What does fate mean to me? Rejection!

by Sand Storm

Their world is connected with a nightmare

The three fillies ran back to the tree castle as fast as they could, running pass the entrance guards and a few maids. They rushed to throne room, where they were greeted by the Celestia, Luna, Twilight, and the other five elements. They busted through the doors as the eight were having a 'friendly' talk, Twilight and her friends were standing to the side of the room's balcony while Luna and mainly Celestia was standing inside it. Celestia stopped talked to stare confused at the three fillies who busted the door open. Applejack spoke first before anypony else.

"What in tarnation? Didn't ya'll leave not to long ago?" Jack asked confused to why they came back looking almost white.

"We...we...we." Scootaloo tried to say but couldn't as from all the running. Celestia walked over to the three place a hand Scootaloo's shoulder.

"Go and get something to drink first." She said smiling. The three didn't leave out calmed down before speaking.

"But we need to tell ya'll something important." Applebloom said trying to get their attention. Celestia still smiled but used her magic to turn them around and gentle push them out the door.

"I'm sure it is but I need to talk to your sisters for a moment." She said before closing the door behind them.

"But a pony or what we think is a pony in a black cloak told me 'the door to our world is open.' whatever that means." Sweetie said before the throne room's door burst open with an angry white alicorn.

"Repeat that for me, please." She asked them smiling with a burning gaze. The three fillies backed away from her, scared at the look in her eyes. Sweetie gulped before being pulling in.

"Now Sweetie belle can you tell me what happen after you left." Celestia said dragging the three in the throne room while dismissing the guards.

Applebloom and Scootaloo began to explain what happen after they left the castle. Sweetie belle stayed quiet as the memory of what the pony told her.


"Let go of me!" Sweetie yelled at the pony but he didn't let her go. Sweetie straggled to get her right arm back.

The pony looked at her even when she couldn't see his eyes but she could feel them looking at her. She stopped moving as he spoke.

"The door to your world has open." He said before letting go.

(End of flashback)

"And then he grabbed Sweetie belle by the arm...and..what did he say to you again?" Scootaloo asked her friend. Everypony in the room looked at her, Sweetie began to sweat.

"The door to our world is open." She said rubbing the sweat away. The six looked at her confused.

"The hay did he mean by that?" Pinkie asked her in question. Sweetie shrugged confused as well. Celestia was pondering on the issue. As the six question each other of the phase while Celestia was left to her thoughts well Luna stayed quiet not sure of to say.

She tried to remember where she heard that phase but was interrupted by a Pinkie's gasp. Everypony turned to her confused but before any could ask she pointed up at one of the glass windows. She pointed at the one above Twilight's throne, they looked up at what looks like a twisted castle. Celestia looked at it and remembered that it had a blue heart above it. Looking back at it the glass window was soon covered in shadows or some kind of living black fire. Before any of them could question it, a black portal open near the entrance doors.

They all watched as a black cloaked pony walked out of it, they couldn't see their face but can feel their eyes on them. Pinkie was the first to react by appearing behind the pony and give them a hug but when she tried she just fall to the ground, going straight through them.

"Hmmm" The pony humming looking at his surroundings.

"W-what just happen?" Pinkie asked as she looked at the cloaked pony she just passed through. The cloaked pony turned back to look at Pinkie before turning his attention to the others in the room.

Sweetie looked at the cloaked figure in the room and noticed this wasn't the same one from before.

"Hey, you're not the same pony from before for." She said before any of them could wonder who this, the cloaked pony spoke.

"It's nice to meet you all." he said to them calmly. Sweetie could feel some strange dark aura surrounding him.

"Nice to meet you to Mr?" Celestia responded to the cloaked pony.

"If I told you, I would have the pleasure of meeting the crystal pony's princess." He answered her confusing them with that statement. Before any could ask a question Sweetie spoke up

"Who are you?" She asked walking close to him noting that he stood as tall as Celestia.

"That's not important." He responded confusing them even more. Twilight got up from her crystal throne.

"May I ask why are you here?" Twilight asked him. The pony looked up at her before looking towards Luna.

"She has someone we need." He said pointing towards Luna. Luna felt a dark presence coming from this pony.

"And what would that be?" Luna said preparing a spell just in case he tries anything.

"Your heart." He said grinning under his raising his hand towards her. Luna and everypony else ready themselves. The cloaked pony's arm began to emit a purple and black aura.

"What is thou planning?" Luna asked him. Smiling under his hood, he answered

"To start a nightmare." Was all he said before sending dark magic into the flood. Without warning black thorns made of black crystal grabbed them, wrapping around them and keeping them from move or casting magic.

"What is the meaning of this?" Celestia asked. The hooded pony looked at her before raising his hand above him.

