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What does fate mean to me? Rejection! - Sand Storm

A KH crossover of MLP. Spike has been call names and teated like dirt since the night of the party, only five of them don't talk to him or listen but force him to do work for them, so what he do? Goes to the only thing that can help.

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Shadows in town pt 1

"What?" Discord asked confused. He looked at them confused before snapping his fingers and disappeared before reappearing beside Twilight.

"Oh come on Twilight, best buddy, do leave me hanging." A small Discord said hanging from a strain of Twilight's mane. Twilight jumped as she saw him in front of her. Her yelp cause everypony to snap out on their thoughts.

"Seriously? What's going on?" He asked them.

"We just meet Sombra and Nightmare Moon." Twilight told him. Discord teleported off of Twilight's shoulder in reappeared right in front of them.

"Oh, Smokey eyes and Moony is back? That's not so surprising really. Is Triek coming back too?" Discord said while floating in the air in the sitting. Discord seen to be calm very about this.

"Why are you so calm about this? Shouldn't you be equal as worried as us?" Twilight asked him. Discord looked at her before rubbing his chin.

"Well I would be but why would I if you and your friends can saved the day with the power of friendship, and if things goes wrong then use the rainbow power you got." He said to them calmly. While that was true, Celestia know better than that. The elements of harmony and the rainbow power are only strong against threats that are from Equestria or in their world, beside Twilight and her friends haven't meet another worldly beings.

"That won't work." Celestia aloud gaining the attention of the group.

"What do you mean, Tia? The elements are the most powerful items in our world." Discord questioned.

"Yes, in OUR world but outside of that, they're just gems." Celestia said to him. Twilight's ear twitched a bit.

"What do you mean by 'our' world? Are there more than ours?" Applejack asked.

"Correct, there are over a 100 other worlds." Celestia answered. Twilight and her friends had a surprised look.

"How do you know that? Or even how is that possible, Princess?" Twilight asked her with a sense of disbelief.

"Yeah, if there's more worlds out there then why haven't any pony found them." Rainbow dash said while crossing her arms.

"There's a barrier keeping us apart from them." Celestia told them.

"Wait there's a barrier around our world? Why?" Pinkie asked her.

"Because our world is different than others. While me and Luna can control the movement of the sun and moon, other worlds don't. The magical force in our world is a lot stronger than others." Celestia told them. All of there mouths dropped except for Discord as he was eating a bowl of popcorn in the shape of animals.

"Ya mean other worlds don't have somepony controlling the sun and moon? I find that hard to believe." Applejack said, getting some agreement.

"Yeah, what next your going to say that the weather controls itself, nature grow on it's own, and the animals take care on their own." Rainbow Dash added jokingly.

"Why yes they do." Celestia responded smiling. Both Rainbow Dash's and Applejack's mouths dropped. Twilight was writing down this information, Rarity had a shocked look, Pinkie was smiling from ear to ear.

"When you think about it, it makes sense." Fluttershy said getting odd looks from her friends.

"What do you mean by that, shy?" Dash asked her.

"Well dragons don't control their weather." She told them.

"Well yeah, their too lazy and would whether sleep and gather gems." Dash told her.

"But don't the griffins and Zebra's do the same? I mean they don't control the nature nor the weather, and we have traveled to places that have been doing well without ponies control over them. It's that why Zecora lives in the Everfree, right?" Fluttershy stated. Before any of them could add, Celestia spoke.

"Fluttershy, you are very corrected. Many places don't have control of their weather nor their nature." Celestia smiled.

"So back on topic, what are this other worlds like? I mean if you have been there." Twilight asked her former teacher.

"To be honest, I don't know. From what I was told they can be anything. From a world where sea creatures rule to a world controlled by machines. Some can be where their technology is far more advance than us to being more primitive. There no way of telling what the world could look like." Celestia finished. Everybody (except for Discord) looked at her in awe. Twilight still wrote down what Celestia have said but then a thought came to mind.

"If that's true then why haven't you told us this or inform of everypony about this?" Twilight asked her, Celestia looked at her before answering.

"I promised that I will never inform those without reason. Plus our world was closed off to others until now." Celestia told them.

"But what reason do you have for not telling anypony?" Pinkie asked her.

