointed at Scoots. Scootaloo glared at her.

“Well sorry, I can't tell the differs from a male and a female Hydra." She yelled. Spike looked around to where they were and to his surprise, they were in the ship.

“How did we get in here?” He asked them. They looked around than at each other.

“We followed the same path you walked in. When we reach those doors but they didn't open till Sweetie belle brought you along, the doors opened.” She explains to him.

“But why here? Why not the Clubhouse?” He continues asking them. “Because it's in the Everfree so no pony will be able to find you.” Sweetie blindly said.

Spike was thankful that he didn't have to walk all the way here. Spike than asked them to untie him and take of that silly dress Grilda was wearing. They did what he said and asked how this ship got here. Spike wanted to know too but that’s for later now his mind is on what Breeze told him.

Go back to the ship and awaken the fossil you found.’ her icy voice sweetly reminded him. Spike wondered why they didn't talk to him a lot maybe they talk to him when they are needed. Spike walked about the room they were in it was the room from be for. The CMC walked around touching anything that seems to do something but nothing happen till Sweetie enter a tube which closed on her and bean to move under the floor. Spike was the first to notice this and rush to help her but it was too late she was gone. The three stare at the tube which returned excited. Spike entered next hoping it didn't send her to any danger. Spike was send to the second level where Sweetie was. Spike got out and looked all around him. The lower level wasn't damage as the top. Spike looked to where Sweetie was. She was staring at a screen.

That’s what you use to awaken Spectrobes.” Razor said. Sweetie turn to face Spike. “What's this thing?” She asked him. Spike shrugged.

He walked toward it an place a hand on it. It came on and show a option screen, one said awaken and the other said team. Spike clicked on Awaken and the screen charged. They watch the screen as it charged. When it was finished, it showed a two fossils take was place. One looked like the fish knife from yesterday and the other was a fish but a little bigger. Spike move the fish fossil and it began to awaken it but there's one problem... How?

“How do I awaken you two?” He asked himself. Then it hit him, he has to ‘awake’ it up just like how he normally wake up Twilight. Spike began to yell “WAKE UP!!” At it. Maybe he needs to say it more than once. He began to say it again. Sweetie belle didn't know why he was doing this but she felt like helping him with this. She began to scream “WAKE UP!!” too. They both yelled it in sync. Soon the fish break free from it fossil tome. The screen shows its name and info.

Spike read aloud, “Nagu is pretty laidback and usually just floats around in the air. He stays airborne by using two fin-like wings. His solitary eye looks like a colorfully painted lens. This spectrobe has a bit of an attitude, but its one eye lights up when it is happy.” he read. Sweetie didn't know what it meant by lights up when happy.

“Nagu. I like her name.” Sweetie said to Spike. “How do you know if it's a girl?” Spike questioned her. She shrugged and he looked back at Nagu. The screen charged and asked if he wants it to his party. He answered yes. Then Nagu was sent to his Prizmod. A light popped out of it and Nagu stood or flew at the spot.

“So you must be Nagu. Nice to meet you.” He happily said. Nagu stared at Spike with it one eye.

“Ya ya, just don't get your hopes up by being nice kid.” She said rudely. ‘Wow it is a she... She really needs to calm down more.’ He thought to himself. Sweetie belle who was looking at Nagu was amazed by how it was just a fossil and now it's a living being.

“Spike! We brought back a Dinosaur.” She said hugging him. ‘Did she just call me a Dino? Oh, I'm going to kill her later.’ Nagu thought to herself.

Sweetie belle stopped hugging Spike and noticed the second fossil. Jumping happily, she asked Spike if they could revive the other one. Spike smiled at her and gladly did. They did what they did to Nagu and awaken the knife fish. When it was done, the screen showed the name and info. Sweetie this time read it.

Shakin may look like a dangerous fighter, but he's actually very calm and gentle. His body is constructed of an extremely hard metal that will never break. Like the steely knife it resembles, this fighter has a spirit that won't bend or break.” She said reading the information. Shakin flew itself around them happily.

