• Published 19th Nov 2013
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Spike's Digimon partner - Sand Storm

In this story Spike finds a book with a D and a monster popping out of it. He reads a page with black dragon wearing armor, Spike began to wonder if both of them are the same.

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Tamers meets ponies

It was quite in Shinjuku, car roam the road, people passing by and a moon shining beautifully in the sky. In a bakery far from the city, Takato was sleeping in his bed with Guilmon. Guilmon rise from his sleep which awake Takato, he yawned then looked at Guilmon sleepily.

"What is it Guilmon?" He asked the dragon digimon.

Guilmon growled at the window near the bed. Takato looked out his window, he fully wake up at what he was seeing. A fog that was glowing in a bright light. Takato got out of bed and in into his clothes and quickly/quitely ran out said. Takato and Guilmon ran towards the fog, Takato place on his goggles on and race to the now white fog. As he reach the fog, two other tamers showed up near the fog. Takato recongized them. Rika and Henry. Takato looked at their faces and notices that they to were tired as well. Henry and Terriermon yawn and Rika looked as if someone poured ice water on her while Renamon look normal as ever. Takato slowed down as he draws near them.

"What's up guys?" He said to them. They just lazily waved at him, Takato nevously laughed.

"So what's with this Fog? When I looked out my window I saw to glow bright like the sun." He said to them.

"Same here." Henry said sleepily.

"It wake me up from my sleep. So let end this quick, so I can go back to sleep." Rika stated. The three agree on ending it quick.

Henry and Rika place on their glasses and they entered the Digital filed. When they entered, they heard a few voices and shouts. The gang looked at each other confused and was one about to say something till a soft voice asked them a question.

"Um... Can you help us? If you want." Its female voice said.

The tamers looked at each other confused by the question. Terriermon spoke in his usual rude voice.

"Hey! Stop hidden and fight! You scary cat!" he said.

Terriermon was about to walk over there but Henry stopped him.

"Terriermon, We don't know how powerful this or these digimon are. Plus one of them just asked if we can help them." He said. Rika exhale loudly.

"What if they are just ticking us into helping and when we get near them, they'll attack. I say we fight it and not help it." She said while Renamon stayed quite.

Takato was about to speak till Rika nodded to Renamon to fight. They place on their Anti fog goggle/glasses and when the fog cleared their eyes widen at what was there. A BlackAgumon was standing there while four strange looking creatures stared at them. Three were pony like humans and one purple and green dragon like human. They stared at each other till Renamon attacked BAmon.

"Diamond Storm!" Her voice echoed the attack. She crossed her arms and shards of diamonds appeared out of nowhere. She spread her yellow arms and the shards fired at him. BAmon dodged the shards and stared at them.

"Hey were not going to hurt you...Well not them but I might." He said calmly to them.

Guilmon ran towards BAmon trying to ram him but BAmon saw this coming and attacked.

"Baby Volcano!" His voice echoed.

Small bit of purple magma began to pour out of his mouth. He aimed it at Guilmon. BAmon fired it at him, the purple magma ball shot towards Guilmon till Terriermon blocked it and tossed it back to them. The magma ball explodes sending a shower of lava on the human like creatures. They ran in circles while dodging the rain of lava till Guilmon attacked next.

"Pyro Sphere!" Guilmon voice echoed.

"Guilmon don't!" Takato said to him but was to late.

A red light began to glow from his mouth and fired it at BAmon but he dodged it and instead of hitting BAmon it hit the pony like creature. It fall to the ground and yelped in pain. Henry and Takato looked concern for it.

"Guilmon, Why did you do that?!!" Takato said partly angry. Guilmon stared him confused.

"But He attacked first." He said to Takato.

"No, Renamon attacked first and he was attacking in defence." He told Guilmon.

Henry looked at the strange creatures. They were colored differently. One of them had wing, yellow fur, pink mane and tail. The second one was pink all over fur, mane and tail. The last one was white fur with curled purple mane and tail, it-she had a horn poking out of here head. Henry looked at the dragon and he stared at them angrily. Henry looked closer at one of them and noticed that the yellow pony creature's arm was lightly burned by Guilmon attack. Henry looked back at Takato and Rika.

