Spike's Digimon partner

by Sand Storm

Spike's black digivice and Drimogemon

They stared at BlackAgumon before one of them finally spoke. “What just happen to you and why is your name like that?” Dash asked very confused. BAmon look at her with half confused look and annoyed look.

“One: I don't know what happen to me and Two: DEAL WITH IT!!!" His childlike voice said but yelled the last part at her. Dash push her face close up to his.

“You don't have to yell, Blackie." She told him angrily.

Both begin to growl at each other while the rest (not counting indaramon) tried to understand what happen. Spike shook off his shock and pulled the two apart.

“All right you two. Stop this fighting.” He said to them. Dash mumbled something under her breath while BAmon stayed quite. Indaramon laught a bit then spoke.

“Okay, I had enough. You just dedigivole to Rookie rank." He said plainly.

BAmon stared a deathly glare at him.

“We can see that but why? I'm not a real Digimon.” BAmon said angrily but then looked down at the last words. Shy looked alittle worried for him.

“What do ya mean ‘I'm not real'? Ya standing right in front of us REAL." Applebloom pointed out.

“Actually he not. Someone created him to destroy a butch of kids but he had a mind of his own because he was made out of 100 black spires than just one. Didn't you read his info when you came here?" Spike said to her. Rarity was next to speak.

“Spiky, we walked in and saw Shy crying for some reason and she didn't tell us what happen, only a few details.” Spike opened the book such he had it in his hands. He flapped through to find out what BAmon is.

“Found it!" Spike yelled once he found the page with BlackAgumon. He read it then looked at BAmon. BAmon looked and Spike confused.

“What?" He said. Spike read aloud to them.

BlackAgumon is a Reptile Digimon. Having grown up and become able to walk on two legs, it has an appearance like a tiny dinosaur. Because it is still on the way to adulthood, its power is low, but as its personality is quite ferocious, it doesn't understand fear. It has grown hard, sharp claws on both its hands and feet, and demonstrates its power in battle. It is also a being that foretells digivolution to a great and powerful Digimon. Attacks are Pepper Breath, Spitfire, Baby Volcano, Sharper Claw, Cross Fire, and Uppercut." Spike readied saying the last sentence to himself.

BAmon walked over to Spike not want to know his info but attacks. Spike tried to get it back by BAmon finish before he could get the book back.

“Well at least we know what you are but can somepony please tell us WHAT THE HELL IS A DIGIMON!!!!” Dash yelled out load.

She was then hit on the side of her head. She turn to face the one who hit her and it was Rarity.

“You don't need to use such words near fillies." She stated.

“But Spike said a lot a bad words near us." Sweetie said. Rarity slowly turn her head toward Spike with an angry face. Spike gulped at that. Spike read out loud the meaning of Digimon.

Till Dash wanted to know what Digital meant. Indaramon finally spoke up.

“Well it looks like my time is up, I be seeing the six of you in the Digital World." He said fading out.

“But you didn't tell us much on why your here and for what?" Spike said to the fading pony. IDmon laughed lightly.

“I was only the delivery mon and like I said before, This book holds your Digivice. Till then hope to see you again." His final words faded from within the room.

They all stayed quite till BAmon spoke. “Well...What a helpful guy he was." He said in annoyed tone.

“So... This is what you look like as a child?” Applebloom said to him.

“Yes” BAmon answered. Rarity walked around him, looking up and down. After she scanned his body, she spoke.

“Darling, black is not your color." She sound almost disgusted. He shrugged.

“Well if you come with me to my store, I can make some..... Improved to your look." She told him. BAmon back up alittle to the thought of a makeover.