"OH MY GOD! I can't believe that someone finally Awaken me! What is your name?!" Shakin asked spinning round them excitedly. Spike who is the only one to hear him talk answered.

"Spike and this is Sweetie belle." He answered. Shakin spun around them looking at how they look.

"Its been a long time such a Dragon and a pony were Master." he said. Sweetie stared at Spike with a very confused look.

"Why are you talking to him? Are you the only one who understand these two?" she asked him.

Spike looked at her than nodded, knowing the CMC members they won't stop asking until you tell them. Sweetie was excited that she jumped much closed to the roof of the room.

"How in Celestia can you talk to them?" she asked him again. Spike didn't know that answer. After some more questions, which Spike couldn’t answer, they went back up. The other two CMC members were fighting over who's has the best suit. Spike didn't notice this until he got out of the pod tube. Spike asked them how they got those suits? They answered him by pointing toward the same tube thing that Spike got his. Sweetie took no time to tell them but she rush in and the pod began to scan her. When she got out, she was missing something important but he couldn't put his claw on it. He looked up and down eyeing her, than he notice that her horn was gone. Spike pointed toward her head than said.

“Sweetie belle! Your horn is gone!” He shouted. AB and Scoots notices this too. Sweetie looked up and screamed not seeing her horn.

“I'm an earth pony now?” She asked herself. Scoots looked at her back and notice that her wings were gone too. She screamed as well. Both of them run in circles panicking that they are now earth ponies. After ten minutes of them screaming, they calmed down.

“What happen to us?” Both said in sync.

Spike guess this was a defense mode or something. Spike told them that these suits are special. The CMCs stared at them confused. Spike show them by making his hoody back to a Suit. It mineralized itself back to it normal look. CMC's jaws dropped at what they just witness. Many questions enter their minds but Spike can't answer do to him not having any answer. After a while, they heard many loud screams coming from home. They raced to find out that the town was being attacked by purple vortexes.

(Mane Six POV)
After Spike, left they said their good-byes. Fluttershy walked back to her cottage where she has many animals to feed. She did her chores of the day, which took an hour to do. She watched the critters play around with each other. She was still thinking about Grilda, he's not like any other hydra ever known. His color, only having three, how he looks. She begins to worry if he'll ever find a mate or get along with other dragons and hydras. Her thinking was stopped when she heard a noise coming from her yard. She walked out to find a red monster moving toward her home. Shy panics and grabs a plant pot. She throws it directly at the creature but to her surprises, it consumes it. The red creature began to grow leafs all over its body. Than two giant Venus flytraps popped out of its shoulders. Now thinking that was not the best idea to do. It moves close towards her and tries to attack her. She move out of its attack range and flies towards Twilight's home. She didn't look back thinking it might be able to fly. If she did look back she would have notice a purple vortex following her below.

Applejack walked back to the barn she lived at. When she got there she began to work on her daily chores mainly Apple bucking. She worked for at least an hour or more. She notices shy flying away somewhere fast. Not wanting to know thinking it’s a spa day for her. She grabbed a basket of apples to a cart she had with her. Applejack didn't see Applebloom anywhere. ‘Maybe she's at one of her CMC meeting' she thought to herself. Then she heard a sound drawing near her. She looked to where it was coming from behind. Jack moved towards it and notices it was a black and light blue (mainly black) creature. It looked like a large spider like slime thing. She can tell it was slime by how it looked and moved. It had five legs on each side of its body. Its head was small but its tail was the size of a log.

“What in Celestia are you?” She said aloud.

It than move close to her than it stood up on its two large legs. SMACK!! Applejack took a hit when it's leg/arms hit her. She fell to the ground back first felting pain like never before. It looked soft but felt like solid rock. She looked up and it was coming for another attack. She got up and raced toward the barn to grab a weapon, she looked back and it was following her like a lost puppy. She made it to the entrance of the barn's doors. She open it the slammed it shut. She heard it banging on the doors. She quickly looked around and found some javelin. The doors burst open with the monster slowly walking in. Applejack throws the javelins at it. It made contact but the slim like creature move through them look it was never hit. Running out of time, she rushes towards it than jumps over it. She raced back to Ponyville to warn them about this thing. She looked back and noticed a purple vortex heading toward Ponyville. It flew in the air above her. Now she ran faster than she did when she raced Rainbow dash, hopping to beat this thing to Ponyville.

