Spike's Digimon partner

by Sand Storm

BlackWarGreymon comes to ponyville

The sky was dark and only the moons lights and stars brighten the night. BlackWarGreymon walked for hours, attacking anything that shows it can fight. He than hear a female scream in his direction, he ran towards the scream wonder why he is doing this but continue toward the noise. When he reach the screaming sound, he saw a pony and a filly being attack by a manticore. BWGmon was watching to see when to strike, the manticore moved closer the the two.

"Mommy, I don't want to be eaten!!!" The little filly said scared. The mother hugged her child closer. " Don't worry it will be over soon. Let's close our eyes." The mother spoke softly.

The manticore was real close now, it took in the smell of fear from it's prey. It raised it's claw, the sound of the filly crying made BWGmon inrage. He rushed the thing and pushed to a tree. The force he use made the manticore fly far from them. The two ponies wait for the final kill but it never came, they both open their eyes and saw a big black dragon standing where the monster was. He turned his head to face the two.

The mother started to shake at the look of his eyes. They looked like he wasn't alive but more of a ghost. The filly looked at him and stopped hugging her mother and rushed to hug the dragon's leg. BWGmon didn't know why she was hugging him but it made him feel nice that she was fine, the mother looked at him again and notice he had armor and a helmet. She began to think he might be a spirit of the EverFree forest.

"Can you tell this little girl to stop hugging my leg." He said softly. The mother grabbed the filly.

"Thank you great spirit." She said giving him a warm smile. He notice her eyes were crossed and that she had wings, she was grey fur, blonde haired and had a bubble picture on her flank. BWGmon wonder why she had that on her flank.

"What did Spike say? These ponies had something called... a cutie mark, each one means something but.... The hell does her means?" He said to himself.

The he looked at the little one. She was blonde too but different color to her mother and had a horn but no wings. He wonder why they were here.

"Why are you to here at night?" he asked. The mare looked at him with her crossed eyes. It was weird for him to look at her in the eyes but they seen to look the opperest way.

"We're looking for Spike, have you seen great Spirit?" she said. He felt weird but didn't care what he called him, soon the little filly spoke.

"Momma can we go home. Mr. Spirit will find Spike and bring him back." The little one said.

"Well see ya later." The mother said picking up her kid and placed her a back and flew off. He wonder why he saved her and what came over him to do it.

Than a loud roar came from his left, the beast rush to strike but BWGmon was faster and grabbed it's claw throw it to the air and spins like a drill*, shot straight and killed the thing. It's body fell like a rock than burst into data. BWGmon looked at the data that was now everywhere.

"Who can make a beast like that from this world and make it out of data from my world? Wait... No they couldn't have plan this?... Did they? " he asked himself wonder. He went back to the hut and slept next to a tree.

The next few days word got out that a dragon spirit is living in the Everfree forest saving the weak animals from danger.
. Some say its a demon trying to learn them, well others say it's trying to protect them. Five ponies wonder who this is and send a note to the princesses, that tells them the resent events. A yellow pegasus walked back home to take care of her animals but a voice in her head kept her down.

"He will never forgive you and you know why." it said darkly. She wanted to cry but kept it at bay but it talked again. "You love him and he hates you. Why do you still want him if he doesn't want you." again it said.

She trying to not listen the voice. She walked to her home and opened the door and was welcome be a white rabbit.

"Hi Angel, you had a good day?" she said in a mother like voice. The rabbit jumped in place and waved it arms like crazy.

"What is it, did the beavers make a dame on Applejack's farm again?" She asked but Angel shook his head and pointed to the Everfree. Shy gasped at what he wanted her to go.

"Why do you want me to go in there?" She asked shaking. Angel moved to grab a picture hind behind the her bookcase and show it to her. She looked at it, it was a purple dragon smiling and hugging the yellow pegasus, there was a heart shape around the dragons body. It was Spike.

The drake she fell in love with the moment she first saw him. Every time she around him she couldn't talk well he was near her. She began to cry over the loss of her friendship towards him. Angel tapped her hooves to get her to listen to him. She looked at him wonder what he want, than he pointed back at the forest and the picture over and over. She finally found out want he wanted to tell her. Spike was in the Everfree forest. With no time to share she flaw straight not care on what lays within but one thought in her head. Find and tell him she sorry for everything.

