• Published 19th Nov 2013
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Spike's Digimon partner - Sand Storm

In this story Spike finds a book with a D and a monster popping out of it. He reads a page with black dragon wearing armor, Spike began to wonder if both of them are the same.

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Uninvited guest

As Spike, Fluttershy, Takato, BlackAgumon, and Guilmon walked along the sidewalk to the park, Fluttershy had the time to asks questions.

"Uh..Takato? Can I ask you a question?" Fluttershy asked him shyly, Takato nodded in response.

"How do you take care of animals here?" She asked looking at the birds and squirrels roaming freely. Takato looked around for a moment before answering her question.

"Well that depends on what animal you're talking about? Not to get me wrong but most people don't have pets to take care of." Takato explains to her, Fluttershy looked a bit confused before quickly understanding him.

"So many humans don't have pets because they have other important issues?" Fluttershy asked him. Takato looked at her with a light confused look.

"Well many of us do have pets but they're mostly dogs, cats, birds, snakes, lizards, and for sometime alligators." Takato told her what pets people have and some of the weird ones. Spike during the time was lost in his thoughts.

"So this world believes that dragons, alicorns, and other mythical creatures are fake or just legends." Spike said to himself out loud. Luckily Takato could hear what he was saying.

"Well technical people do believe in legends." Takato said to Spike while leading the way to the park which wasn't far.

"So do any of us 'legends' make some sort of part in your human's history?" Spike asked him while BAmon let out a loud yawn, Guilmon was just calmly walking along side him. Takato began to rub the back of his head.

"Well....Dragons are sort of know for killing people and a knight who went out to fight them. Hehehe." Tatakto calmly said trying not to cause a scene or something but Spike seemed really calm.

"Was it out self defence?" Spike asked questionably.

"9 out of 10 yes while the others was for their treasures and gems." Takato said to Spike. Fluttershy and Spike understood clearly as Takato told them how dragon's are in his world, Spike was feeling a bit better that Dragons ain't just seen as monster, horrible creature or demons but part of history, legends, and religions. Even seen as gods in two parts of this world! Fluttershy was amazed to hear that this humans love beastly creature can be one thing but to hear that dragons are also gods in some ways was unheard of.

"What about unicorn, pegasus, and ailcorns? Do they have anything to your kind?" Fluttershy asked him while they stopped at the streetlight. Many people looked at Fluttershy like she was a walking statue, Shy annoyed the stares and listened to Takato as his explain.

"Well I don't know what's an Ailcorn is but pegasus and unicorn are favorites of little kids...that is till they get older to more better fairy tales." He said trying not to hurt her feels but instead she seemed okay with it.

"Well at least they had dream about us?" She asked him questionably.

"Oh yeah, when I was five years old, I always wanted to ride of a pegasus but that was just a silly wish." Takato said laughing at the memory. Fluttershy then had an idea, and idea that will make this boy happy.

"Well if we find a way back to our world, my best friend Rainbow Dash could let you ride her." She said smiling which brought joy to Takato's face. BAmon started giggling at what she just said, Spike looked at him confused.

"Really?!!" He said excited. Spike laugh to himself while BAmon looked at the streetlight thought the hoodie. While waiting for the light to change, he could hear Guilmon was talking to himself within the box, the only thing he could hear was something about bread.

"This digimon really likes his bread....him and the pinkie would be quick friends?" BAmon asked himself. Thinking to himself of the thought of those two r

Finally the streetlight change and they were off. When they were near the park they could hear music playing and a few voices. One of them was Pinkie talking in a really fast motion while the others were friends of Takato. When they got near the stairs, Pinkie looked up and waved happily at them. Takato, Spike, Fluttershy, BAmon, and Guilmon walked down the stairs to greet the others. Pinkie pie appear right in front of them leaving Takato's friends confused.

"Welcome to the party Spike, Fluttershy, Claws, Takato, Guilmon! We've been waiting for you guys." She said greeting them. Takato looked at her her confused for three reason.