Warning this part involves dash being nude if you’re not up to age than skip this part.
«Rainbow dash was sleeping on a cloud dreaming about a certain purple dragon. She was racing him, watching him sweat from the speed they were going. They both stopped to rest on a cloud. Both of them stared in to each other eyes. Dash began to remove her clothes. Spike just watch as she does this. She begins to move towards Spike. She notices the tent in he's pants.

“Looks like somepo-drake wants to play.” She said lusty. Spike removed his pants and boxes, both of them were now kissing each other on the lips passintly. Dash started to rock the cloud. Spike was in joking the ride she is giving him. Spike was about to say something but she wake up. »

She wakes to see a slim like bird thing flapping it circle wings. Dash unfolded her wings and started flapping them.

“Hay!! Can't you see I'm sleeping here??!!!” She yelled at it. It didn't say a word just stared at her with its eyeless face.

“Where are your eyes?” She asked it. It didn't say a thing. Dash was getting bored of this.

“Get out of here slim bird thing.” She said. It didn't seem to listen. Dash looked at it closer, it was grey with black all over its body.

“What kind a bird are you?” She told it. The bird thing head butted her. Rainbow felt a lot of pain but annoyed it by the pain in her side. The creature spun around and tail wiped her side. Dash being a fighter has never felt this much pain from two hits. Dash opens her eyes and notice the bird thing was now a purple vortex. The vortex moved away from her towards Ponyville.

“Hay!!! Come back here!” She yelled as she chased it.

Twilight was looking at the star gem Spike had with him. She study it for a while now, the only thing she can found out was it could resist magic. Than Fluttershy came in shaking like a rattle. Twilight walked to her and tried to calm her down.

“Fluttershy, what's wrong?” She asked the scared Pegasus. Fluttershy explain to her what happen. Twilight was amazed by how a slim monster can consume a plant and became something different. Twilight asked what it looked like, Fluttershy decide how it looked and what it tried to do. Then screams from outside started to full the sky. They ran out there and what they witness was slim balls attacking ponies. Twilight notices four small black/purple vortexes and one huge vortex. "What kind of vortexes are this?” Twilight looked at the strange looking vortexes. Fluttershy and Twilight ran out to help get anypony to safety. They saw Pinkie, Rarity and Vinyl running towards them. Pinkie and Vinyl had their weapons, Pinkie's party cannon and Vinyl's Bass cannon.

"Twilight! What kind of vortexes are this?" Vinyl asked her. Twilight shook her head as a no. Than Applejack and Dash showed up looking worn-out.

"What happen to you two?" Rarity asked them they explain what happen to them and it ended up with them all seeing this slim creatures.

Rarity explains that she was doing one of her dresses when she heard a scream outside. She looked out her window and notices a vortex moving around. In addition, that's how she ended up here. Pinkie just said that she and Vinyl were planning a party for somepony and than a vortex started to enter the store. It took some cakes and sweets than left without paying. 'Now this is starting to get strange, where did this things come from?' Twilight wonder to herself.

"We can't just sit here and talk. We need to attack this freaks!" Dash said angrily. Twilight rolled her eyes.

"If hurting them didn't work than doing it again won't help." Applejack said. Twilight cast a weapon spell, which summoned swords for Dash and Applejack.

"As much as I agree with Applejack, we need to defend Ponyville. This magic swords should be able to hurt them." Twi said. Twilight then explain the plan to them. Once the plan was set in motions, two of the vortexes moved towards them. They didn't see it coming. They were than engulfed by the vortex. They stood in a bigger field than they were in before. They looked around, the area they are in was surrounding by the vortex. It was keeping anything from getting out. They looked around some more and see the slim creatures waiting for them. There were four of them. Three of them was the ones Applejack, Dash and Fluttershy meet well the other were different, it seen to be attack type.