Two hours have passed and she was lost in the forest. She wonder endlessly till she a tree in the middle of a meadow. She also notice a small dragon laying under it with a bigger dragon, she couldn't tell if it was Spike or just a different dragon. She moved slowly to get closer, when she read habit closer she notice it was a dragon and young one at that. It had purple and green scales. She didn't notice the other dragon staring at her but he didn't move. When she get a few steps closer she realized the purple dragon was Spike sleeping. All the joy and happiness filled her to the peak.

She rushed and hugged Spike. Spike on the other hoof didn't see this coming do to he's sleep. He looked at who was hugging him think it was BWGmon but it wasn't, thank Celestia it wasn't or this would be creepy. But than he looked into the sky blue eyes of the huger. It hit him like a brick... This it Fluttershy.

"Fluttershy what are you doing here and why are you here?" he asked. She looked down at him smile.

"I wanted to tell you I'm so sorry for anything I done and not sending more time with you." She said beginning to cry. Spike stop her from cry by saying only three words.

"I forgive you." He said softly. That made her happy more than she wanted it, she began to cry lightly. While BWGmon watch.

"Nice going Spike, I thought you're supports to stop her from crying not make her cry." Said the other dragon who was watching them.

Shy stopped hugging Spike, turned her head to face the other dragon but what see saw was a black armor dragon that looked the same as the picture in the book. She was about to asked but Spike spoke first.

"Well I was going to show you when I got back but now is good. Fluttershy, this is BlackWarGreymon or for short Blackmon." Spike said happily.

"That's what you call me." BWGmon said looking away. Fluttershy stared at him which felt like hours to her.

" BlackWarGreymon" she said softly.

"What?" He said looking back at her.

"Can I call you Claws. she said lowly.

" Call me what?" He asked.

"Can I call you Claws. If that's alright with you." She said.

"Fine." He said deeply knowing from what Spike says she the element of kindness and she was giving him a cute smile.

"Wait ,Fluttershy did you call him Claws?" Spike asked.

"Yes, why is it too weird?" Shy asked.

"No, it just I'm Spike and he's Claws." Spike said. They just looked at him with confused glares.

"Get it, Spike and Claws." Spike said. Still nothing but confused stares.

"Anyways, let's go to Zecora to get that potion." He said.

"What potion?" Fluttershy asked.

"It just let him look like me." Spike said happily.

With that said they head towards the hut. Fluttershy stand near Spike not because she wants to but BWGmon looked scary in so many ways. When they reach the hut, Zecora greeted Futtershy and explained how the potion works, BWGmon followed Zecora inside the hut while Fluttershy and Spike wait outside. Shy asked Spike how his been doing. Spike told her that his half dragon and half Digimon and that he can use cool attacks. After a while of talking, a small dragon wearing armor came out of Zecora's hut.

" I feel like a in-training." The small Spike look alike dragon said.

"Don't worry it will were off soon when we reach Ponyville." Spike said.

"Still the dumbest name ever heard." Said BWGmon.

"Better get going the potion won't last long." Said Zecora as they left.

They soon reach Ponyville and BWGmon groaned.

"So this is Ponyville, one thing that this place needs.... least color." He said.

They soon headed toward the liberty but no pony was there. Lots of ponies notices Spike and waved happily at him than they notice the Spike look alike walking with Fluttershy. So they went to SugerCube Corner, when they enter then BWGmon was pushed to the ground by a pink cotton candy mane pony.

"AreyouafriendofSpikeorareyoujustfollowinghistracksupclose,ifyouareSpikefriendthanyoubenewtoPonyville,Thanthatmeanswecanthrowyouapartythatsays"thankyouforbeingSpike'sdragonfriendandwelcometoPonyvilleparty."andyou'llgettomeetthepricnessand-!" Before she can say more a cyan hoof stopped her.

"Pinkie, we need to know his name first and who his is." Said the rainbow maned pony very annoyed.

Then a white fur, purple maned mare mare walked up to the black dragon, she eyed him, he was black and was a few inches taller than Spike with armor.

She than gasped. "What a horrible armor your wearing, these colors, the looks and how there made, where in the name of all fashion and design did you get these things." She asked in shook.

"I was born with these armor." He said. She gasped again.

"Well, I wouldn't have any friend of my Spiky Wiky, look so dreadful." She said.

BWGmon just burst out laughing.

"That's the name friends call you? Spike or should I say Spiky?" He said still laughing.

Spike blushed abit. But the only pony with some sense open up.

"Guys have you all forget why he went running in the Everfree." Said the cyan pony.

The other pony notice Spike and with in seconds they (expect for the cyan pony who groaned.) hug him like crazy. Spike began to breath heavily as they hugged him.

"Can you please stop hugging me, I can't breath." He said posting more air. They stopped hugging him.