"Pinkie can I ask you a question?" He asked her while BAmon and Guilmon went off somewhere.

"Oh sure...what?" Pinkie said.

"Well who's Claws? For one thing." Takato asked.

"OH! Thats his nickname." Pinkie said. Pinkie then out of nowhere brought out a cupcake from her mane, Takato want to ask how she got that but Spike stopped him before he could ask.

"Pinkie just being Pinkie." Spike just to him, Takato was even more confused.

"What does that mean?" He asked.

"Don't question it." Fluttershy said which confused him even more. Takato then decided to take her answer and not question it. Soon Rarity, Rika, and Renamon showed up to the party. Rarity looked as stunning as ever and Rika looked angry for some reason guessing she had a fun time with Rarity, Renamon looked fine... in a way.

Spike looked at Rarity like he had just met her. She was about 6'5 wearing a purple tank top which was abit short for her so was her short pants which stopped at her thighs and she was wearing high heels. Spike was about to fall face first into the ground till Renamon caught him inches from the ground. Spike thanked her before Rarity rushed over to him. Spike's hearts raced even faster as the smell of perfume enter his nose.

"Spiky are you alright?" Rarity asked looking all over his body. In the background BAmon also known as Claws began to laugh out loud so did a tamer with a yellow cross on his shirts.

"Y-yeah, I'm o-okay?" Spike said trying his best to not make a fool out of himself. Rarity grabbed Spike and shoved him in between her C-cup chest. Spike was too surprised to speak nor move to break free.

As Rarity held Spike in her arms, Spike's tail made a 'bang' noise and straighten. Everybody tried their best not to laugh but failed while Shy blushed and covered Suzie's eyes. After a few seconds Rarity let go of him and Spike falls back to the ground, he quickly regained himself before he could embarrassed himself more. A few of Takato's friends walked up to Spike to greet him, Spike guessed during his little 'episode' the others most how already meet,Spike looked at two tamers.

One had brown, spiky hair, black shirt with a strange yellow cross, he wear a pale yellow short pants with blue sneakers, he also wear a cap on his hand and brown bracelets on his arms.

"Hi! The names Kazu. Kazu Shioda." The boy said holding out his hand to the dragon. Spike grabbed has hand and shake it.

"Spike. Nice to meet you." Spike said smiling.

"I've meeting a real dragon that wasn't from the digital world." Said the young short boy next to Kazu. This tamer had glasses,short green hair, an orange sweat shirt with another shirt on but the one above was grey, he also wear brown long...short pants and white sneakers.

"Names Kenta kitagawa." Kenta said to Spike as they shake hand to claw.

"I take it that you two are Tamers too?" Spike asked them. The two nodded.

"So who is your partner?" Spike asked the two. Kenta's digimon pops out from behind him.

"Uhhh...That your partner, Kenta? I don't want to sound mean but it seems abit small to fight." Spike said confused by how small this digimon could fight.

"This is MarineAngemon, she's really a mega rank digimon. So I'm not much of a fighter but I can distract the bad digimon or heal the others." Kenta said laughing at himself. MarineAngemon didn't seem to find it funny, she then began make a bunch of short yelping noise.

"Sorry, I didn't mean it in a bad way just that we usual help the others when they are hurt." Kenta said to his partner, whom Spike couldn't understand.

"What did she say?" Spike asked confused.

"Don't know. Kenta's the only one who understand her. Anyway my partner is the big armored guy over there." Kazu said pointing behind him. Spike looked at the machine. The machine digimon seems to be talking to BAmon. Spike was not sure what was going on but he didn't want to know.

"What's his name?" Spike asked Kazu.

"Oh yeah! His name's Guardromon." Kazu said smirking. Spike almost laughed but controlled himself. Spike explained to the two that BlackAgumon was his and that Shy and the others were from another world. Kazu and Kenta were surprised to hear that Spike and his strange pony friends were from another world.

