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I am a big Spike fan, so most of my fanfics will have Spike and/or CMC as the main hero's. If you have come here for some logic than this is the wrong place...maybe


A KH crossover of MLP. Spike has been call names and teated like dirt since the night of the party, the six don't talk to him or listen but force him to do work for them, the CMC and his other friends avoid him but only talk to him by making him feel bad be calling him names and such, and now he dreams of seeing other worlds. lastly he goes to strange worlds that are odd as his but they people there don't seen to care that a dragon is talking to them.

Any music and picture in this fic belong to their rightful owners.
Owners of any enemy belongs to Xelku9,
Owner of keyblade images belong to Marduk-Kurios, xNovafox,Weapondesignerdawe, Setoshiarenharikai,Zfshadowsoldier, Kiekesuke

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Comments ( 147 )

Awesome... I'd like more soon!

HOW DARE THEY WHY DO THEY HATE SPIKE I'M SO MAD AT THEM RIGHT NOW:twilightangry2: except for you fluttershy I don't hate you

Well this is abominable :twilightangry2: This could be the best story in the world (although it really, really isn't) and I wouldn't know because it's written so awfully. Also it's rather funny that this came out at the exact same time as another KH crossover... which is considerably better than this.

You need a proofreader/editor.

I can see that something huge and life-changing has happened, but I fear that the majority of the characters here (the exception is Fluttershy) will possibly see this as simply a Spike temper tantrum

.....only this is more serious than a temper tantrum....shit is getting serious when the actual elements are literally talking to someone that is technically not a bearer....

And this is obvious, but the problem and the solution is easy and well-marked. The process that will completely scramble your brain will be the methods that will be revealed to try to get from point A to point B, and whether Spike all others affected will learn from this and try to be better people.

I'll keep an eye out for this one when I have the time. Until then, I'll leave a favorite so I don't lose it.

Huh, looks like something big is going down. Lets see where this goes.

Haven't read the story or the summary, but I feel I should let you know that you've got a glaring error in your title.

What does fate means to me? Rejection!

It should be mean, not means.

4546271 Actually this was proofread and edited by FieldOfMemories. I just forgot to say that on the author's note.:twilightblush:

4546912 In that case you need a new proofreader :ajbemused:

4547100 Okay then would you like to be the proofreader for this story?

I'm interested to we where this story goes and what happened to our favorite dragon Spike. Great job


god damn you need to fix the description

A KH crossover of MLP I'm doing. Spike has been called names and treated like dirt since the night of the party. The six don't talk or listen to him, but force him to do their work for them. The CMC and his other friends avoid him, but when they talk to him it's only to call him names and such. Now he dreams of a boy by the name of Roxas, and he dreams about traveling to strange worlds that are as odd as his... but the people there don't seem to care that a dragon is talking to them.

Slightly... fixed?

4547233 Not really, I have my own stories to focus on

I you have two big plot holes in your story that i hope you fix.

The first is: Why is Spike staying with someone who hates him? Why can't Spike stay with Fluttershy? You know the one who acutely cares about Spike?

The second is: Why isn't Fluttershy saying "Stop picking on Spike you jerks!" Because if they hate Spike for a while I think Fluttershy will say that or stop being their friend.

Other than that the fic is vary good.

4550376 Will one Spike can't stay with Shy because even if he wants to, he was ordered by Twilight to stay at the Library and to be watched by Trixie and Chrysalis. For Fluttershy, she too scared to speak up against them even if to help Spike but don't worry Fluttershy would dual with them soon and Spike help her.

A dragon who wants to change his fate becomes the wielder of the Keyblade known as Fate's Rebelion or Rejection of Fate. I say it's the perfect fit.:moustache:

In my opinion all the rejects like luna ,discord, sombra, and spike, should all come together and fight against the mane six. That would be awesome

Good chapter. I'm just wondering do the princesses besides Twilight hate or not?