"Spike where have you been? We been worry sick about you, we all looked around from here to the dragon home mt. We even had to tell the princesses." The white mare said.

"Don't worry I'm fine with the help of Claws here. He helped me with the things that brothered me... Wait what was that last part." Asked the dragon.

"Oh we told the princesses that you ran away." Said Pinkie who was jumping happily. Than it hit him like a brick wall. He forget that his mom is the princess of the sun and his sister is the princess of friendship.

"Did Twilight ever got here to help look for me?" Spike asked. The four ponies in the room looked away for a second than back at Spike with a sad and worry look.

"Well if you mean feeling sad than getting mad like god like than yes." Said Dash.

"What do you mean?" Asked Spike.

"Well we told her what happen to each one of us, mainly me and Fluttershy. She was sad at first hearing that her little brother ran away than mad at you for hurting her friends." Dash said.

Now fear was running up and down his body like a snake in the water. After same chat they all left the shop and towards the library where they can talk in privet but Spike was shaking all the way there for what a raging Ailcorn sister coming after him. When the reach the door Claws could sense a powerful enemy inside.

"Maybe we should come back later." Said Spike. "Spike you must face this now or never at all." Claws said in a clam but creepy tone voice.

"I like to never go in." Spike said facing away from the door.

Soon the door open and a purple pony walked out, they looked at the pony.

"You not Twilight!" Said Dash. Spike turned his head to face this pony but what he didn't know that the pony in front of him was tall as Big Mac.

"Who are you and why are you here??!!!" Asked Pinkie.

The pony didn't speak but stared at Spike. Spike felt a little creeped out that this pony is standing here and staring at him, Spike stared back but couldn't because of the pony's pure white mane was covering its eyes. They looked at the pony more closely and notice it a stallion and that he's a unicorn with a red horn not a purple one. He wear what looks like a tie (I guess?) and his forehooves were cover by red cloth, his tail was the same as his mane pure white and touching the ground.

Rarity looked at his cloth on his hooves, she soon gasped in shock.

"Where did you get that amazing cloth?" She said happily. The pony turn to face Rarity.

"I was born with this." He said plainly. The three pony wonder what that means because Claws said the same thing. They walked in and notice this pony was reading same magic spell books.

"You in to spells? Didn't you learn how in magic school?" Said Dash. The unicorn didn't saying. Spike wanted to know something from him.

"What is your name and where you came from?" He asked. He stopped and looked back at Spike.

"My name is Indaramon and I from the digital world." He said.

"Okay just like Claws." Spike said. Dash, Pinkie and Rarity stopped to stare at Claws.

"Your from where?" Said Dash.

"The Digital world." Claws said to her. That didn't help because they didn't know what digital means. Indaramon walked over and levitated a book to Spike. He looked at it and notice it's the same book that he read before.

"Why are you giving me this?" He asked. "It hold digivices that belongs to you and five of you friends." He said.

Spike looked at his friends. Each one get a digivice, whatever that is. Before he could open it the front door slammed open and three fillies ran in. They looked as if the were running from something.

"What's with you three?" Said Dash. The three fillies took a deep breath before speaking.

"I was walking in town and I see Spike back with Fluttershy and this black dragon that looked like Spike but was wearing armor." Scootaloo said.

"So she ran to find us and told us that Spike had a dragon friend here. We didn't believe her at first till we saw him walk out of the SCC. So we went back to our clubhouse and thought of an idea maybe we can show this dragon around and make friends with him." Applebloom said.

"If any of you are like the pink one than god no." Claws said.

"Don't worry we're not like her half the time." Sweetie bell said.

"Great." He said rolling he eyes.

"Sweetie bell! Were you following us?" Rarity asked.

"More of spying on you." Sweet bell said smiling. Rarity was now anger.

"Sweetie bell, prober young ladie does don't spy on each other." She said noise high up. Claws turn to face the others.

"Does she talk like that all the time?" Claws asked. They nodded and he groaned.

Indaramon tapped on Spike's shoulder, he turn to face him. He place a hoof on the book. Spike looked at it than open it but was stopped by a glow from Claws.

"Huh... Claws what are you doing?" Asked Shy.

He didn't say anything before he glowed brighter than before and soon the whole room with in a blinding light, they closed they eyes shut.. After the light stopped, they looked at Claws and notice the he changed. He was two times taller than Spike, he was still black but with green eyes, he only had three fingers on each hand and had a little tail.

"And who are you?" Pinkie asked.

"Blackagumon." Bagumon said.