"Wow, it strange to hear that there's another like our well besides the digital world. What is your world like?" Kenta asked him. Spike explained that his world was to them, a mythical place full of magic and wonder. Spike then explained what creature were there like dragon, griffins, ponies, horses, zebras, and others.

Rika was listening in to Spike's converation with Kenta and Kazu, she was about to hear Spike talk about his world and the difference between their worlds. She stayed silence since she got here, the reason for that was she didn't trust this ponies nor the dragon but she felt something about the dragon was wrong...very wrong. Even his digimon seems to not be right. As Rika was lost in her thoughts she didn't notice Pinkie right next to her.

"What's ya thinking about?" Pinkie asked her. Rika jumped in surprised as Pinkie giggled to her self.

"How do you keep doing that?" Rika said out of confusion. Pinkie looked at her smiling but rubbing her nose.

"I don't know? It just happens when I want it to." Pinkie said giggling. Rika just put her hand on the side of her head.

"And to think...Digimon were the weird ones." Rika said remebering some of the strange things she saw in the digital world.

"Oh! By the way the names Pinkie pie." Pinkie said.

"Rika Nonaka." Rika replied. Rika turned to see Fluttershy was talking with Jeri Katou. The two seems to be in joying each other company. Suzie soon walked up to Pinkie with a bat and blindfold in her hands.

Pinkie took the bat and blindfold. Pinkie wrapped the blindfold around her eyes. Rika was sure if giving a person..er pony with a personality like her's with a bat wouldn't be a good idea.

"Where the heck is Henry?" Rika said to herself. Shrugging she went over to help spin Pinkie

Jeri Katou was a young girl with brown eyes and shoulder-length brown hair which is worn with a ponytail on the left side and a green hairclip. She wears a yellow shirt under a green dress, yellow socks, and white and cerulean sneakers.

"It's really nice to meet you and your friends, Fluttershy." Jeri said happily to Shy. Fluttershy smiled back.

"And it's nice to meet your friends as well Jeri." Fluttershy replied. Jeri was a kind and caring person just like Fluttershy, she even loved animals just as much as her.

"So you're a tamer as well? Not that is a bad thing." Fluttershy trying to not said mean about it. Jeri smiled at Fluttershy before pulling out her pocket.

Yellow and White digivice.

"Oh! That's a very pretty looking digivice, Jeri." Fluttershy said looking down at the little digivice. Fluttershy then looked at all other digimon beside Guilmon and Claws. She noticed a small cute white Digimon that was sitting on top of Claws's head eating a cupcake. Claws seems to not be very amused by this. Fluttershy giggled abit seeing BlackAgumon act so nice than he seems to be.

"So who is your partner? I'm assuming the little cute one on BAmon's head." Fluttershy said guessing. Jeri looked toward the table of sweets.

"Yeah, Calumon is my partner, my second one." Jeri replied but then frowned when she mention 'second'. Fluttershy looked at Jeri's depressed look. Shy placed a hand on Jeri's shoulder snapping her out of whatever was on her mind. Jeri looked at Fluttershy almost on the verge of tears. Fluttershy wrapped away few tears of hers before speaking.

"Jeri...I may not know what happen your first partner but I think it would help if you tell me. Right?" Fluttershy said trying her best to cheer up her mood. Jeri wrapped away a few of her other tears.

"Leomon was my first partner but we were partners for a short time, he sacrifice himself to save me and my friends." Jeri said weakly smiling. Fluttershy smiled seeing the smile on Jeri's face.

BlackAgumon's P.O.V

BlackAgumon stood near a tree in the shades thinking to himself while Calumon was sleeping on his head. BAmno thought to himself the Calumon was as strange as Pinkie. Speaking of Pinkie, she began the hitting of a animal paper shaped box. She continued to hit the animal thing but misses, BAmon shook his head as he went back to his thoughts. A few questions has enter his head. Why are there Digimon when the digigate is closed? How can Guilmon be a digimon if he was made from a drawing? Could Guilmon be the same as him but program differently? The biggest question was....