"Guys, I think we hurt one of them." He said grabbing their attention. Rika looked at him like he said something dumb.

"Why would we care? Their Digimon, they may seen like humans but Digimon can look like that if they wanted to." She said to him. Henry looked at her partly angry and part reasoning.

"But what If their lost and from another world? Plus three of them are female and ones a male." He said. The two began to argued.

Takato looked at them and Henry was right. Takato was about to say something but a strange sense came over him. He stared back at the dragon and BAmon, they had a strange dark aura surrounding them. Takato felt terrorifed just looking at them.

"Spike, calm down we don't need to fight them." Said the white mare but the 'Spike' didn't say a word.

"Spike, Whats wrong? Why is BlackAgumon eyes glowing red." The pink mare said.

Takato looked at BAmon, and she was right! His eyes were glowing red. Takato felt that this going to be bad.

"Guys, Something happening!" He said scared. The two stopped arguing and looked at him confused then at the pony and dragon creatures. Henry decided that maybe talking to them might help with this problem.

"Hey! We didn't mean to hurt any of you. We though you were Digimon." Henry said to them.

"Wait, You know what Digimon are?" Said the pink mare.

"Yeah, Don't ya see the three next to us." Rika said rudely.

"Oh." The pink mare replied.

While they talked, BAmon began to attack again.

"Dark Pepper Breath!" BAmon's voice echoed darkly.

They looked at him shockingly as a dark fire sparks pour out of his mouth. The dark fire ball popped out of his mouth and flouted above him. As the dark aura that surrounded him began to fuse itself with the fire ball. Renamon, Guilmon, and Terriermon watch as the fire ball expanded to a much large size. It continued to grow bigger and powerful. The mares stared at Spike and BAmon in horror as this goes on. Shy looked at Spike, who seem to act different.

"Spike are you alright?" She asked him worriedly. Spike didn't respond. Shy placed her hand on his shoulder to snap him out of this trans. Spike turn to face her, his eyes were as red as BAmon's. Shy down at him with a concern look.

"Spike, Please calm down." She asked him calm and softly. Shy pulled Spike into a hug as he growls lowly. Shy hums something that clams him down.

Spike bilked a few time before his eyes turn back to emerald green but BlackAgumon still had red eyes and a dark aura around him.
Spike looked around confused.

"What happen?" He asked.The tamers ran towards the dragon and ponies.

"Hey, Are any of you okay?" Takato asked. They nodded. Rika turn to see how the digimon are doing and she gasped.

"Renamon! Move out of the way!" Rika yelled. The group looked to see why she yelled. They all gasped as she did when they saw the fire ball expanded to the size of a mini sun. He fired it at them. The other digimon got ready to move.

"Diamond Storm!"

"Terrier Tornado!"

"Pyro Spare!"

Their attacks hit the large fire ball but it didn't work, their attacks didn't even slow it down. Renamon, Terriermon, and Guilmon dodged it but the explosion was strong enough to cause the ground to break and fly around hitting everything. The tamers, dragon, and ponies moved out of the way. The tamers looked at their digimon, whom were hurt badly by the strike. They brought out one card each that might work. Shy looked at them worried.

"What are you doing?" She asked concernly.

"We're going to Digivole them to stop your friend." Henry said calmly. Shy gasped.

"You're going to hurt him, are you?" She asked them sadly.

"No, just enough to calm him down... at least." Takato said to her.

"And if that doesn't work then we digitize him." Rika said rudely. Spike looked at her shocking.

"You can't kill him." Spike said to them.

"Then we just need to stop him." Henry said. The four looked at each other then nodded.

"Just don't hurt him to much." Shy told him begging.

"Digi-modify!" The three said in unison.

"Digivole Actived." They said in unison.

But nothing happen, they tried again but again nothing happen. Spike and the other looked at each other confused.

"Why isn't working? How can you stop him without Digivoleing." Ruki asked worriedly. Takato bring out one of his other cards.

"Maybe we can stop by defeat him normally." He said.

"Well that's our only shot." Henry said faintly.