"Because if somepony or something get that information than they will try to leave our world and into another. There is no telling how powerful someone can be if the leave and return. The why 'The Gates' were formed." Celestia told them with a stern look.

"The Gates? What are those?" Sweetie asked her nicely.

"The Gates are barriers that keeps each world safe. Worlds were once surrounded by barriers to prevent outside interference, making it impossible for different worlds to have contact. However, the arrival of the Heartless caused these barriers between the worlds to crumble and disappear, and for some worlds were consumed by the eldritch horde. The heartless travel though space or The Ocean Between also known as the "ocean of stars' a vast space between the worlds" Celestia respond to Sweetie. Twilight and the others looked at each other before looking back at her.

"Heartless? What are they?" Asked Applebloom. Celestia then explained what are Heartless and what they intentions are.

"So if that's true then why haven't we seen them?" Scootaloo asked her.

"Because our world had a special barrier place on it." Celestia told them while looking out the a window.

"How are we specials? Ain't we like the others?" Twilight asked.

"It's because our world's boost the magic greatly of those outside our world." Discord told her while he floated upside down before righting himself.

"Okay but why? Ain't their magic is the same as ours?" Twilight continued.

"Yes and No. Yes, as other worlds have the same spells as us but No, as we use our magic in a more controlled and peaceful while their are more for combat and killing." Celestia explained getting a few gasp.

"Killing, They kill each other. Why?" Asked Sweetie as she hold her sister's hand for confront. Applejack pulled Applebloom closer to calm shock and fear. Rainbow Dash was about to hug Scootaloo but Scoots nudged her while putting up a brave face.

"Because that's how their world works, and have no judgement on them. We have our own dark history that are hidden or forgotten in time." Celestia with a nearly sad tone as if remembering something she wished to forget.

"So then what about that phase Sweetie said 'the door to our world is opened.'?" Twilight asked her wanting to change the topic.

"Yeah, what's the big deal? If it's a door than why not close it? Can't be that hard, right?" Rainbow said getting some agreements but before Celestia could answer Discord cut in.

"It's a lot harder than you think. In order for protection of 'The heart of our world' the door is hidden and only appear once found by someone strong or by a keywielder after defecting whatever is causing the heartless to appear. The key is obviously the Keyblade but the door is something special to that World." Discord told them.

"He's right. The door to worlds protect the world's heart. These doors can be anything from a person to something simple like leaves or books." Celestia added.

"So how do you found these doors? If our world is endanger than we best look for it, right girls." Pinkie pie said.

"Thats the reason why they hid themselves. They are protect not only themselves but all those in that world. If they were found then the heartless would have an easier time founding it." Celestia explained to them. Twilight looked at her before a though came to mind.

'Why haven't asked this before?' Twilight though to herself.

"Why was Spike given a Keyblade? He didn't even wanted to be one in the beginning." Twilight asked getting the topic on the others minds.

"Yeah, we were training to be able summon our own even made fake ones to get the idea of how they feel. So why did he get one and not us? We saved Equestria three times while he saved The Crystal Empire once." Dash said to the sun princess. Celestia looked at them before giving a small smirk.

"Well, you'll find they're picky about their owners." She said to them. They looked at each other confused before looking back at her.

"What do ya mean 'they are very picky about their owners.'? Its it something we need to do to gain one?" Applejack asked the princess.

"No, Applejack. You go through Bequeathing to grin a chance to have one. A Bequeathing ceremony or Keyblade Inheritance Ceremony may be either intentional or accidental. To pass down the Keyblade intentionally, a Keyblade master must choose a successor. All the master must do is test the strength of the one they have chosen by allowing him or her to hold their Keyblade. While there are many qualities a Keyblade wielder must have in order to harness the Keyblade's power, the main requirement is for one to have an exceptionally strong heart. You all have shown to have very strong hearts but,"

"But what? If we have strong hearts then can't we just summoned it on our own?" Dash said interrupting the princess.

"Yes but you see, If the Keyblade accepts the inheritor selected, that person will become able to summon their own Keyblade whenever attempted. All the master must do is test the strength of the one they have chosen by allowing him or her to hold their Keyblade. If the Keyblade also approves of the heir, it will stay in the heir's hand and not automatically return to the master." Celestia said to them.