"What are you going to do?" Ask Sweetie Bell. He didn't respond as the room grow dark.

"I have a bad feeling about this." Pinkie said getting the 'Oh Really?!!!' look from every pony (and readers).

As the room grow dark, wind began swirl around his right hand. Streams of darkness began to circle around them before shooting towards the hood pony's hand. The darkness began to form something in his palm. Purple electric started spark above his hand, suddenly a blade began to form.

"IS THAT A KEYBLADE????!!!!!!!" Dash yelled in shock.

The blade manifest before them. The Keyblade has a simple design of red and black with its teeth forming the outline of a heart. It has a rather dark design it didn't even have a key chain.

"What the hay? How can you summon a keyblade if you control darkness?" Twilight asked but was thrown across the room. She slammed into the crystal wall. Spider web like cracks form at the spot she crushed into. The hooded pony turned to Twilight as she tried to get up. While Twilight was trying to gain her footing, the cloaked pony turned towards Luna.

"I'm going to enjoy this." He said darkly. Without any warning a bream shadow or dark light shot from the tip of his blade. It went straight towards her, Celestia tried to cast a spell but wasn't quick enough as the bream shot through Luna. Luna's eyes widen in shock and slight pain as she felt something split from her. The thorns that held her let go and she dropped to the work. Everypony watched in horror as Luna gasp painfully.

The room's doors burst open as few knights in purple armor with star-shape spears in their hands. They were about to ask what was going on but the moment they saw their princesses, bearers of the elements, and three fillies held in place by thorns, they brought down their spears and pointed it at the cloaked pony.

"Release them NOW or face the consequences!" The leader said threateningly. The pony started chuckling before it began a maniacal laugh. The guards were on edge as they watch him stand there and just laugh. It took a few seconds for one of the guard to got the nerve to attack the intruder.

"Now that she out of the way, I can finally get what I came here for." He said before pointing at Luna. Luna tried to get up but dropped seconds later.

"What did thy do to me?" Luna said nearly standing. The cloaked pony stared back at her with an evil grin.

"Nothing special just bought an old memory back. Well two to be extract." He said before aiming the blade at Rarity.

"What do I have that you need?" She ask struggling to get out. The cloaked pony aimed his blade at her right before a guard dashed at him.

As two clashed, another guards tried to get the princesses and the others out but to no avail. The roots were as hard as diamonds, but looked like obsidian; Luna was then picked up by a friendship guard and taken out of the room.

"Don't worry Princess Luna, we'll get you out before you know it." He said carrying Luna out the room while the other guards try to defect the hooded pony. Luna felt like something being pulled out of her.

"Are you alright, Princess?" Asked the guard but before she could answer; she let out a painfully scream before flaring her wings pushing the guard away from her. She collapse to the ground. As she did, everyone in the room looked at her. The hooded pony stared with glee.

"Took you some time." He said smiling. The moment he said that Luna's shadow moved across the room like a snake.

"What the hay is that?!" Dash said frighten.

The shadow stopped moving as it landing in the middle of the friendship council's chairs. Everypony watches as a figure began to form from the shadow. It stood as tall as Celestia, it's mane & tail moved in a nonexistent wind.

"No it can't be?" Twilight whispered to herself. Everypony else were just as stocked in horror and disbelief.

"But it is, Sparkle." The hooded pony responded.

It's fur was a dark black color, mane & tail were like night time stars, raven wings, with crescent moon cutie mark.

"I thought you were gone, Nightmare Moon?" Luna said trying to get up.

Nightmare had her back facing the six and Celestia; she was wearing the same outfit like the intruder but had a strange symbol on her back.

Nightmare laughed softly before facing Luna.

"That maybe true but while I was in control; but I soon gain a heart of my own." She responded.

"But you were supposed to be dead like gone for good!" Dash yelled at Nightmare. Nightmare looked back at her, grinning.

"The Elements can't destroy a being, nor can it harm them. Why do you think Discord, a being of chaos and disharmony would be turned to stone? He should have been sealed away where his magic won't work nor escape." Nightmare said gaining their attention.

"What?" Fluttershy said in disbelief. Nightmare turned to Fluttershy next.

"Do you really think somebody like Discord could really be reform by losingyourfriendship? He has many friends in other universe, losing you would be like losing clear paper. He just using you for his own gain, just like when Tirek appeared." Nightmare said with no hint of lies.

"You lying! He would never harm or anything like that just cause he won't get giving thing out of it." Twilight said. Nightmare turned to her frowning."

"Oh really? What about the time Tirek escape? Could have captured him the moment he found Tirek but instead he allowed himself to his selfish gains and used you Twilight as a trap-card when he was finished causing chaos.