Man I hope Spike kicks Twilights ass


the story needs to slow down a lot
you also need a new editor or another one
I found multiple mistakes in the story

A door open

it should be

A door opened

I also found like 7 mistakes in the description

still wanna read the story though because of how its gone so far

Can you please slow down it is waaaaaaaaaaay to fast in my opinion but cool nonetheless.


since there's no sword fighter who ever done this

who'd ever done this
is who'd a word? not sure

He mind tried to think of way

he tried to

Spike who was equal confused


The other stared awed by what happen


he just thrown his keyblade at her.


That was cheap move

a cheap move

Spike didn't look back or even heard her

I think Spike didn't hear her would be fine

Spike dodge the


her might and which cause Spike to loose grab of the blade sending it across the room.

her might and which caused Spike to lose grip of the the blade sending it across the room

looking at blade owners that stop him.

looking at the owners of the blades that stopped him

walked away not saying a word but in his heart did.

but his heart did

Rarity's keyblade was stuck itself through his blade

I dont even know what thats supposed to be

turned into to smiles

do I even need to tell you?

A shame that you a chosen to be its master

are not a

but now was a somepony wearing

but now somepony

He had golden blond and no fur

golden blonde hair

The figure then pointed his dark keyblade that was in his right head at her

The figure then pointed his dark keyblade at her

seen to be shocked about something


I thought Keyblade wielder


Twilight's eyes widen in fear of if she moved he would strike without warning

Twilight's eyes widened in fear thinking she would be attacked if she moved

Twilight said with full nightmare fear in her voice, Spike didn't say a word just stared at her with those hateful filled eyes. Twilight slowly looked at her friends to see if they can help.

Twilight said with fear in her voice/ hate filled eyes/ could help

so many mistakes and I quit like a third of the way through

Do I have to know anything about the kingdom hearts games? Cause I know very very little

good chapter, i love kingdom hearts, keep the good work please

Good story so far. Loved the fight scene. I can't wait for Celestia to tear them a new one.

What the hell? This got too confusing I'm the beginning, so I started skimming.

4677677 I want I thought when rereading this then I figured I have to answer some of these later in the story just like the game.:twilightsheepish:

:applejackunsure: .........................THE HELL IS GOING ON?! :raritydespair:

Okay, are you telling the story backwards or something? Cause it looks like you're aiming for ending to beggining here.

4677677 Yeah I agree, it literally gave me headaches at how confusing it is, so I'm gonna stop reading. Sorry.

4688889 Actually I have something speical later on that will explain this and mostly everything else that will come.

Awesome chapter and Spike's Keyblade is cool to look at wonder what attributes it has. Also the way you explained how Spike held his keyblade is the same way ventus holds his keyblade was that intentional or was it a happy mistake:twilightsmile::raritystarry:

I can't wait for the next chapter Question though which Kingdom Hearts game are you using in this story KH, KH2, KHCOM, KHRC (re: coded), KHBBS, or KHDDD.:rainbowderp:

4727812 Intentional. I first thought of doing Sora/Roxas fighting style but then I thought of Ventus and how cool it was to fight like he does so I place that as Spike's fighting style, I will later tell how the others fighting styles are and ya all worlds from those games would be in and some new one like: Bambi, Dumbo, Treasure Planet ect. :twilightsmile:

And I still don't know if because ive never played the games that I can still read this

4758806 Well I did put a link to a timeline video such will help for those you haven't played the game/ or are confused be the plot.

You could have made this as a blog post, and tagged the story. Or something.

4760654 looking back now...ya I should have done that.:facehoof::facehoof::facehoof:

4762665 Spike's keyblabe is in the second chapter so I just put down the others.

4762754 Cool, I hope Spike kicks all their asses.

4772557 I sort of forgot about hers but I am doing Shy's pov of when Spike fights against Twilight, and it would explain abit to what happen when both Spike and Shy were with the Elements and also show what keyblade she has.

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