"Digi-modify!" They said again in unison.

"Power boost!" Takato said.

"SnowAgumon's Little Blizzard!" Rika said.

"Speed boost!" Henry said.

They watch as Guilmon charge his attack, Renamon aims her hands at BAmon, and Terriermon runs around him.

"Pyro Spare!" Guilmon's voice echoed firing at him before Renamon froze him while Terriermon used Terrier Tornado.

BAmon was hit with Pyro Spare and froze in place, Terriermon spin around the frozen statue of BAmon and spins like a tornado then strikes at him. BAmon was thrown back falling to the ground. He didn't seem to move at all. Shy was about to run over to him but Rika said something that shocked her and the others.

"Renamon, just to make sure." Rika said to Renamon.

"R-right." She shakenly replied. Renamon jumped in the air and crossed her arms then shards of glowing diamond surround her. She spread her arms and the shards fired at the fallen BAmon, whom didn't get up or move out of the way. The shards hit directly at him and a cloud of dust formed after the attack. They look at each other then Spike looked at Rika and spoke angrily.

"Why did you do that??!!!" He yelled at her.

"If we didn't stop him then he would have hurt you and your pony friends." Rika told him.

"Did you really think that would work???" Said a voice across from them. They quickly looked and shockingly saw BAmon standing up not one single mark on him. They looked at each other before hearing him speak again.

"BlackAgumon Dark Digivlove to~ Ahhh!" He said before fainting with a few darts shot at his back.

They all looked around wondering who did that but they didn't see anyone around just the sounds of cars far away.
Shy tried to run over to BAmon but fall down still not used to walking on two legs, Pinkie jumped towards him leaving six confused stares and three face palmed. Pinkie picked him up and reappeared right behind Spike. They jumped not noticing that she picked up BAmon and brought him to them. They looked at him and was reliefed that he was okay just had some bruse. Shy, Pinkie , and Rarity began to walk on their two legs. It didn't take long for them to get use to walking on two legs till Takato ask them to come over to his house but he remembered that he had one guest room and there's four of them. Henry said he had a guest room as well so did Rika. So it was settled Spike, Shy, and BAmon would go with Takato, Pinkie with Henry and Rarity with Rika. They went back home quitely as a mouse and went to bed. The unconcusion BAmon slept on the bed while Shy and Spike slept on the ground. If they looked to the sky they would have notice a hailcopper following them.

"Keep in eye on those things...We might have more of them coming." Said the

(Takato's POV)

When morning come the sun was shining and bird were singing. Takato wake up and heard his mom baking breakfeast for him but what was strange to him was that when he walked down to the kitchen table, it had five plates and two large plates. He wonder why tell he remember the night before.

"Mom? Why did you place three extra plates on the table?" He shakily asked. His mom turn with a smile on her face.

"Well, when I walked down about to make breakfeast for the four of us, till I heard someone talking in to one another in the guest room. So I peeked in and saw two other people in the room and their digimon. So I was going to ask you who they are, and why they are here." She said not one hint of anger. Takato rubbed the back of his head.

"Well, I was going to ask them that today." He told her. His mother looked at him confused.

"Well, how did you meet them?" She asked him questionably.

Takato explain to her what happen and who they are from what he knows. She looked at him confused when he said pony and dragon-like creatures.

"What do you mean by 'they looked like pony and dragon humans creatures'?" She asked him confused.

Takato was abit to say something till he heard a loud noise coming from the guest room. His father come down to the kitchen worried.

"What was that?" He asked them.

"Ummm...Just our guest." Takato said before racing up there.

"Oh......Wait? What guest!!!" He yelled confused.

(Spike's POV)

Spike wake up lazily in the arms of Fluttershy. He blushed as she tighten her grip when he tried to move, Spike looked around and noticed that they were not in the tree house. Spike looked more and saw BAmon staring at him with a smirk on his face.

"Having fun?" He said to Spike smiling.