"That all? Sounds easy." Dash beam a smile.

"Dash, were you listing? The Master can choose an heir but the final decision is up to the keyblade." Twilight reminded her winged friend.

"Yeah, once we find a Keyblade master and they do the Ceremony thing, and the moment the keyblade sees the awesomeness in us. They have to make us wielders." Dash said proudly while puffing out her chest.

"Dash, as much as I would like to say you deserve of keyblade. It the master AND the keyblade itself who decides, mainly the keyblade." Said Celestia.

"Wait, so ya saying that the keyblade is alive?" Appleajack asked her surprised by the thought of the keyblade having a mind of it's own.

"In a way but the key rarely shows it. It would only speak its name then never speak again though it may point out what you have to do if you're in trouble." Celestia told them.

"So if they have a mind of their own then why would they not say anything to their master, you highness?" Rarity asked but Celestia just shrugged.

"I don't know. It maybe that they trust their master's actions." Celestia guessed. Before any of them could ask another question, a unicorn and earth pony guard rushed in, looking panicked.

"Princess Celestia, there are strange creatures attacking!" The unicorn nearly yelled in panic. Celestia looked shocked before rushing towards the balcony. The others followed but Discord stayed put.

"Celestia, what's happeni-" Twilight was about to ask as she neared the balcony but when she stepped out the castle she was greeted by ponyville's residents panicked screams. They watched as strange monsters attack houses or guards.

"What in the heck are they?!?" Applejack yelled. Celestia looked at the creatures beck realized what they were.

"Those are the Heartless. Creatures of darkness." Celestia informed them.

"Heartless? Why are they-"

"No time to explain, we need to stop them." Celestia said interrupting Twilight.

"Yeah! Let's show them why you don't mess with Ponies." Dash said excitedly before flying off.

"Dash! Wait we need to think up a plan!" Twilight yelled as her friend flew off but was to late as Dash was gone.

"Don't worry Twilight, she be fine. Now all of you go in help in anyway you can." She told them before looking towards the cutie mark crusaders.

"You three and Fluttershy will stay here were it's safe and please check on my sister." She told them before teleporting with the four.

"Well I guess I could help in some way. See we later Shy." Discord said before disappearing. The four looked at the spot where Discord just was before Sweetie spoke.

"So what now? Do we just go and wait for Princess Luna to wake up?" Sweetie asked her friends.

"Guess so." Applebloom guessed.

"Stay close, alright." Fluttershy told them as they hurried to Luna's room.

Unknown to them, they were being watched.

"Oh this going to be fun to watch." Said the one eyed watcher.

(Wast side of ponyville)

Rainbow Dash was flying around while grabbing ponies and taking them to Twilight's castle but as she searched for more ponies, a thin yellow laser was shot at her, lucky she dodged out of the way. Dash looked to where the laser came from and was greeted by bat-like creatures.

(Bit Sniper)

There was four of them flying around her. They looked weird and kind of silly.

"You seem so threatening up close." Dash said to them jokingly. The bats looked at her before stopping in place and shot a laser at her. Dash dodged out of the way before another laser was shot at her. The bats continued to shoot her but she was too fast from them. Dash gave them a cocky smile as she dodged their lasers.

"Come on, A blind unicorn can aim better." Dash mocked them. The bats didn't handle that well as they started to shot more at her. Dash continued to dodge while mocking them.

Unbeknownst to her, was a flying Soldier coming at her. The soldier dashed at her as she dodged the laser. Rainbow Dash was about to dodge another laser but was throw down by the soldier. Dash grunted as the heartless attacked her.

(Air Soldier)

The heartless held her in its grip as the bat like heartless charged their laser. Dash tried to get out of the heartless's grip but it was holding her tightly. It was strong for something half her height, though it seems to not need to flap it's wing to stay still. Dash trying to get out of its grip but to no avail so she decided to do a back flip as the bat heartless shot their laser. Just as she back flipped and was upside down with air soldier getting hit by the laser. The air soldier lost its gripped on Dash and turned to the bit snipers, it pointed at them angrily. The bit snipers panicked and took off while the air soldier chased after one of them.

"Okay, they are slightly more threatening than they seem." Dash said to herself before her ear twitched hear a loud explosion. Rainbow Dash turned to the sound and show a large smoke cloud.