Everyone laughed as they introduce themselves fully to BAmon. Soon they all walked outside, leaving Scoots with Spike, whom's mind was else where. Scootaloo walked near Spike. She looked down at the book he held in his hands. She slowly tried to take it but it fell to the ground with a “thump!”. Spike turn to the sound of the book hitting the ground. Spike groaned while Scoots laughed nervously. Spike grab the it from the ground and notice the cover opening. Inside the cover was a strange looking device, it looked like a watch in away. It outer part are black, the inner part was white and the screen was purple. There were some cards as well but Spike didn't a any attention to. Spike look all around it, press the buttons but nothing happens.

"I guess this is a digivice? Cool." He said to himself. Scootaloo notice it too.

"That's a cool watch thing." She said to him. Spike shook his head.

"It a digivice silly, it is pretty cool." Spike look down and notices the cards.

He picked up the cards and get a deck holder.

"Where did you get a card holder?" Scoots asked him. Spike shrugged.

"I found it on the ground in the Everfree." He pointed out.

Then Pinkie jumped in the room out of nowhere.

"Come on you two! We're waiting outside." She said well pushing the two towards the door. And waited out there was the gang waiting for the three.

"What kept you two?.... Ah... Spike? Where did you that watch?" Dash asked him.

Spike told them that is was a digivice and it came with cards, strange ones at that.

"What are the cards for?" Sweetie asked him.

Spike shrugged as a 'I don't know'. They walked to the Applejack's farm but was stopped by the ground shaking. They looked at each other while the ponies around town started to asked "What was that?". Then the ground shook aggin by harder such made everyone fall to the ground. The ground contiue to shake harder till the ground itself broke. The gang walked closer to the hole in the ground and notices it didn't look normal as it should. The soil was replaced by a many line going in many directions with only 101010101 everywhere.

"What the heck is with the ground? Did Twilight and the princesses know something about this?" Dash asking in a half scared half wondering tone. As the looked deeper into the hole(great idea guys), then a huge growl noise was coming from the bottom. They took a stepped back as a mole like shadow moved toward the surface.

"What in the name of all Celestia is that thing?" Rarity shaking asked.

The growl grow louder as it came closer. "It looked like a mole but with a horn on its head." Shy stated to them.

Then a drill popped out of the hole. They looked at it then back at each other.

"Well that was-!" Pinkie didn't finish what she said because the mole with a drill on its head jumped out of the hole. The gang got a good look of the mole, it top part of his body was purple while the lower part was pale and its eyes were red, It's had three drill like nails on each of its paws.

"What in tartarus is that?!!" A western voice spoke. They turn to see that Applejack was running towards them.

"We don't know. One minute we're walking to your place and the next thing a hole broke the ground and now we have this guy." Spike answered her.

Spike's digivice started to make a heart montor noise. Spike looked at it then a screen showed up suprising him. It showed the mole thing with letters that were never seen be for.

"What the heck does it say?" Dash asked him. For some reason Spike knew what the strange letter said.

" Drimogemon looks like a giant mole with a huge steel drill at the end of its nose and smaller versions of it as nails for both hands and feet."

"Be careful of its Drill Spin, it will go right through you literally." Spike finished.

"It name's Drimogemon? Well how do we stop him?" Sweetie asked.

"Like we always do. Beat the crap at of it." Dash said while rushing towards it.

Drimogemon looked at the rainbow trail that it coming towards him. His drill horn starts spinning.

"Drill Spin!" He yelled. Dash became confused but notices to ramming her with it's drill.

She tried to dodge but was to slow. The top part of the drill hit Dash right in the chest. She fell to the ground holding the pain in her chest, no blood poured out but the pain was there. Dash got back up and tried to fight it again. Her friends watch this happen and they didn't know what to do.

"BlackAgumon, do you know how to beat this guy?" Spike asked him. BAmon look over the digimon's body. He notice the a black braclet on it's right arm.

"Maybe hitting that braclet on his arm might stop him." BAmon pointed to it's arm. They finally notices the ring around it's arm.

"How do we get it off without hurting the poor thing?" Shy asked him. BAmon started laughing.

"Who said we're not going to hurt the guy? All I have to do is take him out and digitizes that ring." He said before racing towards it. They all gasped as he runs towards it.

