• Published 19th Nov 2013
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Spike's Digimon partner - Sand Storm

In this story Spike finds a book with a D and a monster popping out of it. He reads a page with black dragon wearing armor, Spike began to wonder if both of them are the same.

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It was a normal usual clean this, clean that, move this there, place it here, same old same old but something to day is different. A purple dragon was cleaning up the library when he comes across a book with a D with something coming out of it. Spike finds it interesting so he walked to the couch and began to read it. He begins to read the book page by page. Later not knowing what time it was, a purple colored unicorn walked in looking very happy. She notices the dragon reading.

“Spike? Are you reading?" said the purple pony.

“I found this interesting book Twilight. It had this symbol on it." Spike said. Twilight walked over to see the symbol.

“I’ve never seen nor even had this book before." Twi said trying to remember.

“Can I read this first before you since I found it?" Spike said begging.

“Spike you find it. It's all yours." Twi replied.

Spike jaw dropped. He has never seen Twilight give away a new book that never supports to be in the library. Now he has his own book. If he was paying attention he would have heard Twilight telling him she'll be gone for a few days. Twilight walked up to her room to pack as Spike continued to read but stop at a picture of a dragon wearing armor. Spike looked at it like it was the only thing in the world. “BlackWarGreymon" was the only thing Spike could say.

Twilight came down before walking out of the door she looked over Spike to see what he was reading; to her surprise it was a black dragon with its hair standing out of his helmet, it was muscular but wear armor all over his body and it only liked the color black and yellow. She read a little of it, she back up a bit because the dragon looked more powerful than the princesses.

“This guy is so cool!" Spike said not knowing or sees Twilight behind him.

Twi walked out wishing she could take the book with her to read but Spike find it first so she would just ask him to borrow it when he is done. When the door closed, Spike turns the page. His heart skipped a beat because what he was looking at was a yellow fox standing on two legs wear purple gloves.

Her eyes were bright blue, had puff of fur on her chest. Spike wonder if she had breast under her fur because dragoness hid their breast the same way but with scales. Spike read her Bio and attacks. He felt his heart melt. Her Bio made him like her even more even love her best attack was diamond storm.

Spike went back the BWG to read his Bio and attacks. Spike happy feelings went down to sadness because BWGmon was said to have no heart or friends and only purpose in life was to fight. Spike felted like they had similar life purpose. Spike was born to be a slave, BWGmon was made to be a slave too but chose not to but did want his was made to do. Spike continued to read BWGmon short life. Spike was about to cry because BWGmon was following the same path.

Both of them in pain.
Both feeling empty.
Both having no friends.
Both have no... Hearts.

Spike begins to wonder if he was made to be like this, made out of magic, born to a helper to a pony who has many friends. Always lifted out of the action, treated like a dog but she keep calling him her brother. But both of them had a pony/Digimon to help them but with little help. Only to be right back at where they started. Spike didn't hear the door open nor see three little fillies and one Pinked maned yellow pony that cheered him up in his time of need.

They notice the dragon's eyes red and saw little tears falling down on the black armored dragon. The yellow pony used her wings and flew to Spike, so didn't the three fillies. They gave him a big hug to cheer but only made the tears fall like waterfall. The page of the armored dragon began to tear off. Spike looked up and notice who was hugging him. He could only spoke out his problem.

“W-was I created to be a slave?" Tears still fell but now less than before when he spoke.

“Why would you be a slave? You love to help Twilight... right?” Asked the yellow pegasus.

“I never like helping her! She always uses me as a test subject or a guinea pig." Spike said holding back some rage.

“And why would ya be created?" asked the yellow fillies wearing a red/pink bow.

“Because both me and this dragon are the same in many ways Fluttershy, Applebloom, Scootaloo and Sweetie bell." Spike said in a low voice.

“To Who?" Asked Scoots wonder.

“BlackWarGreymon. He another dragon like me but was made for hurting others." Spike than pointed to the book that was on his lap. They looked at it than read the Bio. Fluttershy gasped at what she reading.

“What kind of pony makes a creature to only fight?" Shy said softly.

“But both of you are not alike. He's a big black dragon with armor while you’re just a baby dragon." Sweetie bell said.

“Yes we are!!! He was made to be ordered around; I was born to do the same. We both have no friends. We both have many questions about ourselves." Spike said. Fluttershy was shock to hear what he was saying.

“Spike! Why would say you have no friends!!!?? You have many!!???" Shy spoke loudly.

“Because it’s true!!! I never went Pinkie & Twilight birthdays or yours!!! I was here for everything that happens to you and your friends!!! Every time some good happens to me they go and take it from me!!!" Spike stands up now walking in circles. “I’m always here!!! I never even went on your dragon adventure!!! I'm a freaking dragon too!!! Do you even remember what you do to me when we, well me, saved the Crystal kingdom?!" Spike is now looking at the now scared pony.

“We gave you a party." Shy said in low voice.

“You had a party for Twilight passing her test!!! If I was never there, you all would be in slaved be now. Plus you break into song for her, the FUCK!!! Do I get a song for save the kingdom!!! Noooo all I got to do is work the next day like it never happen!!!" Spike was tearing up again.

“All things I had to do and got no thanks for half the time I almost died!!! Do you remember what happen at the winter warp-up!!!?” Fluttershy nodded her head but closed her eyes.

“Ya’ll let me fall into the freezing cold water!!! I'm FUCKING cold blooded, I could have died that day but what did they do, what YOU did the element of kindness just stand there laughing at me like it was no tomorrow!!! I'm a BABY FUCKING DRAGON!!! The CMC were the only ones who helped me get out and check to see if I was doing fine, everyday!!!! I have no wings so Dash and Pinkie make fun of me for it!!! I'm used as a tool for work by my * sister * and by the pony who can't see I love her!!!"

Fluttershy is weeping now while the CMC are staying quiet out of fear because his claws were starting to be covered up in ghostly fire. “I never got time to have any fun!!! I never have any breaks!!! Never-!!!" Spike stopped because Shy was hugging. Spike tried to break loose but it didn't work.

“LET ME GO!!!!! Spike yelled.

“NO!!!" Shy yelled. He tried more but too little affect. After a few pull backs, Spike started to get annoyed by this. He raised his right claw which was engulfs with ghostly fire.

“I SAID GET OFF OF ME!!!!"And hit her on the cheek, the fillies jaws dropped to the floor at what they saw... Spike notice what he did then stared at her notice the three burn claw marks, some blood was on his right claw. Spike backed up to the door.

“I-I'm sorry." Spike said run out after saying that ran out the door while the wind ripped the page of BWGmon, taking it right out the door.

If he stayed long enough he could have heard Fluttershy say “It’s okay Spike. I deserved it for what I did to you."

Author's Note:

This my first story so comment nicely.
And thanks to DARKPHANTOM13 for editing this.

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