Spike blushed and didn't say a word. Spike began to shake Shy softly to wake her. She made some groans before opening her eyes. She blinked a few times before she can see clearly. She noticed that she was holding Spike close to her, she lets go and gets up to full height. Spike did as well, when they both stood up they can see who was taller. Shy was at least 7'5 and Spike was 6'7. Spike looked at her chest and she was a C-cup but it was covered in her fur. Shy blushed by his staring. Spike turned his head to stop staring. BAmon laugh at this. The two blushed harder by his giggling. Shy looked at herself and moved her newly fingers, she always wondered how they felt. They feel smooth and furry. Spike watched as she tested her hands by picking up a pencil and other things.

"So hows the hands?" He asked smiling at her. Shy looked at Spike smiling too.

"Great! I always wanted to see how you use this." She said excitedly. Spike smiled back, BAmon snorted. Shy and Spike looked at him confused.

"Whats wrong." Shy asked him.

"Well for one: What happen to me last night? I don't remember anything after Shy got hurt. And two: How did we get here?" He asked them confused. Spike didn't know much, Shy on the other hand did. She began to tell them both what happen after they and two of their friends got to this world. Spike becomes confused and BAmon questions it. Spike helps shy learn how to walk on two legs. It was a slow process but she got the use of it and now she can walk perfectly fine. Till she knocked over a lamp, it fell and broke it to many pieces it, Soon Takato walks in on them. He looked panic when he open the door.

"What's going on here?" he asked them.

"I-I w-was just trying out my hands and walking." Shy told him. Takato looked at her confused.

"Back where we're from she had hooves." Said Spike

Takato made an 'ohh' sound understanding the reason. Guilmon soon showed up in the room behind Takato.

"Morning Guilmon." Takato said to his partner.

"Morning Takato." Guilmon said happily.

Shy and Spike looked at the red dragon next to Takato. They seen to be partners.

"So you two are partners, right?" Spike asked them, they nodded.

"So how do you get you partner?" Shy asked them curious.

Takato explain how he get Guilmon. Shy and Spike were surprised that Takato created Guilmon. BAmon finds this weird and odd but says nothing. When he finished he ask how they got their partner. Spike explain how he got BAmon but took out the fight he had with Shy and the others. Spike then showed Takato his Digivice, Takato was taking back by the look of Spike's D-power.

"That's a strange D-power." Takato said to Spike. Spike looked at him confused.

"D-power? I thought it was a Digivice." Spike said staring the his D-power,

"It is but it a type of Digivice." Takato said to him.

Takato pulled out his D-power and showed it to them.

It was Gold and White on his Digivice with the strap being red.

"Nice D-power, Takato." Spike said.

"Thanks, same goes to your's Spike." As they talked, Guilmon and BAmon were having their own conversion.

"So your Spike's partner?" Guilmon said, BAmon nodded.

"Then that means you can be friends!!!" He said excitedly to the black dino.

BAmon laughs to himself seeing how excited how this red dragon seen.

"I guess." He said to Guilmon.

"Can we play a game?" Guilmon asked but was interrupted by Takato.

"You made a new friend, Guilmon." Takato said getting the attention of the pony and dragon.

"You became friends with Guilmon?" Spike said half confused.

BAmon looked at Guilmon whom smiled happily then back at Spike and shrugged.

Shy smiled but stayed quit as Takato looked slightly confused.

Before Takato could asked more question but quickly noticed that Spike and Shy were not wear any clothes. Takato ran out the room quickly and left the four confused. When he come back he had some shirts and pants that were colored differently. Takato handed them the clothes and walked out the room with Guilmon. BAmon stayed just to see how goofy they may look.

Spike put on a green shirt, blue pants and a purple hoodie while Futtershy wear a green sweater and the same blue pants. Shy's wings had a hard time fitting the sweater till Spike cut two long holes for her wings. Spike didn't look at her when she was getting dressed, while she did look at Spike when he was getting dressed. She noted the he was well tone and handsome looking, She blushed every time she would see his muclse flex. Later Takato come back and brought them downstairs and into the kitchen with his parents and Guilmon. Takato explain before he brought Shy and Spike that they don't eat meat so his mother had made them eggs, toast, and pancakes. While both Guilmon and BAmon had bread and a few meat. When Takato interdions them, his mom and dad were surprise by how tall Shy was and that the clothes she wear didn't fit much. They didn't ask too many question just their names. BAmon and Guilmon eat all of the bread and bits of meat on their pans. Spike and Shy helped clean the dishes and helped bake bread and other bread teats. The phone rang and when Takato answered it, a pink pony popped out and gave him a note then went back into the phone. Spike and Shy looked at Takato who froze seeing Pinkie come out of the phone and handed him a note.

