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I'm just a simple person who likes to read fan fiction

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Well I don’t like it either but I know that whatever you write for the next chapter will be great. Good luck!!!

Thanks, I know I have no real schedule I just want to do my best for my readers, still have to find an editor as my chapters while good often has little mistakes I just don't see as I write. From what I see though the chapter has been coming along well last few days so it shouldn't be much longer. decided on taking the harem thing slowly with the first few chapters having Emerald or Spike build his relations with the girls and explain a bit on why they would open themselves to him (them?) romantically. you'll see what I mean with this next chapter but I hate making good guys douches for the sake of it, like making Rarity real bad to get Spike to date others or Flash a dick.

Don’t rush any work. You’re not living by a schedule of any kind. If you get it out tomorrow, then that’s great. But if you can’t then take tomorrow to go through any changes you might need to make, and get it out the next day if you can.

i'll be trying to get it out tomorrow if not the next day

I can not wait to read it!

  • Viewing 35 - 39 of 39
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