"What's that all about?" Dash asked herself as she flew towards the smoke. As Dash neared the smoke cloud, she could see something moving.

"What it's that?" She asked herself

"WIND!!" Yelled an echo feminine voice. Suddenly a gust of wind swirled around the smoke making it fade away. In the clearing was the former changeling queen fighting some small shadow heartless.

"Firaga Burst!!" Chrysalis yelled as she cast a fire spell from her rose keyblade. A large ball of fire appeared before she hit it and send towards one of the heartless. It then soared up above, a few feet in the air before rain down smaller balls of fire. The attack took out all the heartless she was fight which from Dash's point of view was about ten.

"Wait hold up!? That not her normal looking keyblade!" Dash nearly yelled before landing a few feet away behind Chrysalis. Dash rushed towards her but was almost hit by her keyblade. Dash was able to get a good look at it.

"Rainbow Dash? What are you doing here? I could have hurt you." Chrysalis said with concern.

"That beside the point, since when were you an actually key wielder?" Dash asked her. Chrysalis looked at her and shrugged.

"Since I was young." She responded.

"So why haven't you said anything about this?" Dash asked while pointing at her blade.

"Never really wanted to tell you, so I just made illusion to make it look different. Also duck." Chrysalis told her before aiming her blade at Dash. Dash moved to the left as Chrysalis cast Blizzaga. The few heartless that were about to strike Dash turn to dust as they were hit with a huge block of ice.

"Anyway, best to get back to fighting. See you later." Chrysalis said to her before disappearing. Dash stand there for a few seconds before taking off to help out in this battle.

"Well at least it can't get worst." Dash said to herself. As she flew off, a red stream of light follow her before getting right in front of her. Dash stopped in place looking at what seem to be the Element of loyalty.

"What the heck? What are you doing." Dash asked herself.

"Well thou take thy weapon?" Her element asked her. Dash was shocked that it talked.

"Did you just talked?" Dash asked shock.

"Yes, now will you take thy weapon and fight for you world?" it was ask again.

"Heck yeah I will!" Dash cheered.

"Then grab me." It said to her. Dash did as it asked her and then a bright light shine around both her hands.

As the lights dined, Dashed looked at what was in her hands. There were two blades in her hands, the blade itself was shaped in a thunderbolt. It seem as though the blade could became one. It didn't seem heavy at all.

"Laminae fide." The blades spoke.

"Cool." Dash said as she speed off while slashing at some heartless.

(East side of Ponyville)

Twilight was casting as many spells she knew at the heartless. Most of the spell seem to not be doing much or this thing were a lot tougher than she thought. Twilight was fighting shadow like heartless, but each time she tries to cast a spell of them, they would just sink into the ground and move away.

"How an I going to beat these guys if they keep sinking into the ground." Twilight said to herself as she cast thunder at a flying heartless.

As she castes spell after spell, she was trying to get tired. Soon she'll be to tired to cast a spell. Behind her, a bomb-like heartless made it's way towards her. Twilight was too focus was the soldier heartless she was fighting to see the small bomb-like heartless.

(Minute Bomb)

Minute bomb stopped right behind her and jumped to close it's shell with a 10 second timer above it's head. Twilight's ear twitched at the sound of a hissing from behind. Turning around to see the bomb at 3 seconds. Twilight quickly casts a shield in front of her as the bomb exploded throwing her back.

"Ow." Twilight groaned as she felt her back take the impact. She tried to get up back suddenly stuck by lighting. She tried to move but her body refused to. Looking up she saw a wizard like heartless.


"How are they using magic?" Twilight asked herself before see the Wizard started to cast another spell. It's wand glowed red symbolizing a fire spell but it was then hit from behind. Something exploded, causing a few colorful sparks.

"Wait, was that a fireworks spell?" Twilight said noticing the colored sparks. The Wizard turned to whoever attacked it but it was bombard with more fireworks. Fireworks zoomed past it and attacked the other heartless. Twilight then glowed green and felt her back wasn't hurting then got up.

"It would be a good idea to get up before you are hit again, Twilight." Said a familiar voice. Looking to where the voice came from and it was Trixie with a keyblade.