'Better till him about Pinkie later.' Spike and Shy thought to themselves.

Takato shook his head before reading the note. It said to go to the park. He looked at it the shrugged.Later Spike and the other went to the park to meet Takato's other friends and their digimons.

(Rika's POV)

Rika awake from her sleep by the sound of her mother screaming, she quickly got out of bed and rushed towards the guest's room and Rarity wasn't there. Looking around in the room still no sign of Rarity. Soon Renamon showed up behind Rika, Rika turned to face her friend but didn't expect Renamon to look....Fancy. Rika tried to hold back a laugh but couldn't by how silly she looked. Renamon just rolled her eyes.

"Sorry...sorry but ....what happen...to you?" Rika asked calming down.

Renamon looked at herself before speaking.

"Well Rarity met your mother then they quickly became friends once Rarity commented on her mother's dresses. After that I showed up to check if she was alright. Rarity decided that I should have a 'make-over' and here we are." She finished well getting the make up and dress off her.

Rika walked in to the dinning room and was greeted by her grandma, her mother, and Rarity who was dress in a the same color purple of her mane/hair. Rarity was talking to her mother about what material to use and to gems to her dress to bring out eyes or something. Rika groaned hearing them talk about dresses and other girly things. She sat down next to her grandmother whom was eating rice. Rika grabbed some and started eating. It was quit till her grandmother spoke.

"So who this? A friend of yours?" She asked softly. Rika looked at Rarity who was helping her mother with a dress to wear for the day then back at her grandmother who seen to not mind a walking talking pony human thing. Rika looked at her confused before speaking.

"She a friend of Takato and had to stay here for the night. So she had to stay here last night. I was hopping to avoid you two knowing." She said finished. Her grandmother didn't answer just nodded.

Soon the door bell rang and when she answered it, the mailman was there to gave her a latter. Rika looked at it confused.

"I was given to deliver this in person and it was suppost to given to this place at this time and day." He said sounding surprised. When he left, Ruki opened it and the sounds of horns and cunfade popped out surprising her. When it was over she read the note and it said to go to the park for another surprise. Not knowing if she was thinking straight she agreed to herself that she would go. She walk back to get Rarity but not after her mother saying she'll be gone for the day. Rika groaned seeing that she is going to have a dress wearing test or something. Rarity looked Rika on how she looked.

'She seen to be just like Dash, tomboyish.' She thought to herself.

Rika handed Rarity the note and then they were off to the park but not before Rarity prepare herself. (UHHHH!!!!)

(Henry's POV)

Henry was sleeping peacefully till the sounds of Terriermon yelling to stop. Henry got up from his bed and walked to see whats was going on. He walked till the sounds of Terrier's voice was louder when he got near his younger sister's room. The sounds of his little sister Suzie made him smile till the sound a another person laughing stopped him from walking away. Henry quickly and quitely open the her door and was greeted by Terriermon wearing a sheep custom. He then looked around and noticed that Lopmon was also in a sheep custom while Suzie and a pink pony were in a lamb keep dress with canes. Henry looked at them with a odd and confused look on his face.

"Uh? What going on?" He asked stopping them from doing whatever they were doing. Suzie turn to face her older brother with a smile on her face.

"Henwy! We'we playing sheep keepews! Want ta play with us?" She asked him smiling. Henry looked at Terriermon who had a begging for help look on his face. Henry looked at the pink pony whom was now dressed like a wolf. Wait?....Wasn't she a lamb keeper just a second ago.

"Pinkie? Weren't you in a sheep keeper's dress just a moment ago?" He asked her. Pinkie turned to face him with a confused look.