"Pepper Breath!" He said. Sparks of purple fire were popping out of his mouth while Dash was dodge all of the mole's attacks.

"Dash! Move out of the way!" Pinkie yelled to her colored friend waving her hooves.

Dash turn to see what she meant and notices BAmon's burning mouth. Then BAmon shot a ball of fire at the digimon. They notice the fire wasn't normal, it was purple not yellow and red. The ball moved toward Dash and she moved out of the way. The fire ball hit Drimogemon in the face. Then Drimogemon get angry and stared at him. Drimogemon rushed towards him. They gang yelled at him to move but he didn't. Drimogemon was really close about to attack.

"Drill Spin!" He yelled about to ram into BlackAgumon. Spike didn't know what to do till a voice ring in his head. "Digi-Modify!" A male voice spoke. Spike didn't know what that meant but he started to see something.

Spike quickly open his deck holder and looked over the cards. He looked over them and found two that would help. Spike step forward holding the card and digivice in each hand.

"BlackAgumon!" He yelled at his friend.

BAmon turn to see Spike holding a two cards. BAmon smiled and nodded. The rest didn't know why they were smiling over cards but what Spike did next surprised them.

"Digi-modify! Hyper Wings and Tomahawk." After saying that.

Suddenly six white wing popped out of nowhere on BAmon's back and a big Tomahawk in his claws. They whole gang watch as this happen.

"How did you do that Spike?!!" Dash asked him surprised. Spike shook his head.

"I don't know." He said turn back to BAmon.

"Take him down!" Spike yelled. BAmon swing the tomahawk as Drimogemon ram into him. Drimogemon was hit and sent backwards to his back. BAmon jumped using his wings to glide over to the fallen digimon and aim for the braclet on it's arm. BAmon spin downwards and tossed the tomahawk at the right arm. The gang watched the tomahawk move towards the creatures right arm. Fluttershy gasped as she watched. The digimon open his eyes to see a tomahawk heading towards him. He rised his right arm to block the attack. The tomahawk hit the braclet. It burst to nothing as BAmon lande next to the gang with his wings gone and the same with his tomahawk.

"Great job BlackAgumon!" Scootaloo said joyfully.

They rest (even Shy who was happy that the digimon wasn't hurt to much) thank him for stopping him. Then Drimogemon got up and looked around.

"Where am I?" He asked. They looked at him confused.

"You tried to kill us. Don't you remember?" Dash said to the large mole. He shook his head as a no.

"No I don't. The only thing I remember was sleeping then hearing somemon laugh then nothing." Drimogemon told them.

"Are you hurt in anyway? If you want to tell me." Shy asked him.

"I'm fine but thanks for asking." He said turning around towards the hole in the ground.

"Where ya going?" Applebloom asked wondering. He was close to the portal before going in he turn his head.

"Back to the digital world. Since its my home." He said then jumped in the hole.

The portal closed when Drimogemon jumped in. The gang just stand there with wide eyes.

"He came from the Digital world! I wonder how many more Digimon are there." Sweet belle said.

They all shrugged not knowing how many there are. Spike notices a card where the portal was. He walked over and picked up the card. Looking over it, it was a drill horn just like the one on Drimogemon.

"Neat." Spike said to himself.

For the rest of the day was pretty normal. Till night show up, they said their goodbyes and headed home. Fluttershy asked Spike if she can say with them till Twilight gets back. Spike said yes and headed the library/house.

Little did they know that two beings were watching them.

"I can't believe we got out of that castle." One of the two said.

The other stayed quite looking at Rarity's home. The other notices this but didn't say a word.

"I hope you remember me. Because I'm going to make you pay for forgetting me." Said the small being moving to place.

The lights outside showed small bits of the guy. If anypony looked up they would see a small purple imp jumping from roof to roof. The other watched in worry of her friend.

"Please I don't want to see you both hurt." She said to herself.