"How did I return to the living?" BAmon asked himself not sure it that was the right question. While he was thinking a few leafs fell from the tree he was resting at.

"Whatcha doing all by your loneself?" Asked a female voice that sounded similer to Fluttershy.

"Just thinking to myself." he responded to her. The figure in the tree didn't replied for a good minute before talking again.

"Why? Isn't the party great?" The figure asked him.

"For one: I'm not a 'partying guy'. Two: I could careless of this party." He said in brute tone as he watches everyone play and laughing.

"Well you could at least act like you're having fun." Said the female figure. BAmon thought to himself before answering.

"Y-you're...God Dammit you're right." As much as he would dislike parties even if this was his first, he could act as if he was having fun.

"(Giggling) So~" Said the figure in a singing tone. The sound of movement from the tree was heard. BAmon could the wind blow back from him. Guessing to himself, whoever was talking to just hung next to him by holding on to her tail.

"Whatcha going to do?" The figure asked again from behind him though the voice sound as if it was facing away from him.. BAmon smiled before rising his left claw.

"Well for one: I'm going to in joy of this day." He responded. The figure gave out a slightly turn to face him.

"Why?" Asked the figure.

"And for two:...Sharper Claws!" BAmon yelled before doing a 160 degrees turn. The figure was able to doge before getting hit.

She jumped out of the tree doing a backflip and landing softly to the ground. Everybody quickly turn to see a tall blue, armored wearing digimon. The tree the BlackAgumon slashed at fell landing loudly to the ground. Leafs began to dance as the slowly fell to the ground. Everybody was shocked to see a another digimon besides their own.

"BlackAgumon, who is this?" Rarity asked him. Fluttershy slowly picked up Suzie, looking around quickly thinking of a safe place to be if things goes down.The armored digimon turned to Rarity, smiling. Spike brought out his digivice to see what she was.

"It's name is Flamedramon. It's-." Spike couldn't finish because Flamedramon spoke up.

"I'm a girl, young male. Haven't you noticed my wide hips?" She said smirking at Spike. Spike and the rest of the boys blushed at her comment. Spike was about to apologize but she stopped him. While the girls in the group (not counting Suzie sense she has no idea what going on) glared.

"Go on and finish what you were saying about me." She said confusing them all. Spike was so confused he did what she said.

" A-an Armor level Digimon evolved from V-mon using the Digimental of Courage, and so those clad in this Digimental have their combat ability increased like blazing flames, allowing it to fight its opponents with intense power. Its Signature Move is punching the opponent with a fiery fist. Its Special Move is cloaking its entire body in fire and assaulting the enemy like a rocket. Attacks are Flame Fist, Fire Rocket, Flame Shield ,Flame Shot." Spike said but alittle confused so were the other. What was confusing was that the Flamedramon on Spike's digivice was a blue digimon and wearing armor that was red, yellow, and orange. The horn on it helment was like a small sword. But the digimon in front of them was clearly different then the one shown to them.

This Flamedramon was as tall as Fluttershy maybe even taller by in inch or two. She was blue with black and shaded red armor with bright yellow on the edges, the blades on her claws and boots were very sharp. Even thought she a digimon, she was very beautiful in Spike's pov, even her ruby colored eyes shined in the daylight. They others waited for her to do something while Flamedramon's tail swayed as she waited for one of them to do something else but boredom took over her and she had enough of waiting.

"Flame Fist!"


While waiting on a train, Henry looked at Terriermon and Lopmon. They were acting as toys, not moving or anything. As they were headed towards the park, Henry had one thought in his head.

"How the heck did Pinkie get to the park so fast?!!!!!"

Author's Note:

Sorry it took me a long time but hope this it fine for now.

Thanks to Shadow fire and Crescent-Blade for proof-reading.

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The story leads our fav dragon to find a book it the library. he reads it and found a dragon who purpose was the same. To be a slave.

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