"Well, how else are we to play 'Protect the sheep from the hungry wolf.' if not one of us is a big bad hungry wolf, Silly." She said to him. Henry was trying to think on how that makes any sense till Terriermon spoke up.

"Please help Henry! This pink pony lady crazy!" He said.

"Terrior don't say anything about our guest...Even if she a strange talking pony." Henry said to Terrier. Pinkie stuck her tongue out at him. Henry was about to asked Lopmon but she seen to in joy Terriermon's displeasure. Henry looked back at Pinkie whom seen to happy play with Suzie.

"Hey Pinkie did you eat anything?" He asked her. Pinkie turn to face him smiling.

"Oh! I alright made you and your family breakfeast. Didn't you see the balloon and sign?" She said questionably. Henry looked at her like she was crazier than he thought but when he turn around to see what she meant. His eyes widen as he saw plates of food standing there with his mom and dad looking at the table confused. Henry looked back the pink pony about this but when he did she was gone. He looked around the room and the only ones there was Suzie and the digimon. He heard her voice which was behind him, he turn around and saw her talking to his parents whom were stun by how tall she was (6'0 ft). Henry noticed that she was wearing pink clothes, pants, shirts, and socks.

'When did she get those?' He asked himself.

"So your a talking pony?" Henry's mother asked Pinkie. Pinkie nodded. Henry's father looked at her before speaking.

"Uh...not to sound weird but you not a pony but a human girl." He said to her, Pinkie then laughed before answering.

"Well of cause I'm not a pony when I fell into this world with my friend, we turn into humans." She said.

Henry quickly shut her mouth before she could say anymore. Pinkie looked at Henry then placed her hand on his mouth like he did with her's. Henry looked at Pinkie with a questionable gaze. He lets go off Pinkie's mouth and she lets go of his. Henry then explain what happen last night, his father partly understood but his mother didn't understood with the talking pony human in her home. Suzie come in and asked Pinkie to sing her a song, Pinkie thought for a moment before she jumped into a plant pot leaving Suzie giggle and checking it to see where she went while Henry and his parents confused. Then the sound of a pig snorting made them turn around to see a stage in the living room.

"Where the Heck did a stage come?" Said Henry's mom.

"Is eveypony ready for a pig party!!!" Pinkie's voice said out loud. In a pink blur Suzie and Henry were wearing pig noses, ears, and tails while their parents dressed like farmers. Suzie giggled as Pinkie began to sing her pig song the one she sang to the twins but at least this time somepony er human likes it. Henry looked at her as she bounced on her tail then started singing. He looked at his parents and they were as confused as he was. Before Henry could stop Pinkie singing, the phone rang. His mother went to answer it and when she asked who it was, her face expression charged to shock and confused. She called Henry over to the tellphone, he asked who it was? She said Pinkie. Henry quickly looked back to where the stage was and it was gone and just had Pinkie face painting Suzie to look like a bunny. Henry place the phone to his ear.

"H-Hello?" He asked slowly.

"HI Henry! I need you to go to the Park right now your friends are waiting." She said excitedly.

"Okay...But how are you calling me if you're here playing with Suzie?" He asked her smirking knowing he caught her at her own game.

"Oh! She already with me at the park. Say hi to your brother, Suzie." Pinkie said, Henry was about to speak again till the sound of his sister of the phone stopped him.

"Hi Henwy!" She said on the phone. Henry quickly turned around and noticed that Pinkie and Suzie were gone.

"H-how?" He said to himself.

"Hurry up and get here Henry-Larry, You friends are waiting." And then the phone ended. Placing the phone back and getting His and Suzie's digimon. He raced out the door headed towards the park.

(Unknown Digmon's POV)

"(Giggling to herself) Oh! I'm going to love watching how this dragon plays his part."

Author's Note:

Who is this Digimon and why does this she have an interested in Spike?
How did Spike and the others got stuck in the human world?
And will Henry ever understand Pinkie? Probably not.

Wait till next time to see how this goes!

Sorry this took so long I had to do school and some test been going on so anyways hope you all like this part and If there any gammer problems it because I got too excited on writing Pinkie's and Henry's part.

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