"Then where is he? Discord can sense chaos anywhere, and I'm sure me being here. Would he have saved you all by now or it is just another 'good' way to learn another friendship lesson. He is not a good being to turn to the light just cause he learn something, what it feels like to be on the joking side." Nightmare said as if the statement was already obvious. The hooded pony jabs his blade into the guards' chests unnoticed by the ponies. Twilight was about to say something but caught sight of two hearts floating up before fading away before casting lighting at the others.

"What did you just do to those guards!?" Twilight yelled. The hooded pony looked at before returning to the new member of his group.

"Time to go, Nightmare." He said not answering her question as portal opened the same one he came out from.

"And what makes you think I would go with you?" Nightmare asked. Purple smoke started to come out of the hooded pony's eyes. The ponies eyes widen in shock at whom it now was.

"Then you have to answer to me." Said a new voice from the portal. Another hooded figure appeared but from the way he looked, he was a pony.

"Whom might you be?" Nightmare asked.

"The one whom ordered to bring you back to the living, well sort of living." He said with no emotion in his voice. The hooded being turned to the who opened the portal.

"Sombra, return to the headquarters. I'll deal with you later." He said gaining some gasp. Sombra pulled off his hood glaring at his leader.

"And for what?" He asked.

"I ordered you to get Nightmare when the Luna is sleeping. Instead you come here and attacked them not only that you taking two guard's hearts." The leader spoken with anger.

"Now go or I'll force you." He said to Sombra. Sombra glared at him before mumbling something to himself while entering the portal. The leader looked at Nightmare.

"You go as well while deal with this." He said waving his hand to the still trapped ponies. Nightmare find herself interested of this creature. She walked over to the dark portal as she walked past him she noticed that his eyes were emerald green.

"See you at headquarters." Nightmare said grinning before disappearing in the portal.

The hooded being looked at the gang before snapping his fingers, dismissing the crystal thorns.

"It's nice to meet you all." He said to them.

"Sorry about this, we wanted to not make less...strange." the hooded figure said. Not understanding of what was happen only to know that two of their previous enemies are back.

"Who are you?" Twilight asked him but felt like she know the answer.

"My name is of no importance." He responded.

"What are you?" Celestia asked waiting for some kind of surprise.

"I am - but a mere shell of my former self." he responded emotionless.

"You're just saying that cause you don't want us to know who you are." Dash said frowning.

"You are very correct, I'm am and I'm am not." He said not making sense.

"Why are you talking like that." Twilight said standing near her friends. They all grouped together while the remaining guards take Luna out the room.

"Like I said I am a mere shell of my former self, a Nobody." He said letting the last word leave his lips.

"A Nobody? I highly doubt you are a nobody if you been planning saying against Equestria." Rarity said looking at him.

"I am not planning on hurting anypony. It would be a waste of time dealing with something troublesome." He said earning a glare from Dash.

"What do you mean 'It would be a waste of time dealing with something troublesome.'? Are we not worth the effort to fight?" Dash said glaring at him.

"Fighting you and your friends would be to easy for me to even try, but I'm not like all those other 'villains' you all face. All I want is to make amends to my past wrongs." He said looking Celestia. Celestia felt a little creeped out by the way he was staring at her.

"Why? What did you do? What could somepony be sentenced would think that?" Rarity asked. The figure looked at her angrily.

"I am a Nobody. How many time do I have to tell you?" He said raising a brow.

"Then what is a 'Nobody' is?" Dash said glaring un-trusting.

"Nobodies are born when a heart is swallowed by darkness and becomes a Heartless. They are the remaining parts left behind by the heart: the body, giving a Nobody form, and the soul, giving the Nobody life. However, only those with a strong will, like you all for an example , are actually able to continue on as Nobodies. Those with the strongest wills manage to retain humanoid forms (under special circumstances, the Nobody is formed with some slight changes in appearance), while the rest possess malformed, somewhat monstrous, barely humanoid appearances, such those called Creepers and Dusks. Nobodies become more humanoid the stronger their will." He said before summoning a piece of paper.

"And this is the Nobody's Emblem" He said as a symbol appeared.

"What I said is a simple version of them, this page will tell you the rest." He said as a portal open. Before he could enter, Celestia called to him. He turned back to the group.

"What was the symbol or emblem on Nightmare Moon's back?" She asked as Twilight read the piece of paper they were given. He didn't say as he looked at them mostly eyeing Sweetie Bell.

"Nightmare." was all he said before disappearing in the portal. Before anyone could speak, a flash of light appeared blinding the group for a second.

"Sorry I was late, I was dirtying my dishes. What did I miss?" Ask the god of chaos, Discord. Everypony looked at him shocked. Discord tilted his head confused.

"What?" He asked confused.