Rainbow dash went two attacks the slim bird, while Applejack went to strike the slim spider, Pinkie fought the plant creatures and Vinyl fought the big one. While Twilight, Rarity and Fluttershy stayed back as they try to escape. Dash and the others weren't doing so well as the creatures didn't take any damage but they did. Vinyl was smacked by the blue creature which she dropped her bass cannon. The thing looked at the cannon than touched it. They watched as it consumes it. They noted on how it looked, it still looks the same but with the bass cannon fused with it's right arm and it chest showed a big stereo.

"All come on!!! That's my favorite bass cannon!" Vinyl yelled. The bass creature's chest started to glow. All of their eyes grow to the size of plates knowing what was going to happen. It blasted a beam right at Twilight. Twilight blocked it by casting a shield spell but the blast was too strong. Her shield broke easily. Attacking doesn't work, running isn't an option. The bass monster's arm starts to charge up. A red target began to show up out of nowhere, but it moved toward Fluttershy. She moved out of the way but it was too late, it was locked right on her. Dash tried to help but was pin down by the bird thing, so were the rest of them. Applejack and Pinkie were being held by the slim spider, Pinkie's party cannon was felt by itself, while Twilight and Rarity were trap in the leaf thing's flytrap arms things and Vinyl was wrapped in its arms. The creature arm stopped charging and pointed to Fluttershy. At that moment, everything slowed down. Everything went down in seconds. First the blast then the cried for help. They all closed their eyes fearing for what they're going to see. Shy's life flashed before her eyes. Tears ran down her cheeks, she closed them and waited for the end... nothing. The blast was heard but it didn't hit Shy.

She opened her eyes and was met with a big green beast blocking her. He turn to face here both of their eyes meet each other, her blue eyes meet with his black and red eyes. It frighting at first but it changed when she notice the burned mark on his chest. He turns his head back toward the bass monster. The green horned beast slams it's claws and tail to the ground causing a shockwave that hits all the creatures. They let go of Fluttershy's friends, they rush towards Shy checking if she okay. She was fine not hurt in anyway then they turn to look at the beast that saved her life. He was green with yellow swirls going around his body, two large horns stuck out of his head, his tail was a ball of spikes. Fluttershy was the first to speak.

"Thank you, kind beast." she said holding back a tear.

The beast nodded then he went to fight the monsters that were now angry that their fun has ended. Twilight and the rest watch in awe as this green protector is fighting these things. The creatures took every hit he made on them. Pinkie took out a camera she had in her pants and started taking pictures of the beast as Dash, Rarity, Applejack and Vinyl cheered him on.

Twilight watched as he fights the slim creatures, after hitting each one of them, all but one turn to a puff of dust. The bass creatures notices the pink cannon on the ground, it began it consume the cannon. The cannon fused with its left arm. The green beast stared at the now new monster. With a quick turn it faded in to the vortex's wall. Then the wall of vortex disappeared. They looked around in shock. All the flying slim ball creatures were gone and so was the other two vortexes. The only one left was the big vortex. Soon a large yellow fox show up. The two talked to each other, they only made a roar like sound when they spoke. The large vortex opened and what was standing at the spot were snake-like slim and a spider-like slim with one big leg. They moved like snakes but looked weird in many ways.


The spider slim thing had more legs than the one before, it had a long tail which means it attacks with it. The two stop talking or something and faced to creatures. The green beast rush toward the snake creatures while the yellow fox was about to move but Twilight voice stopped her.

"Is there anything we can do to help?" She asked.