The keyblade was strange looking but was more focus on Trixie.

"Trixie, what are you doing? It's dangerous you need to-" Twilight didn't finish as Trixie place her finger on Twilight's lips.

"And let you have all the fun? I think not and It's seem you needed help." Trixie explained.

"But when did you get a keyblade?" Twilight asked her.

"Now is not the time for questions?" Trixie said to her. Twilight was about to apologize but then ground shook.

"I think we got company." Trixie said as she readied herself. Twilight turned to see a heavy armored soldier with dog shield.


"Ah, What kind of heartless is that?" Twilight asked shocked and slightly frightened.

"I don't know. I've never seem these kind before." Trixie said in confusion but got in a battle stance.

"You're going to fight that thing?" Twilight asked her. Trixie looked at her before nodding. Trixie then rushed towards the heartless, Twilight was about to call out to her but Trixie then cast a spell as she neared the heartless.

"Fire!" She yelled as she dash forward while thrusting her Keyblade in a spiral of flames at the heartless. The heartless seemed to have taking damage but was still up. Then the Defender thrust it's shield at Trixie, she was hit as the dog head bit her. The Defender then shot a fireball from the dog's mouth, Trixie hit the fireball and it returned to it's caster. The Defender was on fire but didn't seem fazed by it. Trixie then side dodge to the right while throwing her keyblade. It's spun like a wheel while lighting coated it. The blade hit the heartless going straight through it before coming back hitting it from behind. Twilight stood there stunned by Trixie's fighting abilities. The Defender shook of the fire like it was water.

"You're a tough one." Trixie said as she then cast another spell.

"Thunder!" Trixie yelled while pointing her blade at the Defender. The Defender put up it's shield as spears of thunder shot out of the tip of her blade and homed in on it.

The Defender froze in place as sparks of lighting ran around his body. It was paralyzed, seeing this as an opportunity, Trixie then casts another spell. She rushed towards it as it tried to move, as she neared she casts Aqua Splash. The tip of her blade glowed a blue color before she aimed at it. Then a stream of water and bubbles. The heartless burst to dust. Twilight was awed by Trixie, Twilight didn't know Trixie could do most of these kind of spell.

"Well that takes care of that." Trixie said to herself as she turned to face Twilight.

"That was amazin-Trixie your nose is bleeding!" Twilight nearly yelled as she pointed at Trixie's nose. Trixie place a finger on her nose and noticed the blood.

"Don't worry about it." Trixie said to her as she wrapped the blood away with her wrist.

"What do you mean don't worry about it? Your nose was BLEEDING! How can I not worry about it." Twilight said/yelled at her.

Trixie turned her back to Twilight before looking over her shoulder.

"Cause I have been through worse than this." Trixie told her before rushing towards a group of heartless trying to enter a pony's home. Twilight stood there before an orb of light appeared before her.

"Will thou take thy weapon to battle?" The orb asked her before showing it's self as the Element of Magic.

"What?" Twilight said as she stared at it.

"No time to waste. Take thy weapon or allow your world to die with all that lives on it." It told her. Twilight then grabbed the Element with right hand.

The light shifted to an shape of a book. As it dined, Twilight was able to see what the book was. The book had the Element of Magic surrounded by stars in the middle on the cover, the spine had each on the other Elements, and the corners had the sun and moon.

"The book of Friendship." Twilight said as if she knew the name. Before she could think, a group of heartless surrounded her. She quickly castes a shield spell as the heartless tried to jump her but they hit the shield. The shield then exploded causing the heartless fade away. Twilight looked at the book before looking around her as dust from the heartless faded away. She also noticed heartless floating in the air before fading away. Before she could think the ground began to shake. Looking around she noticed the a huge heartless appeared near her castle.

"That's not good." She said before rushing towards it.

Author's Note:

Firage Burst:

Aqua Splash:

Trixie's keyblade English name:Spellbinder

Chrysalis's keyblade english name: Divine Rose

Fun fact on Chrysalis's keyblade, The Divine Rose's Japanese name is a pun on the phrase "Life in Rose". Although the phrase refers to seeing the world through "rose-colored glasses", in this context it is a reference to the fact that the Beast's life is quite literally within his single rose. The Keyblade's English name is simply a reference to the magical power of the rose.

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