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First blog! (Kind of) · 3:07pm Apr 21st, 2017

Hello everyone! So, this is my first real blog and junk. To be honest, I didn't really start writing for fame or recognition or because I am a good writer. (Personally, I think my stories are awful, and sometimes I wonder why you guys read them). I actually started writing because it was fun, writing my feelings out and letting my ideas flow from my fingers like water down a river bed. I didn't think any of my stories would get this popular, let alone people would enjoy them and ask me to keep

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Report Gojirasaurus · 375 views · Story: Frayed Feathers and Scales ·
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Me: *pointing to you*"RUN! IT'S GODZILLA!!!"
OC: *pointing at you* "It's looks like Godzilla but due to international copyright law it's not."
Me: "Still we should run like it is Godzilla!!!"
OC: "Though it isn't."
Both: *runs away screaming*

I would suggest removing the chapter named "patience" from frayed feathers and scales as it has become irrelivant. (A glorified author's note)

2168284 I like the show of power.

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