The yellow fox looks confused then looks towards the long tailed spider. The Fox looked back at Twilight & her friends and pointed at it then to the middle of the area. They understood on what she wanted them to do. Dash, Applejack & Vinyl went to help the green beast. Twilight & Rarity used a teleproting spell on the spider to the center while Fluttershy and Pinkie stayed back and watch. Pinkie still took pictures of the two colorful creatures. Once they got the slim creatures in the center of town, Twilight asked what to do now. Both Spikan and Zaza jumped in the air and soon the became orbs of light and awe Twilight & her friends watched the orbs shoot up to the sky and disappeared.

"Well thats JUST GREAT THEY LEFT US!!!" Dash yelled to the sky.

"Maybe they just swapping with somepony else." Twilight reasures them. Pinkie's tail started to shake wildly, they looked at Pinkie then Dash spoke once more.

"Well they better have a big ass Friend that-!!" Dash words were stopped by the sound of lighting. They looked up to the sky and saw clouds forming out of nowhere. They watch as lighting ran cross the dark clouds. Suddenly lighting struck at slim creatures, they took a huge amount of damage. They burst to dust. The two helpful creatures reappeared out of a bright light. Pinkie cheered at the two for putting a big finally in the end.

“That was the best thing in my life!!!!” Pinkie cheered. Dash walked over to the green beast.

“I've gotta say you fight pretty will for a beast but I'm still the toughest flying pony fighter around.” she smirked. Dash pushed him lightly in the shoulder, Spikan pushed back joyfully which Dash was thrown a couple of feet back.

“Scratch that you're way more tougher than me." She replied to her own words.

Applejack being the smarter than Dash, she nicely shake his hand/claws. She felt little pain from his grab but it was only a dog bite to her. Rarity and Pinkie was talking to the fox on how her fur looks and how kind she was to help them. Zaza blushed as they comment her, Vinyl gigged at the her. Twilight was still trying to figure out of they just became obs of light then to clouds of lighting. Fluttershy still notices the burned mark on his chest. She walked towards him alittle scared but she took care of animals whom were hurt in anyway. Spikan felt a hand placed of his chest, his looked down to see Fluttershy touching him.

"Does your chest still hurt for taking that hit for me?" She asked softly. Spiken shook his head as a no. Fluttershy was thankful that she didn't put this poor thing in pain for her weakness. Both Spikan and Zaza turn back to orbs of light and shot towards the Everfree forest.

"Well today was a very interesting. I thank Celestia would by happy to here this." Twilight said. They soon notices pony walking out of their homes. Ponyville wasn't in any bad shape just some windows breaking and holes in the wall. Dash looking around notices a dragon standing on top of town hall. She turn to tell her friends but when the looked his was gone. Pinkie diceide of putting on a party of the two creatures who saved their home.

The party happen at night in the middle of town and all ponies in Ponyville was invited. Twilight and her friends were talking about what happen today while Spike and the CMC were talking to each other about something.

"Spike do you think is a good idea to kept this to ourselfs?" Sweetie belle said to him, Spike nodded. Grilda was eating a cupcake while Shakin and Nagu was no where to be seen. Spike garbed two piece of cake and place them under the table. If you listen carefully you can hear muching sounds. The mane six notices Spike & CMC, they walked to them greeting them nicely.

"So Spike, where were you when this happen?" Twilight asked him. Spike explain the Applebloom needed help in the a new friend of their's.

"Where's Grilda." Shy asked looking around. Spike pointed behind him that Grilda was drinking some apple juice.

"You three wouldn't believe what happen to today." Dash said excaited.

Dash told them what happen in ponyville. Rarity was planing a dress that looks like the lovely fox's coat. Applejake was looking at Spike's hand that was garbing a cupcake and putting it under the table. Pinkie was petting Grilda nicely on the back. The party lasted till 12:00 am. When ponies started to leave Spike garbed Shakin, Grilda and Nagu and rush towards the liberty as quick as he can. When he got back to his room both of them were already asleep. Twilight come home she walked up stairs to check on Spike. She softly opened the door and saw Spike sleeping. She closed the door not noticing the two new baby creatures next to him. Twilight wrote a letter to Celestia and in the morning she'll asked Spike to spend it. She got to her bed and turn off the lights, wishing on a star for a pacefully tomorrow.