Spike and the power of Spectrobes

by Sand Storm

The spaceship in the Everfree

The sky was dark blue and the moon was bright as the sun. A burning ship in the sky was falling in high speed; it will soon land in the Everfree. It was being chased by purple vortexes. The crew was trying to escape before it land. As the crew tried to escape but only chose to stay. One of them spoke.

"Sir, we need to leave quickly!!!" said the crewmember. The captain didn't listen. "Captain, the Krawl will be here soon! We need to leave!" The crewmember yelled. "We can’t leave the Prizmod without knowing who can be chosen to use it, John." said the Captain. "But sir we won't live long enough to see who or at least what." said John.

The Captain stayed silent for while until the alarm spoke. "Warning Krawl have entered the ship, prepare for battle." said the alarm. "The Krawl want the Prizmod... Than they can have!!! John gets in the escape pod." the Captain ordered.

John moved quickly to the pod, got in but before he could say the doors burst open and the Krawls enter. The Captain grabbed a weapon and pushed the escape button. The pod shot straight to space never to be seen a again. The Krawl attack the Captain but before anyone of them could strike the ship crush making the ground shake. The Krawl were the only one the how lived but was stuck in the ship for the next hundreds years.

Days after a purple unicorn became a princess, a purple dragon was wonder the nights in the forest, wondering why it was calling he name each time he gets near. Soon he finds a path that he never seen before and it looks like it was made years ago. He follow it and notice broken part of something big, soon the parts got bigger the closer he got to where the trial lead. He eyes almost popped out at what he was looking at. A. Huge. Spaceship.

He walked closer to it wonder if it still worked. The closer he got the bigger it looked, he was now looking of what looks like a door. He placed his small claws on the door like walls. After he touches it, the doors slowly open. He back up far enough to let the doors fall open, when the door finally stopped he walked in with cruised. The inside was bigger than he thought it was. The tech inside was far from his time, all the lights were still on as if it never been turned off.

He wondered around but something was following him and he knew it but didn't care to find out what. He walked for what felt like minutes but was hours. Soon he reached the control room, it looked like a movie he seen but better. He looked around; picked up some strange items than place them back to where he find it. Than something caught his eye, a tube like thing was connected to the wall it was the same size as Celestia. Spike notice that it was unlock so he walked in without thinking.

The moment he got in it began to scan he body. He was standing still so it can do what it wanted to him since it would probably be a bad idea for it to make a mistake. Soon after it finished scanning him the door slid open, he got out and noticed he was wearing armor. On his left arm there was a shape size hole in his suit. He wonders if it was a missing piece. He went through the room to see if there was anything in there. He then found an item that's the same size as the hole in his cool white suit. He places it in and out of nowhere monster attacked him. He dodged one of the things attacks. He looked at them and noticed there were three very strange looking monsters he has ever seen. The three looked like piles of black and blue goo formed into different shapes. He wanted to know if these things could talk.

"Uh... Hi what's your name?" He asked but they said nothing. "Can I help you with anything?" He asked again and again they said nothing. Spike was getting bored of this.

"If you're not going to talk than get out of here." He said but they just stared at him with no eyes. Spike wondered how they can see if they can't see. Soon he moved one-step and the ball looking one rushes to attack him. Spike was about to attack but both of his arms started to glow and mineralized two red swords, one on both sides. He then thought ‘maybe this is how this suit got on me.’

He dashed toward one of them. The one with a bunch of panel looking things head butted him but Spike slashed at it multiple times and it burst into dust. A big blue looking person thing slapped him and Spike fall backwards; the ball monster dashed and hit him in the back. Spike hit the ground hard; he felt his ribs were broke. He tried to get up but the pain kept him down, soon his back himself to the walls, the monster got closer. Spike thought the fight was going to end this with him on top but from the looks of things, they were on top. Then he heard a female voice talking to him. "Open the Prizmod and use the Spectrobes." said the voice.

Spike looked at the device in his suit his didn't know how to open it or use this Spectrobes, hoping they are not like the things trying to kill him. He pulled his left arm up than the Prizmod started to glow and out of nowhere it shot out two light that transformed in to two other cool looking monster which he guess these were Spectrobes. He looked at the two; one looked like a fox, while the other looked like some kind of horned and spiked beast.

Spike began to think these Spectrobes might be the coolest things in the world and yes, cooler than Rainbow Dash. The two Spectrobes turn their heads to face Spike. He wonders if they can understand him. "Attack these things." He ordered.

With a nod they attacked, the green horned beast hit the blue monster with its tail soon the monster burst to dust. The yellow wolf spin to attack, bouncing off the ball monster, which become dust as well. Spike was proud at this two for defending him. He then noticed an orb floating in the air. He got up with little pain and walked near it, he looked at it like it was a gem.

He forced his right hand to touch it. When his hand and orb made contact, it disappear but Spike felted that his ribs and other wounds were healed. He then turned to face this Spcetrobes. "So you two must be Spcetrobes, I gotta say you're good at fighting and good looking." He said. The wolf Spcetrobe blushed a little but the green beast just stared.

Spike felt exhausted by all of this. "So how do I put you two back into this thing?" He asked but both of them shrugged. Spike let out a deep breath before saying. "Well till I know what you are and what this is I guess you can stay with me but I know six ponies are going to ask so many questions." He said confusing the two Spcetrobes. "So ah... My names Spike. What's yours?" He asked.

"Spikan." said the green beast. "That's sounds the same as my." Spike said happily. "And yours?" Spike asked looking at the wolf. "Zazane or Zaza." said the yellow wolf. "Well nice to meet you both, we better leave if we don't want to run into these things again." He said. "They are called Krawl." said Spikan.

"Whatever they are, I don't want to fight them for a long time." Said Spike (he doesn't know how wrong he is.) and with that said they headed out but only to be stopped by two voice, one Spike knew the other was new.

"You not just going to leave us here are you?" said one female voice.

"That would be very rude to leave two ladies in a ship filled with Krawl. Are you?" muttered the other. Spike looked around to where he heard them. He soon spotted two stone gems on the floor near a dead body. He picked them up, looking at them for a moment.

"Are you the one who helped me?" Asking the stone gems.

"Mainly me while this one just watch." muttered the cyan gem plainly. "I was helping, I was cheering him on." the dark purple gem said happily.

Spike just stared at them before walking out. His looked at his watch that the suit had, it was 11:30 so he had to move quickly. It was an hour for them to get out do to the Krawl wondering around now. When Spike and his Spcetrobes reach the entrance of the ship what stood right in front of them was a bunch of Krawl waiting to face the Spcetrobes master.

"Well I didn't see this coming." said Spike surprised. "It will never be easy for now on." muttered the cyan gem. "Time to fight like hell, Spike." said the dark purple gem.

Spike looked at the small army of Krawl. "I am so sleeping in tomorrow." He muttered under his breath. Soon bunch of the Krawl rush and dashed toward Spike. Spike brought out his swords with his Spcetrobes by his side he just might make it back before his friends wake up from their sleepover and finds out that he is gone. Both sides rush at each other. There was a word in his head the ringed, he didn't know what it meant but it sounded cool. When he was inches away from the Krawl, he yelled out the battle cry.
"Iku ze!"